My Clematis

My Clematis

A few people say they have missed photos of my garden so I have taken this this morning. Unfortunately I don't do any of it anymore but I have a lovely young (well young to me) man who takes care of it for me under instruction of course ;)

He has started to prepare it ready for the plants to spring up when they feel like it I must have known that there would come the day because I planted so many perennials that the garden almost takes care of itself plant wise.

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  • Lovely picture of the garden, I have a lot of perennials like yourself. As you say they grow themselves. Just had my front lawn removed for paving, kept a plant rockery though but it is much easier to manage. Thanks Jan for sharing your latest picture we have to have gardens that fit our medical needs don't we ? :)

  • Thank you for posting your lovely garden Jan, I love the idea of a low maintenance garden so have grown most of mine from seeds, in fact I have to pots some on! Xxx

  • Lovely pic Jan,when your perennials come up,you can think to yourself,that's my work! The clematis looks lovely.

    I can see a blue sky,& some sun,looks like Spring is there at last!

    Take care Wens xxx

  • Lovely Jan , yes I have someone do my garden , a shame because I loved gardening xx

  • Gorgeous Jan and so well kept. :-) x

  • My garden has all been slabed. I'm growing mainly veg all in large pot, runner beans, broad beans, carrot, tom, parsnip and beetroot. Not forgetting the strawberries. I have a few flowers in tubs at the front. Try to just put flowers that keep coming back including bulbs. Have got to sort them out they look a mess. Will have to get one of my sons to bring them round the back so I can do them. I would love to have it back how it used o be lawns and soil to grow flowers in,

    Yours looks great,


  • Hi Chris, tell me about growing beets in tubs, I've not had any luck with that at all and beets are my very favourite xxxx

  • The first time I grew beets it was in plant pots so they were small, I'm now going to use a tub . Not made up my mind yet which size . I will let you know, the seeds are just breaking soil in the propergator.

    Hope you are not suffering with the

    poor air quality.


  • Thanks Chris, I'm going to have a go, air quality/pollen horrid today, needed to wear dark glasses and use inhaler more, hope your ok xxx

  • Such a beautiful garden and I do love your clematis. Makes me want to get out and dig our little garden over. thanks for that. xxxx

  • I'm jealous Jan, I've bought several over the years and they all pegged it. Lovely. xx

  • O my days, that is soooooo lovely jan xxxx

  • It's lovely Jan , It's in flower early? Mine flowers much later in the season, tried to add a photo however don't have a clue. I can garden if I sit on the floor on a cushion and use a trowel.....I say hello to neighbours passing by and they always call me a gnome lol. I have got some pineberry plants this year, however after reading up I have to get some normal strawberry plants to plant near as all pineberries are female!



  • Stunning, well done you! Xx

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