😊 SMILE ! 😊

Good day everyone

Been pretty bad ( can't think of another word for it) all week. We've had a couple really funny jokes, another great photo from Lyn. But, all and all its been a week of bickering. Right guys?

Maybe we can all mention something to smile about today πŸ˜€ Something good we're doing today. Maybe Dave is taking his new car out for a nice drive. Maybe we can get our good vibes back. Some more good jokes. A really smashing photo from Lynn. I know Fred will get it started 😊😊

😊 Rubyxx 😊


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42 Replies

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  • Oh Ruby, i really love you. You're such a well of positivity.

    Im off out in my new temporary (i hope) wheelchair being pushed by Rita and friends along path by the beach this afternoon. Ive not been to the beach for two months, haven't seen the sea, which feels crazy as i live 200 yards away from it.

    Hope your day is good - what are you doing? How are your cats? :) :) xxx

  • Oh have a glorious day O2. Fab.

    I'm painting with a tiddly roller (to avoid tennis elbow & frozen shoulder reoccurring). Then a tidy n clean up before daughter Anna arrives with Daisy and Martha this arvo. The tinies are loving it and full of joy with the stairs. Daisy's verdict "your new house is just lush Marmar" . Oh joy.

    The oven is a disgusting back hell hole but I'm thinking of a leg of lamb for them (and me, yumski), early supper as they go to bed at 7.

    Feeling a tad proud, got a new boiler in yesterday so renovation has begun πŸ‘‰πŸ‘πŸ‘ˆ

    Loads of love and good luck to Rita next month πŸ˜ƒ

    Ruby, what are you up to today? X

  • Get those shoes off and let the sand run through your toes, well done Rita your a good partner. xxx :)

  • She'll like that Fred. But its shingle, not so nice for the tootsies :)

  • I can relate to that, as I have had those bloody shingles and boy can it hurt, I do not mind admitting I was in tears at times. Oh well back on with the wellies xx :)

  • :D :D

  • Who has shingles 02? I hear it's dreadful. I was thinking of getting the vaccine for it. Have you had it?


  • No sweetie - this is another anglicism maybe? Shingle is what we call a pebble beach, as opposed to sand.

    Rita had it a while ago and it was horrid though i think she got off quite lightly compared with other descriptions I've read. xxx

  • Hope you enjoyed your day, my good friend. 200 yards away from the beach? How lucky can you get? I would surely love that!

    Cats are good. We Did Go for a nice drive in the country and stopped and got a bite to eat.

    As you know, I've had the virus since Thurs. Its starting to lighten

    up some today. Fever is gone and appetite getting better.so

    my day was good.😊😊 xx

  • Phew, glad you're on the mend Ruby xxxxx

  • Well this would be funny if you could see. I'm off to the gym! I'm not very well but the negative effect of not going to the gym is 'killing' me.

    So best foot forward I'm off to kettlebells and maybe abs. I just go at my own pace so won't over do things.

    I need to clear my lungs and get my circulation going - so pain or pleasure I am off to do it.

    Take care all and have a great day.

  • Good for you SK, but please please don't overdo it. Good to wake the system up a bit but don't spoil it for next saturday.

    Sending you healing energy xxx

  • Well I made it. Only did the first hour of Kettlebells knew better than continue with abs. But I feel totally invigorated! My heart was pumping sweat running into my eyes. Ok I did the second half sitting on the floor but everyone knows I struggle but still carry on in my own way.

    Now a little housework before I start to seize up. But boy do I feel good and proud of myself for making the effort.

    Breathe well


  • So happy for you SK. Obvs just what you needed. Don't overdo the housework and get too carried away by euphoric feelings. REST NOW - or soon!!! You're a star and you should be proud

    xx :)

  • xx :)

  • Hi there my favourite Kracker steady with those kettlebells, I have trouble with just the kettle, look after yourself hope to hear from you at some point. xxFred :) ;)

  • Hope you enjoyed your Sun. Sokrackers. Glad to see you posting more.Can't keep a good woman down now can they?

