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Cystic fibrosis/oxygen

I'm writing on behalf on my sister Rebecca. She's 30years old and lives in Spain. Becky has Cystic Fibrosis and her lung function is currently at 30%. She needs oxygen whilst she sleeps and walks, and if she takes part in any exercise. Becky is British, however has spent over half of her years living in Spain. She is looking to come over to England this Summer to visit her family but she is struggling with this as she will need oxygen whilst she is over in England. Becky is able to take her Oxygen cylinder on the plane with her, but will need oxygen for when she arrives at her family house. I have rang her previous hospital and doctors in England and Spain but they have both been useless, and not wanting to help. We tried to get it on prescription but as she lives in Spain this isn't possible. I now guess we will need to rent from somewhere, but I am having no luck in finding anywhere. I emailed my local doctors, who asked for Becky's Spanish prescription to be faxed over. We did this, and never heard back. I think this is very unfair, my sister is unwell and no one is willing to help. She has got worse this last year and all she wants to do is stay in England for a few weeks. Can anyone offer any support or advice on how we go about this please? she has left me to try and find information as I live in England and I guess it will need to be sorted out my end. Thanks in advance :)

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Hi gellygemma,sorry to hear about your sister's situation I'm not on oxygen sorry can't offer much info: but sure someone from our loving family will be along soon to advice,was just wondering if BLF could advise or assist,all the best God bless naresh62


Hi gellygemma. I'm sorry but can't offer any advice but do hope u get it sorted for ur sister. Best of luck xx sonia xx



If you need to hire equipment try the following link.



Hi Gellygemma, that's a good suggestion to phone the BLF helpline. I'm sure they'd have some helpful advice. This sort of situation must occur all the time. Also, I would try getting back to your GP to see what the hold up is. Perhaps they are just being very slow getting back to you.

If you decide to hire the company will probably need to see a copy of your sister's prescription to satisfy themselves they are supplying the most suitable equipment.

I do hope you are able to resolve this for your sister so she can enjoy her holiday over here. Let us know how you get on. :-) Jan


Every citizen of united Europe has medical care eforced by european law!!This means also that iff a citizen travels to another EU COUNTRY that the citizen has to carry with him the European health Insurance Card =that your health insurer has to deliver to you= so that you at any time in every and each EU COUNTRY can demand health treatment, as well as all prescriped medicines without any payment at all., at the same conditions as that that person is used to get in his/her EU Country of citizenship. Ask your regular MD for all the prescriptions you might need also during your travels. So if you need OXY than ask the prescriptions for it.=prerably in English because English are not renown to be linguists.= By the way I regard it as criminal to let OXY PATIENTS wrestle with highly inflamble (super explosive) and heavy OXIGEN CYLINDERS!!!!!!!! THIS IS ABSOLUTELY BONKERS AND SUPER DANGEROUS IN A TIME WERE WE HAVE SAFE LIGHTWEIGHT OXYGEN COMPRESSORS ON BATTERY!!!!! And at home you can use the home compressor on electricity. As an extra for current brakedown and violent crises flare treatment you can keep a small factory filled OXYGENCYLINDER. TO BE USED 3XCLUSIVELY IN CASES OF EMERGENCY. WELL hoping to have been of good use to you,i remain wishing you a nice flareless day and a safe trip. Todelydoodely.


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