Pip don't give up

Today saw the end of a two year fight so that l could get disability(pip) for my bronchiolitis. First face to face went to appeal and was refused. Waited a month, and once again with age.UK help , had another face to face some eight months later. Only three weeks on and l am staring at my bank account and asking hubby to confirm l am not seeing things. By lunchtime the brown envelope arrived confirming l am not going mad. So my determination paid off.

With over eight points for moving around, l qualify now for my blue badge. So here l am having photocopied the paperwork the badge people need, and posted off to them.

Funny thing is although l have only been awarded standard rate on both sections regarding payment, they have backdated it to when l sent in my appeal on my first application.Have to be revalued again in 2019, until then counting my blessings.

So please don't give up, apply as many times as u can, provide as much information with backup and fingers crossed like me,u will be heard.

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  • Well done. It is such a shame that we have to make it into a battle to get what we are entitled for. I fought for my ESA for 15 months. Have a great time with the blue badge it helps me no end. Even though I still battle the ignorant drivers that do not display and park in the bays?

    Be Well

  • Congratulations pamilia; just shows that persistence pays off. But why should you have to? It must have felt depressing at times but finally you've got there, wonderful :)

  • Well done Pamilia, your determination paid off. You take care xxxx

  • Really pleased for you Pamela - should make life a bit easier for you. cx

  • That's great news! I'm so glad you are getting what you're entitled to, brilliant!😀😀😀 xxx

  • Congratulations Pamilia. Well done you for keeping at it. P

  • Pleased for you.

    It's not just about the money it's the doors that will open for you with getting PIP. Like the blue badge you can now get.

    Well done - shame about the fight.

  • Thank you for your replies. Still sinking in, but l still feel sorry for fellow people who have either started or in what seems to be a long process.

    Keep fighting !

  • Well done Pamilia. I trust this gives hope and encouragement to others still worried about finance and trying for some support and help. Love Suzyxxx

  • Hi Pamilia,well done for keeping at them.They want people to find it too hard to get through their nonsense red tape.My backdated helped pay for my bathroom conversion so it made life easier.Hopefully you can relax a bit now.Congratulations,enjoy! D.

  • well done xx

  • Congratulations I'm pleased you kept going. If you read benefits and work they say if the Tories or Labour return we will have to continue to fight them all the way but they say if UKIP get in they will do away with Atos and return the benefits assessment's to the GP's like it was before Mr Brown took on Atos

  • Good for you, glad you persevered, I to after a long wait got pip, as have COPD, liver disease, portal hypertension, can't diabetes, sounds as if I'm falling apart, but trying hard to keep going, I need some advice if you can help, I have been suffering from depression since before Xmas, I got the letter from pips saw I was awarded it, then put it away, big mistake didn't read it all, I did today, and what a shock they said they paid back pay into my post office account on 15 th Feb 2015 which I did not receive, I defiantly would have known,cwhatcan idiot I am, maybe when I calm down I can think, but not yet, any help I would be grateful for, you must all think what can idiot and I agree. Annette

  • U should phone the DWP and check with them as to ur bank details, as that could be the reason it's not in ur account. It's ur money, and u need it. That's nearly four months of money gone astray. Only u can do this, and it must be done and sorted soon.

    Know u have not been upto things but that must end. Only u can control ur life and the path it takes.

  • Thanks so much for your reply, I was not thinking straight yesterday, I did just that, my post office bank account is sending me a statement, of that month, thanks again for support. Annette

  • Nice to hear ur on the road to getting it sorted. Fingers crossed for you. Meanwhile think positive.......u can control things around u.

  • Thank you Pammila

    I usually do think positive, so I am really into what you are saying, I just got a book on positive affirmations by Louise L Hay You Can Heal Your Life, at first I felt stupid saying these affirmations, but they are really doing something, I'm believeing what I'm saying now, for health gain as well as anything else I got it on Amazon, you will all think I've really lost the plot now, as I couldn't tell one June from the next,happy days. Annette

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