Hi everyone guess what happened to me i got shingles thought i had pulled my muscle at work was so painful around the neck. Next day brought deep heat and placed it around my shoulder developed a rash me in my infinite wisdom thought oh dear must be allergic to deep heat made a Dr appointment because the pain was BAD and he said you have shingles steroids have lowered your immune system.

Not a happy bunny, 2 weeks off work bah humbug

Note to self shingles can come anywhere on body

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  • Sorry to hear you have shingles. Hope you start to feel better soon. cx

  • Poor you! I know it can be painful, my Nephew had them on the backside, not nice! Hope the next fortnight off work will fix it for you :) huff xxx

  • I am really sorry to hear that. I have never had it myself but had a friend who did. She said it was incredibly painful and was off work for a while with it. I really hope you are feeling better soon. Take care x

  • If you caught it on time, shingles can be not too bad. I got it in 2011 over the August Bank Holiday weeekend. Lot of burning pain, which I thought was the start of an exacerbation, then about 4 or 5 red patches. Started lyrica and another med immediately and it didn't spread any further. The pain was quite severe but compared to other tales of shingles I've heard I think I got off lightly. Hope you get off lightly too.

  • poor you,i had shingles in January,its awful take care x

  • Shingles is a very nasty thing I had them many years ago, in my throat , ear and behind the eye, really painful and poorly in hospital for 2 weeks, has left very painful nerve pains . As it was hard to detect where they were and what was the matter, so can appear anywhere in the body, which was a shock to me, thought they were only on your torso 😘

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