A little light relief!

A little light relief!

Hope our Ms Hopkins sound alike does,not see this,lol.This is my lovely new car,which I probably Don,t deserve.I paid excess to have the Mini Cooper Countryman 4x4 Auto.Been out and about,driving to the hospitals visited by ambulance previously.I even managed to get lost,having got out of London could,nt find my way back in.Spent an hour going round in circles(could,not read the signs)Really enjoying driving again.Currently having breathing difficulties again,not infection or the eye drops or even my bathroom conversion so must just be getting worse.Just spoke to GP and this seems to be the case.Anyway if you are waiting the outcome of you PIP claim I wish you the best of luck,I am proof that we can actually get the full allowance.Hope you,re all enjoying the better weather and feeling the benefit of some much needed sunshine.Happy summertime to all my friends .David. 😎

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It's wonderful car,I would love one like that,I like mini coopers,always had them ,lucky you,let's hope you can enjoy it without to much fuss this summer .x

Hi Colours,I actually learned to drive in a Mini many moons ago,a totally different car.This one seems huge,It,s quite high up so is better for motorway driving,on a better level with the vast lorries.I,m very happy with my choice and feel really lucky.Cheers! D.

Oh i miss my car...i sold it months ago because i couldn't go out alone and my daughter has one so it made no sense to keep it ......... some of my independence was lost that day

Enjoy your motoring Dave x x x

Hi Mandy,I decided I really need my independence I know it,s a bit of a luxury but after this last two years of not being able to do much I think it may even get me doing more exercise.My scooter was great but I would never get off the damn thing,scared it would get pinched.I,m going to start appearing on friends doorsteps out of the blue,should be a laugh.D.

Its lovely. I'm sure you worked hard enough to warrant your PIP now your ill. And as for Katie Hopkins who cares what she thinks, vile excuse for a human.


Kim xxx

Thanks Kimmy.D.

I love it David! Enjoy the freedom! If it is any consolation my husband breathing is not good - it might just be season change or even the air quality. Lots of good wishes to you - enjoy your travels xx

Thank you Tad,regards to you and Hubby.D.

Morning david, love the car πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

And least U got lost in comfort lol

Happy motoring and take care

Xx sonia xx

Hi Sonia,must say it is very comfortable to drive,Take care.D.

Love the car Dave. Its great! You surely deserve it.😊 Sorry about your breathing. I'm sure you'll enjoy that car to no end. πŸ˜€ Rubyxx 😊

Thanks Ruby,it,s just knowing that others who also deserve Don,t get,makes my blood boil.D.

Life just isn't fair Dave. Its a shame. If only we could do something to change that fact.

😊😊 xx

Hi Flib,It,s not fully run in yet but when I put my foot down it sort of takes off lol,cheers.D. πŸ˜„

Lovely car David. Have fun driving it. It must be so good to have the freedom to get around, just try not to get lost again. Wishing you well and enjoy the lovely weather. Take care. xxxx

Love the car David. Very Very Very NICE!!!!! I was waiting at traffic lights a few weeks ago and one in the lane beside me got my attention. First time I had seen one and the extra length got me wondering what it was. I'm sure you will enjoy every mile you travel in it. Happy adventures! Suz xx

Hi David. They are lovely aren't they? When I last changed mine I wanted a MINI and wifey wanted a Golf. I now have a Golf.

Henpecked Bobby

Don,t know what you mean Bobby,it was,nt really a red car I wanted at all,lol. 😳

Lovely car. Suggest you get a SAT NAV. Mine is wonderful and although it sometimes takes me a strange route I always get there in the end!!

Have fun.

Hi Bevvy,got a Sat Nav,keep forgetting to put it in the car. πŸ™Š

Love it mabe I could get in that ,do have trouble getting in and out of some cars

Take care

Dorothy xx

Hi Newlands,it is nice and spacious with the roof high too,it's great.D.

Lovely car farmer so glad you can get out and about now and out to the country side and the weather is nice for you

Thanks Jimmy, D.

Aha, now we've got your number!

Congratulations D, I find my self very envious - I love that car?

You deserve it though with what you put up with. Good for you πŸ˜„

Thank you Peege 😊

Ah, Now we are talking Farmer! Just two years late but better late than never. It's a whole new world isn't it. But take that sat nav-next time otherwise you might end up on Jimmy's doorstep.

Enjoy your lovely car David. It was hard earned.

Have a great day!

Sara xx

That looks realy nifty,happy & safe driving to you! What a great idea that mobility allowance is,they don't have anything like that here!

Lovely time of the year to get it too,with your Spring there now"

Very happy for you,you must think it's Xmas,lol xxx

Hi David.

What a lovely new car, you lucky thing. I am green with envy. Safe driving

And may you have many happy miles or Km's in it.


