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hi Ive been reading on here but never posted before, so hi to everyone. I noticed a lot of you know about numbers of things etc. where ive only had inhalers . I had a nother test at another hospital recently, blowing into a jube which measure my lung capacity, and was told it was only half a healthy persons reading, I am not good at walking anymore but too my best in every way I can.Can anyone tell me do they walk badly from the breathing, and have low readings on things. can this improve some days better than others but dont understand how many of you know measurement for your things Ive only had inhalers? thanks for reading.

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Hi Illuminate, welcome!

I always ask for a copy of my results when i have a spirometry test, which is the test which measures among other things your FEV1. FEV1 stands for Forced Expiratory Volume in one second, in other words how much air you can blow out in one second. This is measured against a healthy person's result, and you say you've been told that yours is "half a healthy person's reading", so presumably around 50%. Mine, for example, is 38% last time i had this test.

Generally you will only be told as much as they think you want to know, so you need to ask questions to get more information. If you have a copy of the test you can take it away, and ask us here about things you don't understand (bearing in mind that we are just patients too!) or even better call the BLF helpline, office hours, 03000 030 5555, and their nurses will explain it in detail.

Yes, shortness of breath does make walking difficult, and it can vary from day to day. We are all affected differently though. For me the weather makes a big difference.

Do feel free to ask any more questions you've got Illuminate. :)

Good question flibberti - i made assumption, shouldn't have, that Illuminate has copd, but maybe not.


The test! Was it done in a plastic box? did they do it twice without salbutamol and with?

The test will only tell them the state of your lungs on the day. Depending on the condition given is were the improvement can be based. There are many ways of improvement and drugs/inhalers that can change lives. If you smoke good time and reason to stop!

You may have to have Xrays or scans that will check in more depth.

Be Well

A very warm welcome to you. :-) cx

HI illuminate,

Welcome to the forum. You have already had some good replies, but you will get more if you can post some more information when you are up to it.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

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Welcome to this amazing site, you will learn, and laugh, a lot.Xx

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Wlcome illuminate, you will get good information here. 😄 x

Those tests always make one feel discouraged. They don't take into account that you have come to see the doctor because of ongoing worsening of your asthma, and probably are in the middle of some asthmatic reaction while you take the test. If I get on my bicycle on a dry day, I can go for miles without the slightest symptom, whereas, being stuck in a building all day in damp weather tightens up the breathing unless I take measures to keep warm, and take some aspirin : see

Hi and welcome to the site I was diagnosed over 10 years ago now and because I have lower back problems I can't exercise on land so I go swimming the water takes the weight of your body and I find it much easer

Hello and welcome.

I can see you've had great advice already, everyone is lovely.

Kim xx

Hi and welcome, O2Trees gave some good info there.Good Luck and hope to hear from you again. magsx

Thankyou so much to all the comments. will stay in touch , and continue to read posts etc. do others feel isolated at times when friends do not include in activties or going out . when sometimes it would do the world of good to be included.

can anyone tell me in Blackpool area, when the Copd. meetings are held? and where? I had an Idea or heard it was the tttttttttlast friday in the month. any information would be handy. thankyou.

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