Sad People...And A Buck Naked Young Man!

Is it safe to put my head round the door...not going to get a pot slung at my head I hope...

I've said before and will no doubt say it again, that I simply can't grasp the pleasure behind endless arguments and the I'm right and you're wrong...such an enormous waste of energy and imagine the horrid vibes bouncing off the screen... rebounding over and over again...makes me want to have a long hot shower and a large glass of wine...

Imagine how powerful that energy would be if it was used for the tackle the problem of factory farming or abused wives...all that passion directed into something worthwhile fighting for...

Our health is worth the fighting for, of course it is...but surely not at the expensive of having to read reams of repetitive and vindictive out-pouring from a person confused about her place in the world.

More than anything it's awful sad...almost verging on paranoia.

Whether or not as individuals we decide to click on a link or not then that is our decision and ours alone...if another party advises against doing so because it could well be spam then that is good...up to us to decide to follow that advice or totally ignore it...

But to be berated because we erred on the side of caution and didn't investigate that link...that speaks volumes about our intelligence or our ability to think for ourselves.

It's too tempting to reply...I did...I left a comment. Because you're inclined to think maybe that person will listen to me...they might take heed of what I say...they don't. They don't stop until they simply run out of steam.

And it's rather like rubber-necking when you happen upon an know you ought not know it would be kinder and much more compassionate to drive straight past rather than slowing down and gawking at the ambulances and police cars...but human nature almost compels you to look...look at someone else's day gone totally wrong.

Perhaps the kindest and most humane solution to people who insist on stating their case over and over to drive past and refuse to answer.

A bit of light relief...I'm on a social networking site which allows you to see who has visited your page...I had a naked man. Went through to his page and there he was in all his glory...not a stitch of clothing...all bronzed and oiled and hairless...before I reported him to the moderators as being a bit beyond their guidelines I have to 'fess up that I went back for another quick look...

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  • Hi vashti thank you for the post, in my opinion you have diffused a difficult situation with compassion, and made me laugh out loud as well. My imagination is going into overdrive...bronzed, oiled gosh.

  • But hairless? Yuk! I like men to look like men.

  • and awfully greasy from the oil...he'd be slippery and think of the mess on the sheets...☺☺

  • You obviously want your lion's share, Nikkers. Mic (only got a moustache!)

  • Oh mercy, is what I

  • Thank you Vashti for looking at it from others point of view. How are you keeping well I hope. take care...

  • I'm ok thanks Katie...just have to remember to keep breathing!

  • That's the idea but it can be difficult some days. I woke up this morning with yellow hands like nicotine stains, must be off the plants in the garden there's a lot of yellow ones around right now. Bleach removed it anyway so panic over, my kidneys must still be working :) :) .....

  • 'not a stitch of clothing...all bronzed and oiled and hairless...before I reported him to the moderators as being a bit beyond their guidelines I have to 'fess up that I went back for another quick look...'

    brilliant :D

  • Bet you would have done as

  • too right ;)

  • I just looked at the mirror and thought, oh! that's me!

  • Well said Vashti, and love your story of your young buck, but couldn't you have shared him around first? lol :d Brilliant.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Certainly not...never been good at

  • aww, so sad, lol :d

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Oh Vashti, you don't half make me larf!!!! lololol!! what are you like, I must admit I might have had a second peek! giggling : D xxxx

  • I don't see fit blokes stark naked anymore...had to make the most of it...☺

  • I confess I treated today as a new day in the forum and a fresh start. I feel guilty because my tongue got the better of me and I made a comment. And it is a fresh start, too. I was entertained by two gentlemen and taken out to lunch. Both were very witty, informative with good memories of their youth. One was 92 and the other 88 years old. We went to view the needles off the Isle of Wight from the Hampshire coast and saw nothing - the smog of whatever it was.

  • Good for you Pergola, nothing like going out with TWO men! 😉

    Seriously, good for you, I'm glad you're getting out and about. P

  • I call it greedy

  • Having two bites of it instead of one, Vashti? Mic.