    Take care

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi ruby, what a great idea. I am waiting for our daughter and grandson to arrive and we will all be going out as it is a lovely day. Not sure where we are off to but making the most of the sunshine that's for sure. xxxxx

  • Hi Sassy

    what did you end up doing for your sun? We went for a drive and a bite to eat.

    😊😊 xx

  • We went to the beach as it was such a lovely day. All good fun. xxx

  • Yes, Fred's been on with a cracking blonde joke...had me laughing my socks off.

    Sun's shining here this morning Ruby...blue skies. Will be going for a walk along the canal later with my son and his pooch. :-) xxx

  • Hope you enjoyed your day Lyn. Do you live near your son?

    Love Rubyxx 😊

  • Yes Ruby, about 5 minutes away in the car. :-) xxx

  • How nice for you Lyn 😊 xx

  • hi ruby hows you ive good and bad this week, good im on holiday from work and bad ive got consultant on Monday and will get result from lung test I had other week and not expecting good news from that but fingers crossed.


  • Good luck to you Tam. Hope to hear some good news from you

    😊 Rubyxx 😊

  • Hi ya Ruby....was a lovely Sunday in Oz. Great weekend actually. Beginning to cool off a tad but you folk would probably consider it to be "summer" temps. Tomorrow Im off for my 3 month check with my cancer surgeon. Rest of the week is busy as usual. Do hope your doing well in the US. Hugs to you Suz xx

  • Hi Suz best of luck with the cancer surgeon , I have a lovely cancer lady, this is great I am here in England, you in Oz and Ruby in the States just think it would only have been a few years ago when this was not even possible we could have a three or more way talk. xxx Fred :) ;)

  • Hi Suz

    Good luck with your cancer surgeon. Didn't know you had cancer surgery. I also did 2 yrs ago.

    Love RUBYXX 😊

  • :D :D :D its lovely and sunny here and blowing a gale which feels so fresh and wonderful and my summer bulbs are poking up :)

    love to all you wonderful great folk xxxxxxxxxx

  • I've just arrived at the south coast after a 200 mile drive and the weather is just beautiful !

    Beat that ! :)

  • Sounds like you had a great Sun. Puff. How long did it take you to get there?😊 nope, I can't beat that ,but I would love to do it.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • It usually takes about 3 and 1/2 hours but I stopped for a coffee break, which I normally do, about an hour from my destination and when I started the car again it ran like it was running on 3 cylinders so I chugged along the last 40 miles to get there. The worse bit was the steep hills as I had to keep changing down the gears. I think I was doing about 5 mph when I got to the top of one. Big queue of cars behind ! I'm trying to find out the problem today.

  • Wow Puff your poor car!

    Hope its ok. Remember the book called The Little Engine that Could. That would be you.Do you know how to work on cars? Good luck with that Puff

    Rubyxx 😊

  • I know the old girl very well. I've had it for about 7 years now. It will be 25 years old in August !

  • April

    The first pale primrose quivers in the grass,

    Above I hear the blackbirds sweet refrain,

    The daffodils nod gaily as I pass,

    Rejoice in my heart it's April once again.

    It's been raining here all day so I'm sewing some cosmos and white sunflowers πŸ˜€ that will use up most of my energy lol!

    Love your post, hugs huff xxxx

  • Huff ---April Showers bring May flowers. We gotta have some rain to enjoy the sunshine. And those beautiful flowers in your garden!

    Hope you had a nice day.

    😊😊 xx

  • Ahhhhh ruby, what made me smile today was tiny little black piglets and spring lambs I really am in danger of becoming a vegetarian ! Been a lovely day, fresh and blowy, was in Norfolk and the sea was wonderful, been with some good friends and we ranted politics into the smal hours, great crack, how was your day ruby xxxxxx

  • Hi Medow

    sounds like a lovely day!

    Mine was good😊

    feeling somewhat better. We went for a nice drive in the country and got a bite to eat.It was a good day. A Smile day


  • My neck of the country !

  • Where about's puff? It's ok if you'd rather not say, we've got people in wells and Kings Lynn, like kings Lynn xx

  • Further north of Kings Lynn. :)

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