Back on line.. Cost £100:00 to get sorted. New hard drive was needed !!! Anyway up and running as of now.

Been quite active with my granddaughter, thank goodness school restarts Monday..

Hope all is well with you

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Yay....good evening Sheila...glad you're up and running again, its good to have you back. :-) xxx

Thanks Jolyn

Good to be back though I just said to Offcut it may go again the whole thing freezes on me and I have to turn off then on again.

Think I shall be asking for my money back. .... xxx

Great you are back, enjoy being back on line, no staying up all night mind! ;) huff xxx

Thanks Huff

As you can see still up waiting for pills to work their magic.....

Plus my cat has brought a mouse or something in and quite noisy, it upsets me as I am not able to catch it....keep well. Xxx

Thanks Joyln it's good to be back😀 It's been a very frustrating time, I am still ploughing through all the mail.....

I'm looking forward to seeing your super works of art. xxxx

Looking back I seem to be replying to myself....can someone put me right, thank

if you want to reply to somebody you need to click the red "Reply" button directly under the writing you want to reply to.

Thank you jenss

I am a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to computers...I need a nudge in the right direction at times.

Welcome back Etch45, back to school for the kiddies soon,. That's quite a big thing new hard drive for computer, but these days they are much easier to replace. Have fun sorting the repaired computer out :) :)

Thanks Katie Yes, good the schools are back Monday time to settle down again.

Just said to offcut it is playing up again so come tomorrow I will have him back and may ask for my money back if its not sorted.

I have lost a lot so yes having to sort it out between freezes.. :-) x

Would not have thought it would be freezing with a new hard drive, you will have to complain if your still getting problems. Sorry for late replyx

I just hate things when they don't work, I shall give it for a few more days and if it's still playing up >>>>>>> watch this space.hope you are well Katie.


I will keep my eye out for up dates on your new hard drive. I am not bad all things considered, but these heavy skies seem to worsen the breathing, must be the low level smog I guess, it is very overcast here again today. Hope the weather is better with you . xx

Welcome back.

Did you know that most hardrives have a 3 year warranty on them? If completely broke data can be expensive to remove so not always cost effective. Warranty does not cover data on the harddrive.

Be Well

Hello offcut

Thanks for getting in touch , I don't know much about the workings of a computer....Didn't ( don't laugh ) know anything about a hard drive ......

Went on yesterday and it was still playing up.

Keeps freezing up. Sooo now I have to get him back...keep well.

Sheila aka etch45

Hope it is something small and easily fixed.

So do I I am giving it a few more days to see if it improves.

It's so good to be able to communicate,Sheila. I am trying a new broswer - Opera, because slimjet which said it was fast ahs slowed do much and has had som many crashes, I just couldn't carry on. This Opera seems a breeze to operate and I like the speedy pages on the start pages like amazon, Ebay andI've put Sainsbury so I can do my shopping. Very pleased so far. Mic

Yes helingmic it is good to communicate, as long as things work,lol.

I am pleased you are happy with your new browser, you will have to let me know if you are still happy with it further down the line.

I use shopping on line it is smashing, no more looking up and down the aisles. Sheila x

Sheila, the browser is almost beyond my expectations. It links easily with websites you like to go to. It is fast loading. Yes, online shopping is also my experience; and taht needs a fast browser that doesn't stop to "think" why I clicked on an item!

I watch loads of YouTube showing me how to play teh flute, so I can practive before I see my teacher. Opera has a very good sound transmission. so far, I can highly recommend it. Cheers, Mic

So good to be back though I am having to troll through 6210 emails ....... My son is pretty good with the computer but even he gets stumped sometimes.

Insomnia>>>>>>>>I am still plagued with it I also have tried everything to no avail.

Hypnosis !!!!!!! not tried that.

Keep well :-) xx

Sheila and Flibberti, Insomnia, yes, I know it. I go regularly at 10 pm. This insures me that I feel shattered by 10 pm. But I do wake up at around 4 - 4.30. I stopped bothering since, as you say, there's not much one va do about it. So I switch my best station, Classic FM. I take my Kindle and read. Sometimes, I'll go for a hot chocolate. Yet, the kitchen seems so gar and dark! So I stay reading and listening to the flow of Classical music. At least, that cuts my brain from reeling the same thoughts over and over again. I hate that. I tell my brain tat I don't see the point in doing it! After about 1/2 an hour, I shut the light, let the music cradle me for a little bit longer on a 10 or 20 minutes timer. I might doze off or I might just lie there until 6.30 am.

When I get up, I'm always happy of the new day with the prospect of practising the flute. It's such a lovely companion; yet hard to tame! Cheers to you both, Mic

Hi mic this will be a short reply as I have come to bed and taken my pills, downed with a glass of whisky.....hope to sleep.

I will write tomorrow so for now sleep well. Night night

Sheila. X

Sheila, Kissy kissy!

Hi mic well after a super day wonderful sunshine, glass of red in the garden, Good night sleep last now I am trying to do catch up.

I am just hoping the weather tomorrow will be find to us as I am going on a walk, I am a member of a walking club, ( for the seniors...) but I enjoy it.

going to do dinner now so bye for now. x

Walking is really good for you; it stops osteoporosis. It has been recommended on Radio 4 this morning.

I;m busy at the gym 3 times a week, at other times I practice my flute which absorbs all my time and thoughts. Cheers, Mic

Yes I do enjoy my walks, though at times I have to push myself.

I go to the gym 2 times a week used to be three but found it a little hard going, then of course I have my garden, I like to potter and now the weather is starting to be kind.... My granddaughter played the flute she does the drums and clarinet also, we don't know where her musical gift comes from as no one in the family has it.

Going for dinner fresh air has brought hunger on... etch45 x

Her's a flute inspiration played by James Galway

Just played the James Galway you sent, it is beautiful, I enjoy all kinds of music so thank you for sending it. Night Mic etch45

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