Can you take 2 minutes to complete our website survey?

Hi all,

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'm working to improve the British Lung Foundation's website (

I have set up a survey with a few questions about how you use the website and how we can make it better for you. Could you spare 2 minutes to fill it in for me? This will help me ensure the website works well for YOU and people like you.

PLEASE REMEMBER - this survey is about the MAIN BLF website at It is NOT about the HealthUnlocked forum.

Click this link to take the survey:



British Lung Foundation

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  • Hi Kevin, since you are an administrator here: are you aware of the abusive behaviour/slanging matches that have been going on on this forum over the past week? And if so what are you doing about it?

    As you will see from the posts and the number of reports HU would have received, this forum needs some URGENT attention to enforce acceptable behaviour on here.


  • Hi Jenss,

    I work in the digital team so I'm not responsible for administrating the forum, but I know the team that looks after the forum is aware of the issues.

    Carol put up a post last week addressing some issues, and I'm sure that today they'll be looking at the posts from over the weekend.

  • Thanks flibberti :)

  • Thank you Kevin for responding. Cheers,

    ... and yes will fill your survey...

  • Survey filled in and completed. Thank you.

    hugs from Huggs :) ps There is a place on the survey, where concerns over recent events can be made.

  • Hi hugs,

    Thanks for completing the survey. Unfortunately, this survey isn't about the HealthUnlocked forum, only the main BLF website at

  • Thanks Kevin, but as you can see from my post below I was talking purely about BLF. Would you like me to take the survey again?


  • Completed !

  • Thanks Argana

  • Hi guys, can I just remind you that this survey is NOT about the HealthUnlocked forum. Please don't use this survey to post feedback about the forum.

    It is about the main BLF website at

  • Hi Kevin,

    I completed the survey, and did bring up recent events as there is a place where you ask what would make you feel safer about using the website, and that is where I put my comments, and was talking purely about BLF. I realise now, that you are on the digital team, but I was commenting on site safety and security.

    Thank you.

    hugs from Huggs :)

  • Hi flibberti,

    Sorry everyone, my misinterpretation. With recent events on my mind, I have mistaken the question on how much we trust the information on the website, and the question of how the site could be made easier to use, as an indicator of site safety.

    I apologise for misleading anyone and to Kevin for my error.

    Just shows how things prey on our minds, and how unsettled we are.

    I hope that clarifies things, but please get back to me if I haven't made myself clear enough.


    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • You are welcome. xxx :)

  • Completed

  • Thanks Mike :)

  • Completed

  • Sorted ! :)

  • Can't complete the survey on my phone browser using Chrome. I can't get past the first page.

  • Nor me. Xx sonia xx

  • Sorry Sonia, it should work now. Can you take a look?

  • Done it now, thanks Kevin xx sonia xx

  • Sorry accygirl, it should work now. Can you take a look?

  • I've finally managed it but not the smoothest of experiences. Every time I viewed your site on a different tab, on returning to the survey tab the screen refreshed and took me back to the first page loosing all the comments I had entered. Stopped looking at your site and just completed it.

  • Completed!

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