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Today's Tuesday

It might be Tuesday but its not the Tuesday I would Choose, as its a real pea souper here, it rolled in off the sea last evening and its just hanging around now, I am unable to see any of the fields or anything else really other than a few yards cross the road, whether or not it will go out with the tide when it changes we will have to see as the weather lady did say we were due some sun. I am fine and as I said in the bit I added on the end of the previous message all the new pipes are working, it seems there is a slight kink in one bit but blood is getting through to the left leg so they are not worried about it, which is a comfort, I would rather they had not said anything and when did that kink happen, the body is a funny bit of machinery, anyway next check up in 12 months time so no poking about other than in the ribs by a certain member of this group. :) ;)

Right....A blonde decided to commit suicide by hanging herself from a tree in the park.

The next day a man was walking his dog and spotted her hanging from the tree.

He asked the blonde what she was doing, and she replied "I'm hanging myself"

"You're suppose to put the noose around your neck, not your waist" said the man.

" I tried that " replied the blonde "But I couldn't breath."

No offence meant to any of you lovely blondes as I know you are all very clever really, or else you would be getting someone to read this for you. :) ;) xxxxxFred :)

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Morning Fred!! Love the joke - you're very naughty but I'm sure all us blondes forgive you cos you're so good at cheering us up ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜‰. So pleased all went well and hope your day is sunny in all ways. xx

Thanks Jan , as I am reading this I can see the fog lifting and there it is the sun and blue sky so it looks as if we are in for another beautiful day, hope you are having the same. Keep smiling xxx :) ;) Fred

Oh Fred lovely here clear blue sky sun is shining. I'm sure all the lovely blondes will forgive you. Me I'm mottled. Suzyxx

Hello my lovely mottled Suzy, enjoy the day and have a good lunch lol you and I have to stay strong xxx :) :) Fred

Hi mr smiley, I'm glad your plumbing work is successful. I have long blonde streaks, do I still qualify? Hope the fog clears soon. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ xxxx

U cheeky thing!!! Your jokes will soon need editing. Ha, I've to read the top bit still on my coffee,oops ive left the cooker on. Lots of fog and horns here! Lolx

Oh dear fancy leaving the cooker on, sorry what colour hair are you lol. Have a good day Colours and hopefully the sun will appear like it has here.

xxx :) :)

Hi there Leelee no matter whether blonde streaks, or grey highlites or in some cases no hair at all you are all lovely ladies who keep us men in order. Fogs gone just like that not like that like that. xxxxFred :) ;)

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Lol...good morning Fred the smiler, glad you're feeling ok. :-) We had some frost first thing this morning but the sun's out now and I think it's going to be warm. My Son's birthday today so I shall be spending some time with him. Have a lovely day Fred. :-) xxx

You enjoy your day with your son and I hope the sun shines on you, the fog has just returned it can not make up its mind xxx :)

Lol Fred you are a cheeky boy But you are the Sunshine of our mornings Ty xxxx

All together now, You are my sunshine my only sunshine you make me happy when skies are blue. Or something like that I can't remember the words, any help folks ? xxx :)

You'll never know dear how much I love you.........!

That's very kind of you huff, but do you know the words of the song lol xx

๐Ÿ˜€ xxxx

I was a natural blonde in my younger years. It made perfect sense ;)

No comment me thinks lol have a good day :)

Wakey wakey Lyn time to rise and shine, where are you ? xxx :) ;)

Just realized you changed your photo sorry having a blonde day xxxx :) :)

Lol....that had you Fred, I'm a little Robin now. :-) xxx

:) :) ;) xx

Whats the saying, A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. I never really understood that, I suppose it depends on what sort of bush it is. lol :) ;)

Lol...lol :-)

Ha morning Fred so pleased yest. went well for you, but with your sunny outlook i'm not surprised. Keep the blonde jokes coming! Xx

Cheers Sheila have a good sunny day, The mist has returned again, it was not gone long. xx :)

HI Fred,

lol enjoyed your joke and glad your plumbing is ok, well apart from a bit of kinkiness! lol ha ha Take care, and ignore any poking too,

hugs from Huggs xxxx :)

Morning Huggs, I suppose a little kinkiness never hurt anyone , as for the poking you are never aware of which direction its coming from. xx x :) :)

Hi Fred,

I couldn't possibly comment on that! lol :d

So true about directions of poking, but pokers will get tired if no flames to poke.

As long as you are doing okay, that's the main thing.

hugs from Huggs xxxx :)

Morning Fred

Lyn sure tricked you! You two are a funny pair. Glad everything's good with you. Came home from working 2:30 a.m. seven deer in my driveway! What a sight, them all looking up at me. .Plus we now have four Canadian geese visiting everyday. We live right near a main highway. Its surprising how much wildlife we have. Skunks that eat with the cats! Looks like rain for us. Still dark out. Have a great day Fred ๐Ÿ˜€


Ruby what a welcome home from work the little deer's, we get a lot of Canadian geese where I play golf, which can be nasty at times. Not sure about the skunks coming in for breakfast though. Hope the rain doesn't keep you awake. xxxxFred :) ;)


Thanks for the laughter. I have a good day ahead as my daughter-in-law is taking me swimming.

Have a good day.

Mandy xxx

Don't forget the arm bands, enjoy the day with your daughter in law. xx :)

Good morning Fred! ๐Ÿ˜€ its a bit dull and overcast here again, not even any fog..but the birds are singing! There's two red legged partridge, two pheasants, a pair of woodpeckers , turtle doves and lots of little birds outside my window, but there isn't a robin as lovely as Jolyn.๐Ÿ˜ƒ. I'm off to a funeral tomorrow and won't be back for a couple of days so here's some extra hugs huff xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜

I was surprised you had all those birds outside your windows, all I have are a couple of tits outside mine at the moment, I think they are the blue types. Agree our own lovely little robin Lyn is the real thing. Maybe you will meet up with some people you have not seen for a while, hurry back to us, and thanks for the hugs, here are some for you love xxxxxxxxxxx :) :) ;);) :D

We had fog this morning Fred but all clear and sunny now. Hope you are in a sunny mood too and doing well today. Making me laugh as usual. xxxx :)

Its strange the fog keeps coming in off the sea then clears and then here we go again. Good job I live up the hill :) ;) xxx

great news fred, no poking for 12 months :)

enjoyed the laugh fred,,:D

if that fog went away,,, would it be mist ? :D

cold wet up my end :D [that didn't sound right somehow :D]

all the very best pal,, jimmy :)

Likes that one about the mist, but a bit worried about whats up your end, far to much information :) cheers pal stay safe ;)

:D :D

theres a lot of wind up my end at the moment :D

take care fred, jimmy :)

I asked the doctor what he could give me for the wind... He gave me a prescription for a kite. :) cheers jimmy hope your wind eases :)



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