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Prednisolone and kidney pain

I have to take antibiotics and 30mg prednisolone when I have a flare-up of COPD. When not on steroids, am fine with no backache at all . But after some hours of steroids I find it hard to move around with the chronic pain in the kidney/lower back area...Any suggestions, as although it a pain in the kidneys it is also getting to be a pain in the nether regions...he he.


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Hi toe rag, I notice if I get stressed when I am on a higher dose of pred. I often get a sharp pain in my lower doesn't last long and if I try and relax it does improve. I guess it's my adrenal glands protesting. It isn't there all the time though, I would mention your pain to your medical practioner or ring the BLF helpline. Take care.


Thanks knitter, the BLF is busy atm with this pollution stuff. It seems to happen every time I go over it prob adrenals protesting as you mentioned.... Will just have to rin n bear it...altho Im not a wimp with pain.


Yes, just heard the BLF talking about diesel particulates and lungs on Radio4 at lunchtime.


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