Hi sorry if aye am postín or asking question on wrong part of forum bust wanted to ask if any copd c02 retainers ever get really breathless when eatin ? This is the first time i have experienced this today my breathing has been terrible the last few days and have not felt to great dont know if i should maybe call nhs out of hours or maybe speak to one of the on call home vent team dont like doing it so thought i would ask you guys as you might experience this love to you all x

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Hi and welcome, you are in the right place for queries. I have asthma/ COPD but I don't know if I am a retainer, although the last time I was given oxygen in hospital my 02 levels went down and alarm bells were going after.

My breathing has been poor these last few days but I have been given extra oral steroids so it's starting to improve. I do get breathless sometimes after eating but if I were you I would ring 111 for their advice.....that's what they are there for. The on call team may be better though for you. Better to err on the safe side. Take care....I definitely would ring as soon as you can

Thanks so mutch knitter to your quick response in replying to my question think i will make a call you take care xx

Glad you are going to call ...good luck.

I am on O2 4 LPM 24/7 but I am not a CO2 retainer. I do have problems eating. A tedious process.

Regards Rib

hi rfcjackie,

although i'm not an o2 retainer [as far as i know ] i am on oxygen, eating can make me breathless, and if i don't have my oxygen on, notice a drop in oxygen level,

but if this is the first time you've experienced this, i should contact nhs 24 for advice, if particularly bad phone 111, or your g.p or resp. nurse.

hope this helps

jimmy :)

Hi there.

Unfortunately the answer is yes for me. When my tummy fills I get more breathless. I believe this happens to quite a few people with lung problems. We learnt at PR that as the tummy fills there is less space in the abdomen for the air in our lungs to expand. Don't think it is peculiar just to 02 retainers. Best to check it out with your doctor. anyway. Cheers.


Hi rfcjackie, welcome, and I don't struggle so much with breathlessness chewing but do struggle half way through a meal like Sara once my belly gets slightly full I'm tired and breathless and suffer on occasions with painful trapped wind, without being crude I can after a while get rid quite easily from both ends 😟 ( sorry ) , but anything U feel uncomfortable with, or anything new never hurts to contact a trained medic to ask for advice and peice of mind. Take care xx sonia xx

Hi, I havent yet experienced this, but my understanding is that it becomes common in time, and apart from full tummy preventing diaphragm working well, , the blood gets diverted to handle digestion so we have less 02 in the blood to go to lungs.

You MUST get checked out as advised, , and if told it is due to digestion, you could have smaller meals more often, and if you do overindulge, sit comfortable leaning back, and with legs spread so tum can drop down between them, to help ease things, then do some breathing techniques and wait for digestion to do its job and ease it up for you.

Hope you feel easier soon


do you think it could be pollen as the oilseed rape is starting to flower

If it's any consolation, I'd read about this problem but never experienced it until I was really ill in January/February and then discovered that I could either eat or breathe. I'm a CO2 retainer and was on full time oxygen at the time. I gather that it's a "normal" response during exacerbations and also as one's lung function deteriorates. There are pamphlets which have suggestions for dealing with the difficulties -- sloppier food, more gravy, smaller portions more frequently...



Hi Jackie? I am also a Jackie! I have experienced SOB after eating and told my doctor my heart rAte rising into the 100+ BPM range. I use an oximetry on my finger to see what my oxygen (02) levels are because of my SOB. It isn't my lungs causing this, it is my heart....working so hard to handle the food digestion. He gave me digoxin to lower my heart rate and it really has helped. Do you have a finger oximetry? If not I would suggest you get one to track both your oxygen saturation and your heart rate.

Hope this helps. Jackie

Forgot to mention, to my knowledge I do not retain C02 and I am on 02 24/7 at 2.5 LPM. If you feel you need help please get to a doc ASAP or call for an ambulance.

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