Hi all,

Been following this 'kerfuffle' from afar, something said 'don't , whatever you do, get involved' and anyway I missed the original posts so wouldn't have known what I was talking about. Best shut up yeah?

One thing has occurred to me though (partly addressed in Jenss post). I comment regularly on a national newspaper (Guardian) and there MODERATION is taken very seriously and on a 24/7 basis. I'm a night owl and I've seen posts deleted at 2 am. Persistent offenders are first given Pre Moderation - that is, their posts have to go through the mods first before being allowed on site. This pre mod can last weeks or months (I was premodded for 4 months! Football...). Then the commenter is allowed back to direct posting. Further crimes result in one's account being cancelled.

For me BLF simply don't take their moderation seriously enough. No moderation at weekends? You're having a laugh! Pay someone, get more staff! This is an important site and deserves more attention and funding than BLF is currently giving it.

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  • Well said and thoroughly supported.

  • Yes I agree too. I had written open letter about this to BLF (referred to above by notlocal) and I think it will have more impact if people support it

  • I too have been following this from afar and may regret posting this. I agree with you and do not believe that BLF have even looked at, yet alone followed this ridiculous thread, which has been kept going by someone who started by complaining about one issue and then changed it to another and then cleverly drew some very nice people into a pointless slanging match. She now says that she is leaving. I do hope so because the nonsense is so boring.

  • 😀 😀 😀

  • You're right SS, but did you notice that she can't just let it lie? Her latest post says she's leaving, but immediately starts an argument with someone else. I have no idea what it's all about - and do not want to, but I do agree that this site needs closer monitoring.

  • yes I quite agree. I have been trying to find where I can bring the whole issue to the attention of the BLF instead of reprting separate instances of perceived abuse. There is a problem here with a person who appears to need attention and uses this method to get it. If the other people on this site could simply ignore her I guess she would move on to somewhere else to feed her need.

  • I've just reported it SS. It amounts to bullying now and has no place on this site. Let's hope they close it once and for all.

  • could you tell me how to report it please. I am such a teccie idiot that I can't find the link.

  • At the top of the page, there's a "help" tab. Click onto that and it will open in a new window. Then go to the right where it says "Contact us" and fill the form in and leave your message. Good luck. XX

  • thanks. I will give it a go now.

  • Hi SS. I just had a reply from the site and they said that they will look into it. I told them that bullying was talking place and I named the cause, so hopefully it will stop now.

  • Hi Nikkers. I have sent a detailed email and named the person. I have also told them that BLF have been deafening in their silence on the subject even though I know that others have reported. So we shall see. We just need to get back to the purpose of the site, to help and support each other through our daily struggles. Did you notice that the person never mentioned anything related to a lung condition?

  • Good for you SS. Yes, I noticed that, but it was not about her was it, she was (supposedly) writing for someone else.?

  • Yes it dose x

  • Well sed x

  • I'm another one who's been keeping out of the firing line (such a coward). Yesterday she said she was leaving. Today she's back with two more posts. I've reported several since she started in the hope that others are reporting too and the mods would react. I've rarely used the report button in the past but this saga...!

  • I did not won't to get Involved iv just put some think on cos for 2 day it's just fighting on here and it's not won't it's for if the do not answer her she will just go that is all she putting stuff on for so they will all bite back if she wonted to go she would not put stuff on about don't answer her back that's wot she doing it for just ignore her she will get fed up and go away x

  • I've sent a private message to carole at the blf helpline (you can search for her under members) asking what they are going to do about the situation, perhaps more of us should do that. They need to take their role seriously and tackle the issue instead of stepping around it as she did in her post a couple of days ago.

    I don’t think that keeping your counsel on this and not getting involved is a sign of weakness, I think it shows maturity and self control.

    I have also regularly flagged posts as trolling but it would seem that HU don't agree and find the situation acceptable.

    The risk if this continues is that the forum could be suspended. BLF & HU need to show some leadership and grow a backbone.

  • " BLF & HU need to show some leadership and grow a backbone." Yes, it's just lax moderation here has led to an intolerable situation. Being a site for mostly unwell people and their carers, it gets less trolls than others but it means that when there is one there is nothing or no one in place to deal with it.