  • A day out is lovely...especially with two gentlemen to dance attendance!

    I read somewhere it was sand from the Sahara causing the smog....

  • Ha-ha-ha - and ROFL laughing - another peek before reporting him, you wicked girl and I'd have done the same! I like your analogy of the accident slow-down, really fits the bill too; it's something that seems to crop up on every forum though.

  • Lucky we're all resilient and don't let the words hurt...

    He must have been terribly slippery...all that oiled skin....☺

  • Ooooo, vashti, you mucky pup you. Haha, I'd have had another gawk too.

    As for the spat, I stumbled on part of it yesterday, had a quick glance and moved on.

  • You have to appreciate these pictures when you're lucky enough to stumble on

  • The most sensible thing I've read in ages,blimey thank goodness there are some people like you around ,it would be boring n small minded and one of them is still ranting her case thinking its intelligent it just shows how arrogant they are. Bolex to all that low life shite.your right all that negative energy wasted.

  • All that energy channelled into something positive would probably do such a great deal of good...

  • Vashti, I hope that my electricity bill will come down with it! Mic

  • It would take more than a naked man to interest me!!lol.

  • Two maybe?

  • cheeky!!!

  • He was a bit young actually....might not have known what to do with

  • We have to acknowledge that certain people thrive on conflict, a problem in itself.

  • It's when it spills over and doesn't know when to stop...!

  • I hadn't realised I was holding my breath after reading all the shouty comments...then I read your post and let out a long sigh of relief.Thank you....ERM where was it you saw the oiled naked man?

  • Not telling...☺☺

  • Totally agree with you Vashti - whatever the original problem it must have passed me by - or else I chose not to click on it! I cannot understand why people are using energy

    to sustain arguments online, I like many others on this site, need our energy for keeping going from day to day not fritter it away.

    p.s. now what was the address of that other site.......?

  • My secret....he he....runs away

  • Huh! that;s not fair !

  • Hahaha I would have to lol

  • You're as bad as the rest of

  • It's such a shame we are built for comfort now instead of speed lol now where did you see him ? Lol

  • Ha ha human after all. I'm glad I'm likewise cannot stand negativity let's all smile.

    Audrey Jersey. So so pleased Summer is on its way. Have a super week-end..xx

  • thought I was a sort of robot type of a person...☺

  • Very human I think.....x

  • Go away Fionaanne, we are not interested.

  • I'm rather wondering if you are really scared that your Mother is ill...if that is the case the people on this forum would be only too willing to listen and explain how they cope...but if that isn't the case...I'd rather you didn't carry on your argument.

  • It can take quite a while can't it? To accept that someone you love has what amounts to a terminal illness...I haven't been on here for long so wouldn't be remembering your Mother. I hope she has an understanding Doctor...the Consultant I see is lovely...but never shies away from the truth which can be scary!

  • Your welcome...take care xx

  • Hi Vashti. I like your comments. I don't like confrontation in any way. i especially like your last comment. I think we would all maybe take a second peak.

  • Just couldn't ☺

  • Loved that Vashti and am still smiling about the nurse and 20 minutes sunshine! I actually may get that today as the sun seems to be peeking out after the rain all night. Have a lovely day....Moira x

  • Thanks's bucketed down all day here!

  • Love your post, so articulate. Personally I prefer dark hairy chests. I watch Poldark to swoon over Ross, who is a particularly fine example of the masculine form.

  • And he doesn't seem to own many shirts from the pictures I've

  • Must check out Poldark tomorrow. On TV, that is, not in person. He's been getting lots of column inches and rave reviews. If he passes muster, I'll send him on your name Vashti :)

  • Oh, very

  • Vashti, where, where? :-)

    I didn't see him because I was practising the flute which made him flee :-)

  • Laughing out loud all by myself while glad that you have the talent to articulate the truth, seriously!! sounded like a bunch of politicians!! Thank you vashti for the humor and the truth!!!


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