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Sun or no sun that is the question.

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Good morning everyone, mind you from what the weatherman and the news are reporting its not to nice in the south east coast area as a warning has gone out about the air condition and it said even healthy people should avoid exercise today, and those like us with lung problems stay indoors. So my lovely friends in those areas take care today as they say it should be clear tomorrow. I know I really should not mention it but I am going to anyway the sky is blue and the sun is out here in the West country.

Right firstly Hi Pete hope your home safe and feeling alright-ish today.

Dare I tell a blonde joke, well why not you only live once as they say so here goes.

A blonde, a brunette and a redhead were walking along the beach when a seagull flies over and craps on the blonde.

The brunette says in a disgusting voice, "Hang on here, there is a toilet just up the hill there, I'll go and get some toilet paper."

After she leaves the blonde begins to laugh.

The redhead says, "Whats so funny?"

The blonde says "Well, blondes are supposed to be so dumb but look at her. By the time she gets back with the toilet paper that seagull will be miles away."

You have heard of Newton's Law well this is what I call Sod's law.

If you change queues, the one you left starts to move faster than the one you are now in.

Why is it when you dial a wrong number you never get the engaged tone.

Hope you in the area's with this smog or what every stay safe. Speak again soon I hope and all you blondes you know I love you really. xxx :) ;) Fred

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Love the jokes Beautiful sunshine here this morning too. Yay!

Did you have a better nights sleep last night Fred? :-) xxx

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holly17 in reply to Jolyn

I was going to say I slept like a baby but babies wake up every few hours if I remember correctly, but yes thanks Lyn had a good sleep. By the way those wishes were all dud none of them worked lol :) Have a good enjoyable day. Love Fred xxxx ;)

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Jolyn in reply to holly17

You slept like a log then Fred. That's good, you should be feeling more refreshed today. Shame those wishes didn't come true. lol.

Have a good day yourself Fred. :-) xxx

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holly17 in reply to Jolyn

I just might have a dig around the garden and see if I can find another magic lamp that works this time. :) xxx ;)

Mornin campers,stay in today looks murky out there, I have some Caribbean food arriving s o I'm ok.x

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holly17 in reply to Colours23

Stay safe colours have you got the dancers coming along as well. :) xx

Good Morning Fred, these jokes have brought the sun out here😁I could listen to them all day! You know I'm blonde don't you lolol! I'm off out to the garden centre with my sweet Daughter, Smog or no smog 😁 have a happy day!!! Hugs huff xxxx

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holly17 in reply to hufferpuffer

huff I had no idea what colour hair you have as you seem to be hiding behind the sunset in your profile lol enjoy your time with your lovely daughter at the garden centre, I have found that some garden centres even sell plants now sorry being a bit cheeky there. Hugs to huff xxx :)

Good Morning Fred

Blonde joke made me laugh sunny here so think ok.

Have a good day.

Moira x

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holly17 in reply to Moi62

Good morning to you to Moira, enjoy the day and hope the sun stays, we had the sun earlier but now the mist is coming down off the hills, I hope its just because the tide is on the turn. xxx Fred :)

Love the jokes Fred I look forward to them,sun out here in Yorkshire and don't mind the blonde jokes

As I'm one it says so on the bottle xxx

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holly17 in reply to Softwabbit

Nice one I can see you are a blonde by your lovely photo with that cheeky smile, but whether its from a bottle or not that's another story the picture doesn't show lol. Keep smiling our little softwabbit xxx ;) ;D

Morning Fred

Just got home from work and ready to go to sleep. Yes I'm a blonde and proud of it. You know what they say-- blondes have more fun! Right Lyn? Love your blonde jokes Fred 😀😀

Thundering here and been misting all night.

Love RUBYXX 😊 😊

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holly17 in reply to rubyred777

It seems I am surrounded by blondes how lucky can one man be they are coming from all parts of the planet, mind you as I said before I love all hair, skin, eye coloures I have no preferences, and don't care which side you bat either life is to short for all that. Have a good sleep don't let the bed bugs bite, eye plugs in for the thunder. xxx Fred :)

Just loved the jokes - no problem with blonde jokes lol 😉😉. Lovely day here as well, we're just about to have a couple of days away. First time for almost a year so I hope hubby is ok and enjoys the change - and no, we're not camping! Staying in a rather lovely Georgian hotel so I'm looking forward to being pampered 😊😊. I hope you have a good weekend Fred.

Jan xx

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holly17 in reply to

Jan have a great pampered weekend and that hubby is alright, it will do you good to let others do every thing. Speak after your break. xxxFred :) ;)

Morning Fred , sunny here again today 😃

Didn't sleep to well, have woke up abit short of breath and wheezy, don't know if it's the smog or just general health 😟

And I'm a blonde too, well I'm a brunette at the mo, get bored and change my colour, but still love the jokes 😃😃😃

Enjoy ur day Fred and take care xx sonia xx

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holly17 in reply to

Hope you are feeling better now Sonia what ever it is take it steady. Right your an ex blonde will have to think of a brunette one for you now than.

Take your time today and enjoy the sun. xxxx Fred :) ;)

Morning Fred loved the jokes, I used to be blonde many moons ago, now white but love it, always wanted to be white like my Nan.

The sun is out here today but the air quality supposed to be bad here in the West Midlands so don't think I will run a marathon or dig the garden today I will just enjoy the sunshine.

polly xx

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holly17 in reply to pollyjj

Funny that polly I used to have hair and always wanted to be like my dad now I am him or so it seems when I look in the mirror. Agree I have also cried off the local marathon for today will think about it another time. Enjoy the sun. xxx Fred :)

Love the jokes Fred, had a little trip out on scooter today, managed to stay on it this time! Probably should'nt have with the air, but lovely to get out! Hope your having a good day. Xx

Sheila I used to love my putt putt it was so handy for going to work and nipping to the shops mine was only a 50cc but was so much easier to use than the car. Hope the air did not cause you a problem. xxxFred :)

Morning Fred, Glad the sun is shining on you, Lovely here in the South East, I guess pollution is a problem here, My car was covered in a film of sand this morning, I assume it's the Sahara dust people on the BBC are talking about. Have a lovely weekend with your girls, Very best wishes, Bulpit

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holly17 in reply to bulpit

Thanks Bulpit I hope the air is a lot clearer for you today, yes that red dust type sand is awful we had it a year or so ago and its a bit of a bugger to wash off. Have a good weekend and stay safe. xxx :)

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