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Ha! And ha,ha! And Ha,ha,ha!

When I was a little boy, my mum was bent on yoga. It was the fashion then. I remember she wanted me to do some, because a friend of hers told her I should breathe with my mouth shut! I just wouldn’t do it (I do now!)

So we both did the yogic breathing.

Mum had this book, health with yoga by Selvarajan Yesudian ((I checked, it’s still on sale at Amazon in a new edition).Selv. described the “HA” breathing out. He said it was important to breathe out like this. He said that there were “secret” breathing to rejuvenate. I later discovered the short pulse ha breathing out, a series of ha, ha,ha,ha, until you hav breathed out completely.

But I didn’t pay much attention to this, as I thought it was an eccentric way of doing..

BUT with in my flute method by Trevor Wye, he explains that to do a vibrato, you start by doing a series of …ha,ha,ha! With the metronome at 60 beats per minute and increasing, so you can control this wave.

For the tonguing, which is not a rude gesture in flute technique, you also need to first do it not with the tongue, but with the abdominal muscles pushing air through the vocal chords to emit a ha sound! You have to practice so you can obain good, solid ha,ha,ha in an arpeggio, in a scale, even in the 24 keys of scales! Pff, pff! Only then, are you allowed to start sounding “tu” or “du” once your stomach muscles ar strengthened.

I can see that Yoga ha joins up with flute tonguing and vibrato altogether with ha,ha,

I can mentionthat it’s quite funny all these ha,ha,ha,ha! :-) :-D

The book reference on Amazon is


Cheers, Mic

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I think it's great you learning the flute! what a great way to execise your lungs and practise controlled breathing, all that ha,ha, ha,ing must be good for you! huff xxx

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Hi mic, so glad your doing well with the flute, well done indeed,, just watch that ha ha ha bit :D

all the very best mic, you deserve it,

jimmy :)


thanks Jimmy. I have some muscle pain now! But I'll get there, hahaha! Mic


just keep up the ha ha ha bit :D your muscles will get used to it mic , i've ha ha ha,d myself at your post mic :D,,

but on the serious side, it sounds like your doing great, keep the flute going, :)

i still have a blow at the mouth organ some days mic [purely for physio :D : ]

Some time ago ,,,,,,, [huggs will kill me for this :D ] ,,,, i tried to play "flower of scotland" on the phone to her,,, but when i heard her cat screaming [at least i think it was her cat ? :D ] I stopped :D

[i,ll try the ha ha ha bit next time :D ]

keep up the good work mic,, best regards jimmy :)


So very good to hear from you.

Keep the harmonica going.

Oh those evenings around the fire with this ol' chap playing traditional folk songs on his harmonica! Do ti, do it, do it! Don't feel ashamed, because this is how you progress.

I thought the cat was howling: MORE!

Cheers, Mic


good to here from you mic, yes "progress" is the word.

strange how you took my mind back, :D when as kids we camped in an old tent, with a campfire, heating beans up in the tin etc playing the mouth organ ans singing round the campfire at night, aye happy days indeed michael

i,ll keep at it, no matter about the cat :D

happy flute playing mic,, jimmy :D


I like your photo, JImmy. YOu too don't mind the cat and carry on. Best thing! Cheers, Mic


Ha ha ha I am just waiting for you to release your first album. X


It will give me a great pleasure! I must first buy a moving camera and a staff to record me!

But today, I thought I would learn by heart "Plaisir d'amour" by Martini. In the waiting time, here's James Galway playing it


Wow if you can manage the breath control for that without stopping I am seriously impressed. X


My dear dormhouse, it's a question of little steps you can take day after day. The writer of my music method says: it is a question of time, patience and intelligent work.

to sum up. In 2010, I am dying, so I want to do something to avoid this. Gymn 3 times a week. 2014 my doctor who originally rolled his eyes to the ceiling of my idea to go to the gym says that I am transformed! It shows on teh ct scan I had last October. The report from the technician was, mild bronchiectasis. In 2010, I was severe!

Little housedormice know about little steps.

Here's one on video:

(Follow the dame in blue!) youtube.com/user/lungexercise


Congrats on learning the flute,will wait for a recital to be put up!! xxx

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Wendells, EVery little step leads to the final stage!


I used to get told off when I was a child for mouth breathing as I looked "gormless", still find I do it though I try not to....look gormless enough without!

I also do yoga and hu hu huuuuuuu breathing sometimes....followed by a coughing session. My daughter used to play the flute ....the whole body gets exercised as it's surprising how much of the whole body moves....arms, waist and even hips and legs....and brain . Good luck and enjoy


Carry on with the hu,hu, huuuuu!

Yes, fingers hold teh flute, hips (try) to hold teh head high and feet balance the flute!


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