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I seem to have a virus, that's going around. Wondered if any of you have had it. Headache, chills, fever, Sore throat, swollen glands, blocked ears. Got amoxcillin tablets yesterday. Their gigantic! Took one last night. Anyway, any of you guys had this bug? Don't seem to be in my lungs, so far.


Rubyxx 😊 😊

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You poor thing Ruby, sounds bad :( get plenty of fluids down, I'd be taking lemsip every four hours, hotwater bottle and bed for you! hugs huff xxx

Thanks Huff

hoping the antibiotic kicks in soon. Maybe after I get 2 pills in me today 😊


You keep that little treasure all to yourself please. Do hope you feel better soon x

I'll try Dozy

Being way over here in new jersey usa, it's pretty far away from you! Almost seems like the flu. Hopefully pills will kick in tomorrow. You take care Dozy. How are you doing?

Love Rubyxxx πŸ˜€


Oh not good Ruby. It has been round my area but not had it thank goodness. You take care of yourself now. xx

rubyred777 in reply to Hidden

Thanks Cough

same symptoms I have? I'm wondering if it's the flu. You better be careful, wouldn't want to see you or any of the family get it. It sucks! Be well Cough. What are you doing on this nice day?

Love Rubyxxx πŸ˜€


Hi Ruby

snap. Started last Monday for me, managed to have my birthday tea on Tues which sister did for me, so wasn't too bad then, but it kicked in more after that. Started ab on Friday myself on GP phone advice. Cant have lemsip etc as no decongestants allowed, but am having honey and lemon drinks. Have an app with Dr on Tuesday so will get checked then to make sure alls going well. Hope your better soon.


Ruby Im so sorry. Hang in there girl, and hope this is as short lived as possible.

Sending healing vibes and lots of love, xxx :) :)


Hi Ruby, i do hope you feel better soon, keep taking the medicine! Xx

Hi rubyred777,

Its not just me then has i have just got over that and my throat was really bad and what worried me a little was the headache has i never got them but i was so wheezy and where i was coughing so much at first all of my ribbs were hurting (has i never cough much) but my GP did not think i had chest infection but still prescriped me amoxcillin just in case.

I did not take the antibiotics and slowly got better after 3 weeks but wonderd if i had taken them would i have got better more quick.. anyway least i have them fer emergency backup if and when i need.

Has now worry after whats been said on the news about keep takeing antibiotics they have no efect after a while, so i thought i would save them for when or if i get bad later

Good luck



Oh Ruby - I haven't but my daughter had scarlet fever last week and your symptoms sound similar though she did have the rash! Fingers crossed it misses your chest and you start to feel better soon. Lots and lots of love TAD xxx

Hi Ruby,hope you feel lots better soon,D.🌺

Headache, Sore throat, swollen glands, blocked ears. Some weeks back but that went and everything else fell apart :(

rubyred777 in reply to Offcut

Hi Offcut

Thats it! You had it too.Feeling better today. Seems to only last maybe a Week. Did you take a/bs?


Rubyxx 😊

Offcut in reply to rubyred777

Yes but I did feel rough :(

Get well very soon ruby and keep the fluids up. Pete and I had something similar in February. Not nice but wishing you well. xxxx

jimmyw123 in reply to sassy59

hope you feel better by now ruby its not a nice feeling, hope the a/b kicks in quickly

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

rubyred777 in reply to jimmyw123

Hi Jimmy

Thanks for the reply. Been sick all last wk. The worst being thurs-sat. Started a/b on sat. Already kicking in sun.Feeling pretty decent today. Enough about me, Jimmy-- how are you?


Rubyxx 😊

jimmyw123 in reply to rubyred777

Hope the improvement carries on ruby :D

, im not too bad, a bit of a bladder infection,

lots of love jimmy xxx :)

You poorsoul Ruby, it's no fun feeling like that on top of everything else is it. Sending you a warm hug. I hope you're feeling a little better tomorrow. :-) xxx

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