Were you affected by the air pollution last week?

Hi all,

At the British Lung Foundation we've heard from many of you about the effect that air pollution has on your symptoms and your day-to-day wellbeing. We know that people with lung conditions are some of the most vulnerable to the effects of air pollution but we don’t know exactly how many of you are affected or how severely.

Last week the air pollution was particularly high so we’d like to take this opportunity to find out how this affected you. The survey is very quick – it should take no longer than 5 minutes and it will help us to better understand the effects of air pollution and what needs to be done to protect people with lung conditions.

The survey can be found by going to smartsurvey.co.uk/s/GRYQD/. We’re very grateful for your time and will let you know the results in a few weeks.

Thank you!


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  • Done an dusted ;)

  • Done xx sonia xx

  • Yes done

  • Done Bethany.

  • Just did it Bethany,God bless x naresh62

  • Done

  • Done

  • Thank goodness I had back up meds ,or it would have been hospital,as 3 am this morn had an attack for ages ,my Fostair inhalor was the only thing that brought me back out of it ,nebulizer 2 preventer inhalors ,oxy in a can ( only kept for this reason) to help me come out of an attack as quickly as possible .so better of indoors.

  • I'm really glad you've managed to avoid a hospital trip Colours. I hope you're feeling better soon.

  • Yes thank you but I do believe it may be tree pollen n dust from enviroment,I'm too blocked up chest is easing bit nose is not,thanks I'll see how I go.

  • Tried to do link not active. By the way the weather floored me, been out of ITU for 2 months after nearly biting the bullet with the old copd (two infections) the weather is fine really cut down on the diesel and petrol use and maybe everybody could benefit

  • The survey went up a few months ago so I don't think it's still active. Sorry about that.

    You raise a really good point about the air pollution. I'll make sure your comments get fed back to the team who are currently looking to the issues around exhaust fumes.

    I really hope you're doing better now after your time in ITU.

  • Thank you Bethany was due to go on a transplant evaluation but due to a virus 8 of us caught at Pulmonary Rehab its cancelled for a few weeks, I must admit i am scared to death about the whole transplant side of things. Yes doing a bit more each day exercise 5 days a week, still feel like a sore tooth going out with my oxygen on, I think the ITU Scare and the pace of things for more tests have knocked my confidence to bits. Still will plod on like the lovely people on here do, and get a backbone and face it head on. Thanks again for the reply

  • Survey closed :( been on a downer can not cope with the humidity at all, i stay in and work from home, thanks to my trustee computers and laptops, oh and Skype

  • Survey closed and I'm still being affected by the weather. My mum said without British weather to complain about no one would talk to each other! Glad I had an extra inhaler!

  • No point leaving info on here can not get on every day so keep well all

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