Why are we here?

10.15am: Note added: pleased to see the three posts have been taken down, thank you!

(Edit: This was posted around 7.00am:) Im concerned what new members must be thinking if they log on this morning.

Im really annoyed to see three pointless and gratuitous posts from a member who seems set on keeping a difficult and painful issue going, and from the few replies, Im not alone in this.

A lot of opinions have been expressed - by myself too - but now its time to move on and concentrate on what we are here for, helping each other by sharing information, support and friendship.

I and I'm sure many other members would want to disassociate ourselves from the three posts written last night, and to say to new members - we are here to welcome you to the forum. Please do get in touch if you have queries or just to say hello.

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  • I agree O2

    What was that all about? Kind of out of character I thought. Anyway, I'm right behind you. As always. United we stand,

    Divided we fall.

    Love RUBYXX 😊

  • You could be right about being out of character. But newbies wouldn't know that. I think this kind of upset gets under the skin but sometimes you need to just ignore and reassert what matters.

    How you today Ruby? :) :)

  • Hi 02trees, does that mean we won't hear from Fiona again? Hooray. Love LeeLee πŸ˜„

  • Hi LeeLee, I meant the three posts this morning which weren't from her, but i gather now Fiona has now been deleted. Edit: but not right, still here.

  • Hi I got the wrong end of the stick. Sorry

  • Well if you did, so did I as it turns out, won't say more but don't worry LeeLee :)

  • The person in question now has 2 accounts.


  • Its now 4 accounts, was 5 but one was deleted.

    Take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hi 02 no idea really what its all about as I started to read it ages ago and binned it, but I am right behind you love, you can trust me I am ex navy lol xx :)

  • Lovely post O2 thanks. x

  • Thanks Cough :) xxx

  • I responded to posts before they were deleted. Pointed out I thought they were unnecessary and 'out of order'!

  • Yes well done, i did see that Bevvy. Anyway they've gone now :)

  • Thankyou O2

    As someone fairly new i shall certainly be remaining participant.

    I w

  • Good, nice to hear from you hopeup :)

  • I wanted to say more but had it all vanish a few times.

    Really just that i rather felt F was really suffering it seemed stroger than her if you get me. That s why i d urge people not to be too harsh it didn t look like it was helping.

  • I could see that hopeup. Some people did offer help but that was ignored or rejected. I ended up thinking we couldn't do anything helpful and amidst it all members were being hurt too. So a mess all round with pretty much everyone disturbed by it. Hence the need to move on now.

  • HI hopeup,

    Welcome to the forum, and glad recent events haven't put you off. Unless you have seen the full thing from the beginning you cannot know the full picture, but hopefully it is over now. If you need help, advice or anything just post a question, or if you need a more medical reply you can phone the BLF helpline where you can speak to a trained respiratory nurse.

    The number is 03000 030 555

    hugs from Huggs xx :)

  • Didn't see them, I don't come here until afternoon, so any 'nasty' stuff would have been taken down by then. Perhaps a good thing, but I am a nosy old so and so and sometimes wonder what it was all about. Just hope it didn't put too many new members off.

  • I don't think so as the posts weren't there for long Poems - another member encouraged via pm the person who was posting to take them down which he then did. The posts were very short, bit unclear, and didn't add anything new, only kept the thing going unnecessarily.

    Since they have been deleted, i don't feel i should name the poster, i think he got that it wasn't a good idea :)

  • Can we now just get back to being our helpful,healing family again,PLEASE? D.

  • Yes, i do hope so D :)

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