IIDB Workplace compensation scheme an 'unholy mess' claims study

IIDB Workplace compensation scheme an 'unholy mess' claims study

The UK government's workplace compensation IIDB scheme covers only a tiny proportion of those made ill by their work and needs urgent reform, a new study has warned.

Shambolic : Professor Andrew Watterson, from the university's occupational and environmental health research group, said The UK Government's workplace compensation scheme requires urgent reform.

It's shambolic an unholy mess with only a tiny proportion of those made sick by their work in with a sniff of any compensation.

The industrial injuries disablement benefit scheme excludes many conditions and those that are covered tend to be subject to claim-barring disability thresholds,

Minimum exposure times and job restrictions.

Be nice to think all party's was intrested in occupational health lung health but sadly thus far only labour libdems o and one cons mp attend any awareness campaigns.

All this talk of work and when that work makes you sick no one wants to know you anymore.

Well this lot of sick who votes count LETs all make our voices heard.


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  • Tried all that with me .. you might join army and being shot is occupational hazard BUT know one go's work expecting to killed or is told of hazards

  • thats true no one goes to work expecting to get a death sentence for working ,, it really is bad and there seems to be no end in sight ,, they either just dont care ,well we no that already, but if s#### hits there fans we would all soon no about it, be front page headlines,,good post,, as per.

  • Hi ItsBAme you not wrong there : take asbestos in schools lots have kids and not as much as a peep really yet kids in uk schools av been sat on floors for years in all the sheer

    Say's a lot if cant say about that and apost to luv kids what chance do others have


  • In 2008 when I was in full respiratory failure I was asked all the time had I worked with asbestos because of the way the lungs had been attacked but it was not until 2012 that I had my lungs looked at again because I found I had cut the stuff on a circular saw without masks for over 10 years! The GP's or Consultants will not commit to it being asbestos at all now?

    Be well

  • Hi offcuts truly is disgrace the way close ranks ... I have found same thus far it's been smoking Booz drugs and my doc's faverote is pneumonia now.

    I duly pointed out said to my lung doc don't you think any lack of talk about occupation is suspicious ... and if I am not mistaken health people don't get pneumonia.

    Anyway he's not talking to me any more COZ a said every time you talk about smoking am going to want to talk about how if I stop how are you going to stop the asbestos silica quarts lung inflammation.

    Is a disgrace what the like ... Do I really what to have spat with those treating us.

    But like I said to him how can you treat if you won't accept cause

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