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For Vashti 😊

If I had my life to live over again

I'd dare to make more mistakes next time

I'd relax

I'd limber up

I'd be sillier than I've been this trip

I would take fewer things seriously.

I would take more chances

I would eat more ice cream and less Beans

I would perhaps have more actual troubles, fewer imaginary ones

Oh I've had my moments

If I had it to do over again

I'd have more of them

I'd travel lighter than I have

I would start barefoot in the spring and stay that way later in the fall

I would go to more dances

I would ride more merry-go-rounds

I would pick more daisies.

😊 😊 😊

what line would you add?

Rubyxx 😊

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I would jump out of aeroplanes, I would walk across the high wire and I would ski down mountains.

In other words all the physical activities I have been frightened to do all my life. It seems silly now I was so frightened when I was fit and healthy. I did manage to do scuba diving a few years before I got ill so I wasn't a complete coward.

Have a good day.

Mandy xxx

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I'd have been less fearful, less obedient, worried less about what other people thought of me. I'd have travelled more...

And I'd have made more fuss when I started being breathless all the time - instead of just slowing down and stopping.

Good post Ruby. Made me think. :-)

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Hi Jabber

Good thoughts..😊

Dance like nobody's watching

Sing like nobody listening😀

Set the inner you free.

I have lived my life worrying about what other people think.

Don't Wear that, your not perfect. Don't dance, you won't do it right. I'm a perfectionist.

I say let the inner Ruby free. The 60s Ruby. The happy Ruby. 😊😊

Rubyxx 😊 😊

Morning ruby, this is a toughie, I have loved my life, my childhood, my teenage naughty fun years, having my 4 fantastic kids young. I suppose I always put off travelling as we thought once we had devoted our time to the kids we'd do it when they'd grown up, but alas it's not to be, I'm now not well enough and it's too expensive , but I truly believe what's meant to be will be, so I'll keep smiling as that's free and enjoy what I have got not what I havent . So my line would be

I would cry less over trivial things I can't change.....

Take care xx sonia xx


God Grant me the serenity to

accept the things I cannot change. The courage to change

the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. One of my favorites. Its so true. If you can't do anything about something accept it. If you can't change it, change how you react to it. Sorry I got carried away on agreeing with you Sonia.

I'm very big on inspirational sayings. Have lots of them hanging in my house.

😊😊 xx


I love that saying too

one i also think is good is this...........if you always do what youve always done you will always get what youve always got. x

I would have left myself a note to read on my 14 the birthday saying do not smoke that cigarette that sharon is going to give you cos you will end up needing a double lung transplant you stupid little idiont !!!!!! x x x x

Good saying Mandy. I was also 14 when I started. Peer pressure! Or should I say stupidity? So do you still see Sharon?

Rubyxx 😊

No i dont still her honey, but i reminded my kids when they were growing up how its usually friends or people we know well and even trust that encourage us to smoke, drink, even take drugs as they would never do something a stranger asked them to but possibly would if a friend suggested it.

That created some interesting conversation with my kids i can tell you :) i was happy to share some of the stories i had growing up and of course change a few ha ha ha :)

Thats so true. Your a smart momma, mandy.

😊😊 xx

Dont know about that babe but as parents we try to share our mistakes so the kids dont make them dont we...and ive made plenty but i do alter them slightly when i tell my kids :)...if they only knew....! x

Lol! You got that right 😀😀

I love your answer x

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I would marry a millionaire and have a house in the Maldives with staff :D

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God bless you eyes....that made me smile! Suz x

Oh and that lmao 😃😃😃😃 nice one eyes xx sonia xx

ha ha ha....good one eyes

Mmmm.....I would not have smoked the baccy,

I would have passed my driving test,

Been more of a money magnet,

Given myself more me time. 😃 xxxx

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Lovely post. I would have lots of do's like take all my opportunities, travel round the world, train to do a job I enjoy. The big DON'T - never ever take up smoking. My biggest regret out of all my regrets. A very common one amost most of us I reckon. x

I would have worked harder at school wanted to be a vet.

But ended up driving for a living :) loved it.

I would have told my hubby I loved him more instead of taking him for granted now I can't.

Sounds like full of regrets don't it.

:) Rose x

Mmm...this is more difficult than I thought it would be...I'd have learnt to drive when we had the money for lessons...defied Mother and gone to Art College...and never once have picked up a cigarette!

Lovely post Ruby the serenity prayer is one of my favourites Xx

Absolutely no idea at all :-) xxx

Feel slightly guilty reading people's posts as although I know ciggies are to blame for a lot of our problems, but I really enjoyed smoking ( sorry I know that sounds bad ) and Yes i would deter anyone from starting now due to what I know now, but just occasionally I do forget myself and could just spark one, then I remember , I can no longer stand the smell and the thought of drawing back on one my chest hurts just thinking about it, but I did enjoy it 😟😟 xx sonia xx

I started smoking at 16 introduced to ciggies by a friend whilst on holiday in the Isle of Man 4 of us shared a hotel bedroom. One smoker set off and 4 smokers came back. I did feel very guilty when I spoiled the coat of a lady in the cinema with a burning cigarette , she was sat in front of me and I didn't let on. Still had a good time though in the audience of the televised show of The Six Five Special Show featuring Lonnie Donnegan ,Lita Rosa and the Dave Clark Five among others.Didn't stop smoking till 53 years later, silly me.

I would have spent more times looking around the place of interest I visited with the navy around the world, rather than looking around the bars in all those countries. Mind you it was fun at the time, so maybe I could have done both, except the ciggies wish I had never had them either. Hi oh Ruby xxx :) ;)

The places you went Fred. I envy you. Where did you go? So many interesting places, I bet. Your such a free happy spirit. Such a joy to all that know you.😊😊

Rubyxx 😊

I to wish i had never had a cig at 11 yrs old and thought i was big and hard ! apart from that i would have my life back from the age of 14 to do it all again WOW IF ONLY........

At least you guys can blame smoking. I ended up this way without ever going near a cigarette. My mother did smoke in the house so maybe there was some passive smoke inhalation. My regret would be lind of the same as Jabber's. I wish I'd said more, demanded more when my lung function started to decrease dramatically. I didn't understand how serious this was until I joined HU. Too much information :)

If at the end of my life I had my life to live over again, the only thing I'd do is refuse to live it over again. I'd rather die, trusting that death is little more than a changing of the guards. I don't believe we learn from life to life - in the sense of learning from previous mistakes - given that we recycle - because from the ultimate perspective of sheer life there are no mistakes, just the miracle of being. That is what we really are.

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