Don't rain on my parade

Well it did, it rained rather well over night and I think its nearing the end as it seems to have slowed down at the moment and the sky is getting lighter, so with any luck if the rain has also been over the rest of the country the air will be a lot better for those that had the smog type weather yesterday, I hope so.

Right here we are its Saturday once again so what shall I do today, after breakfast shower dress and then I think I will get the local bus into town, pick up a prescription and a few bits and bops have a stroll along the prom (singing) then bus it back home. This afternoon now the ground is wet I might tackle the wild garlic as it should be easier to get up, I better use the kneeling stool or else I will need help to get back up myself.Then I can spend the rest of the day moaning about my aching back oh well such is life exciting an't it. :).

Right after reading some of the things that seem to have been going on I thought a story with a moral was in order. I will be careful of the words I use as I understand some get upset. ;)

A little bird was flying south for the winter, it was cold and the little bird froze and fell to the earth in a large field.

While he was laying there a cow came by and dropped dung on him.

As the bird lay there in the pile of dung he realized it was warm and it was thawing him out.

He lay there all warm and happy and soon began to sing.

A passing cat heard the bird singing and went to investigate, following the sound the cat discovered the bird under the cow dung, dug the bird out and promptly ate him.

There are 3 morals to this story.

1) Not every one that sh*ts on you is your enemy.

2) Not everyone that gets you out of the sh*t is your friend.

3) And when you are in deep sh*t its best to keep your mouth shut.

Have a really good weekend my friends and no one is allowed to leave this happy band.

xxxxFred :) ;)

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  • That is so funny Fred and I like the morale, covers all sides! You are a true diplomat.

    Dull here so far but promise of sunshine later. Happy digging. xx

  • Thanks love I just thought it fitted the situation, life is to short for any agro really, as non of us know whats around the corner. Enjoy the weekend. xx :)

  • So true Fred, well put. Sounds like you have a busy day planned, enjoy! Still very overcast here but hope to get in the garden a bit later. Xx

  • Morning Sheila well that's the plan but its still early so things could change, pleased to say the sun is now out, have a good weekend. xxx :)

  • Kind of like - when you're in a hole, stop digging ;)

    Fab tale Fred. You're full of fab tales.

    And Im with you, we should all stay here with each other.

    You have a lovely weekend xxx :) :)

  • Cheers pal we all need somebody don't we. Have a good weekend, I hope the air is clearer xxx :) ;)

  • Mornin,that's it appreciation for life ,far too valuable to disregard!!? I have to keep my mouth shut a lot when appropriate. Happy life that's what we want .its cold today,may go out to waitrose get some puds. And dinners,I've given up cooking ,I spend my time painting,doing a portrait of me at the moment. Breathing very well I stayed in out the way,it's good if it rains the dust of my car,have a good day!!x

  • Hi Colours, hope it warms up for you soon. I like the idea of you doing your own portrait, how is that done, via a photograph, a reflection or what, I am really interested, please tell. As for the puds agree Waitrose do some really good ones. Enjoy your time sat infront of yourself ;) :) xxx

  • Excellent as usual!

  • Thanks jenss

  • Fred, 😁😁😁 laughing at your morals!! 😀very good advice😜

    It rained here last night too so the air is a bit fresher, I think the sun is trying to get his hat on, hope so I'm going to plant some onions and watch the Grand National! Enjoy your day and garlic!😉 hugs huff xxxx

  • Could be a busy sports day, with the Grand national, boat race both male and female and the golf masters later, I will be knackered by bed time. I always knew you were a lady that knew her onions. hugs to you huff xxx :)

  • Great one, enjoy your stroll,we have just had a light shower but is now brightening up. Hubby is constructing a tall frame for his tomato plants.dont ask,I don't.Lol

  • You to Fred have a good weekend and enjoy your day xx

  • Thanks Bliss have a lovely weekend. xxx:)

  • Absolutely brilliant Fred. Its been tipping down here and quite windy last night as well.

    I hope you get all your chores done without any aches and pains. Have a lovely weekend Fred. :-) xxx

  • Hi there Lyn glad you liked that one, I suppose we in the West and Wales get the same sort of weather if that is so you should be getting the sun very soon. I do need to get back out for a bit in the garden as still not found another magic lamp yet but will carry on looking. Have you got plans for the weekend or is it just you and your camera? Speak later xxxFred :) ;)

  • No plans Fred, my son will call in at some point and I may pop down Mum and Dads. Not sure yet. I've got lots of editing to do too, I did a maternity photoshoot yesterday so I have to get the pics done. :-) xxx

  • It wasn't for the royal couple was it, or arn't you allowed to say, as your shots are good enough .What ever you do enjoy and hope your parents are in good health. Love Fred xxx :) ;)

  • It was my friends daughter in law lol...certainly no royal couples here Fred. lol :-) xxx

  • Morning Glenice will do and I was going to ask about the frame but on second thoughts had better not, sometimes its better to remain in the dark. Have a good day xx :)

  • Morning Fred, love your morals. Don't sing too loud you might encourage the rain to return.

    We are supposed to be having 3 sheds in the garden cleared out today only been waiting on family to do it for about 10 years so decided to pay the man who does the garden for us, so hope the rain stays away now it has stopped. My job is to sit in the dining room and direct operations through the window (nice and warm I'm not daft).

    Enjoy your morning out. Do you have a bet on the horses?

    polly xx

  • love it Fred, just what i needed, ty ty ty xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi there our softwabbit pleased I was able to give you what you needed lol :) Have a good weekend if possible and keep that lovely smiling going. xxx :) ;) Whose a cheeky boy than xxx

  • Hi polly I also had a shed just one which was meant for my gardening tools when I was home, but each time I returned from a patrol at sea, I found all sorts thrown in there so I would clear it out once again, in the end I dismantled the shed and bought a tool garden box which was big enough for them only. I like the idea of being in command from the lounge window. No I don't have a flutter on the national just pick a horse for fun. Have a good day xxx :)

  • Absolutely brilliant Fred and hits the nail right on the head! Well done you! We are having horrible weather here this morning but hopefully will brighten up later. No more poor air quality though thank goodness. Lots of love to you and yours and have a wonderful day. xxxx :)

  • I was hoping it just might hit the right cord without causing a problem and show we can all laugh and smile. Time to go for a shower so will close down in case you lot peek lol not a lot to see :) ;) xxx

  • Hi won't be posting a selfie to Vashti then....did you read her last post about the naked man

  • Not guilty my lady, I don't even shave my head leave alone any thing else, keep smiling xxx :)

  • Promise not to look Fred. Take care xxxx :)

  • Loved that Fred you have probably showered and in the garden now with your wild garlic. Rained in the night here too but the sun is coming out now so will also be pottering in the garden today. Enjoy your day. Moira x x x

  • Thanks Mo I have just popped in for a cuppa, enjoy the sun whilst it last not to much pottering now. xxxFred :)

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