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Smoke alarms and wittering

Why does my smoke alarm battery run out in the middle of the night so that I have to dismantle and wrestle with the thing in the dark.

So what with that , my nebuliser and extra steroids I have spent the rest of the night wittering about my mother who has the symptoms of dementia and lives hundreds of miles away.

I usually ring her on a Sunday, and never know what to expect....sometimes a normal conversation, and sometimes I get accused of various things. She is well cared for though, that's the main thing, and I try to forget the accusations.

Hope I have not depressed anyone too much, have a good day and take care.

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Quick tip re smoke alarm! I change batteries every 1st January- this way I never run the risk of not having working smoke alarm. Plus (in theroy) I also don't get woken in the middle of the night........


hi I know feeling about being woke up in middle night with smoke alarm, I used just take battery out and replace new one in morning. now I have smoke alarms connected to mains so don't have that problem now.


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Hi Knitter, know the feeling about smoke alarms, I have electric ones but they still have override batteries that have to be changed. Changing them on a certain date every year sounds a good idea to me, that way you can get some one to do it for you when they call also.Another one that needs battery changes is the carbon monoxide detector, that usually trips off in the night too and have to admit I can't always be sure which one is ringing :) . Like you my mum is in a home with age type memory failure, I ring on Sunday if I can get a reply the conversation is very parrot like most weeks and I am not so sure she gains any benefit from it. So I understand your feelings about ringing mum on Sundays. I just tell myself who knows this might be our last chat with our mums, and our last memory of them , take care.


it always happens to us too - drives you mad till you get it changed or find the fuse :) even connected to the mains, they have battery backup that goes off. Have a lovely day and know that you made sure your mum is well cared for xxxxxxx


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