  • Please support open letter I had written about this to BLF as it will have more impact

  • Hi jenss

    While I applaud your efforts, this week has shown me that the BLF team don't pay much attention to posts and certainly they don't seem to affect their behaviour or decisions. I prefer to go direct and ask direct questions to individuals. It's not as easy to ignore when you are asked a direct question.

    There is just no moderation happening here and the buttons seem to be there just for show.

    There have been serious allegations thrown around about bullying, trolling, scams etc most of which have been reported yet most of the posts are still there and no one has been called to account.

  • As I replied to AzureSky below, it seems that this site is the Cinderella of BLF, underfunded and understaffed, left to trundle along until it comes under attack again. It is intolerable that what happened last week was allowed to continue as long as it has and not nipped in the bud same day.

  • Thanks Accygirl, I had put a referral to the post on C's initial post so think she is alert to the post. But now have also followed your example and sent her a pm as well. Covers both bases. I like the open letter (that hopefully many support) as they then are more likely to take note of it. If we send individual messages we don't know of each other and those individual messages are easier to ignore by BLF (which they seem to have done over the last 2 years at least- as the facts have established this week). cheers,

  • couldn't agree more.

  • I reported it yesterday.

  • What's the point of reporting anything if there's no one there (weekends) to receive your report? Or if they have no mechanisms to do anything about it? This site is vulnerable to attack, that's for sure. Luckily it doesn't happen too often but it's the Cinderella of the BLF.

  • I tried not to get involved in this but when I put a suggestion to show us how she and her mother are coping with the lung problems of her mother I did not even get a response. but the next persons post was replied to as it was a negative? which seems to be her only purpose?

    I will never reply to this poster unless it is directed to me personally. It will be by a PM only.

    Be Well

  • "I will never reply to this poster unless it is directed to me personally"

    That poster should have had her account suspended by now. The scandal is that this hasn't happened yet.

  • I agree with notlocal, this should and could have been dealt with a week ago. I flagged those posts as trolling as soon as they started but nothing has been done. There is no moderation going on and the buttons have no meaning and as such individuals have little protection from this type of thing. Anyone can see what's going on and what concerns me is the effect this will have on anyone needing help and support.

  • I am still going to post my journey and offer information when ever I can.

    If I say or do something wrong I expect to be challenged but I love freedom of speech. If I do not want to watch or read something I have the skill to ignore it!

    Be Well

  • can't imagine you needing to be pulled up over anything offcut, but I agree with freedom of speech and sharing your journey. Take carexx

  • My concern is that people won't even ask for help when they read what's been going on, it will just be a turn off for them. The thought of someone who has just received a diagnosis that is scaring the life out of them feeling unable to ask for help or info saddens me.

    Sadly internet trolls (horrible term) don't care about anybody but themselves and their own motivations. Their aim is usually to cause havoc, to 'bait' people into reacting. They will often add new posts when things are going quiet just to stir it up again. You can't trust anything they say or tell you, because nothing is true. It's just a game or entertainment for them.

  • I find it frightening to think of not being able to have this forum to visit. Don't post often but read everyday and find the encouragement to not be afraid and hope to live longer. And the joy of humor!! When I found this site I had reached a level of depression I had not known, tha has since been relieved by all of you. Some I even feel that i "know"!!

    Just saying, scary to think of not having my daily dose of laughter and encouragement !!


  • Of course, you're right, but they are all volunteers. They reply very efficiently if something is brought to their attention, usually.

    I think we just have to ignore the silliness of some people who are ill, so ill that it's obvious to all. How best to direct kindly remark to such people? You cannot just zapp people who despair so much they sometimes vent it out in order to attract attention to their plea.

    I have a very ill wife who sometimes speaks of divorce and involving the queen and the highest judges in the realm. Of course, it's unpleasant for me. I also think it must be so unpleasant for them. No, we cannot accept arguments of that sort, but we need to remain kind facing the nonsense of illness and try to redirect them to expert, if they will listen to us, so they can find help. Mic

  • Hi Mic

    The people who look after the site and the Helpline are employees and paid salaries. In 2014 the total salary bill was £2.6 million spread over 64 employees according to their annual statement. They have had to reduce their staffing to cut costs as the previous year they had a significant deficit. If anyone's interested the info is here .

  • accygirl. Of course, that puts a different aspect to their responsibility. Thank you. Mic

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