Smashing, I hope it takes you on many an interesting journey and I hope you're breathing improves for you too. :-) Lyn xxx

Nice little motor D glad you got the issues sorted :D but they shouldn't have arisen in the first place :P but that's bureaucracy for you :P You say your enjoying driving to hospital ... But can you get parked (I never can even in disabled bays ) :P

Happy motoring :)


Hi Bob,I go at quiet times.It,s when I HAVE to go like for an appointment that there,s no where to park.Sods law.D.

Nice car FarmerD, hope you enjoy many many happy journeys in it also hope you feel better soon God bless naresh62

Cheers Naresh,D.

Well done Farmer, very smart! I get my license back after a 6 month ban for failing to notify DVLA of change of address next week, but my eye sight has deteriorated during that time, optician before i dare go back on the road! Happy motoring. Think you and i are about the same stage with the COPD. Xx

Hi Sheila,I'm very severe emphysema,depending on which hospital,Fev 20% .I have found the steroids have badly affected my sight and hope to have the cataract operation soon,is that the same for you?D.

Hi Farmer, thank you for reply, exactly the same 20%, though i suspect it may be lower now. I did'nt realise steroids affected eye sight, that answers a question, as i also have cataracts. Do you mind telling me what exercise you can cope with? I am finding it hard to do anything very much at the moment, always led a busy life, i suppose its just accepting the things we can no longer do. Xx

I too am at a bit of a standstill at the moment.Been waiting for another Rehab all winter.I try and walk as much as possible but struggle and still use my weights when I remember.The thought of going to a gym on my own is not appealing,hoping the better weather will improve things.Take care,D.

Ooh, I am so envious right now. Good for you, you deserve some independence and the freedom the lovely car will give you. Enjoy yourself in it, and have a great time exploring.

Take care,

hugs from Huggs xxx :)

Thanks Huggs. πŸ‘πŸΏ I now have different skin tone in my emotes,hilarious✊🏽 D.

Posh wheels Farmer D ! Enjoy the fun and freedom it will bring you.

Thank you Argana,only ever had old bangers that I stripped and fixed myself.With this all services are covered,Don,t even need to change the oil or tyres and the computer tells me what needs doing,I feel quite spoilt.What,s that hair advert " it,s because I,m worth it " Haa haaaaaa. πŸ™ˆ D.

That is so weird. As I was writing my comment to you, that ad was going through my head. Great minds ...... And yes, you're definitely worth it and you totally deserve it :)

Not so sure if I am worth it but I certainly appreciate it.D.πŸ˜‹

Morning FarmerD, Nice set of wheels so nice to treat yourself to something that will bring you lots of pleasure, Do hope your breathing will settle down soon, Take care, Regards, Bulpit

Thanks Bulpit,loving every journey.πŸ‘πŸΏ D.

Nice car farmer in showing my age now I had a mini clubman the one with the wood fantastic car then when that went to the scrap yard I had a metro went for miles on a gallon of petrol. Today is a very different story I drive a vw torran I couldn't get in a mini let alone get out of one due to my back problems.

Hi Ona,my car is huge compared to the Austin Mini I learned to drive in.I can,t get in a small car now either.D.

Like Offcut says enjoy your freedom no amount of money can buy that, still don't think I would be able to get in your car I did try a few weeks ago at the local mini dealer might get a soft top and a cherry picker to get me out.

Looks a lovely car enjoy the new freedom. Maybe get a map or satnav? ;)

Be Well

Hi Offcut,I married the Satnav lol. πŸ™‰ D.


Have just seen your post FarmerD and the photo of your new car :) OF COURSE you deserve to have it as much as anyone else and here's wishing you happy times and a more comfortable way of life x

Thanks Lovelight!D.

Enjoy your lovely new car farmer wish you better health to have freedom with it xx

Nice bit of motor FarmerD, hope you get many happy hours out of it especially now this lovely spring sunshine is here. Strange how the Mini Cooper has maintained it's allure over the years, still a very popular motor .....

What a lovely car, it looks nice and comfortable. does it have air conditioning?

SatNav can sometimes be unreliable. My daughter and I found ourselves near the edge of a cliff once. After that, I bought a map which showed every road even tiny lanes, in the county.

My husband has a dash cam now. It cost around Β£22 on Amazon.

Our son is a senior loss adjuster dealing with commercial vehicles. After some customers had criminals make crash for cash claims, further investigation showed they were part of a gang.

Now all vehicles insured with the company have dash cams installed. They have proved invaluable and save a lot of time on investigations.

Hi Azure,yes I have aircon,but I have the windows open anyway.It is very comfortable

And I,m thinking of moving in permanently,just need a trailer for kitchen/shower

Lol.I prefer the old fashioned map too although my eyes can,t cope with the A to Z.

Only problem with the dash cam thing is I,d probably forget it and have it pinched with the damage that involves,also the insurance is included in the motability deal.I,m very aware of the various scams going on so am quite vigilant.It,s great to be driving again I really enjoy it.Cheers D.

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