Hi De Hi Campers

Just the thought of going camping and unloading the tent and then having to put it up and knowing my luck it would be raining and blowing a what not, so by the time I have finished I would be soaking wet cold and ready to go home, the children would be shouting from the warmth of the car have you finished yet dad, can we come out, whats for dinner, what can we do. No to scary for me, my idea of a camping holiday would be a large mobile home parked in the grounds of a country estate just up the road from a lovely village with a friendly local pub. Any one really in to camping.

Did you hear about the four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody.

Well there was an important job that had to be done and Everybody was asked to do it.

Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it.

Consequently, it wound up that Nobody told Anybody, so Everybody blamed Somebody.

Have you ever wondered why if pizza's are round they are packed in square boxes.

Sorry no Blonde jokes today its her day off, so enjoy the sun which has just risen down here and please stay happy and smile you could be on candid camera. xxxFred :) ;) :D

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  • Lol...morning Fred :-) No I'm not into camping myself, I'd prefer a nice posh hotel or stay home. lol. We used to have a caravan years ago and had some nice times though. Sunny here again this morning. Have a lovely day Fred. :-) xxx

  • You've changed your pic Lyn - i like it :) xx

  • Thank you O2, I hope you're keeping well and much improved. xx

  • The only time I had to camp overnight was on a navy exercise in January in the snow up the Black Mountains and it was rally really cold as we had to climb up in the daylight then camp using one man tents and set off again at first light, the object of the exercise we never found out, that was in the mid 1960's. Have a lovely warm day Lyn love Fred xxx :) ;) ps love that photo are you getting younger each day xxx :)

  • Crumbs Fred...I don't fancy doing that. lol xxx :-)

  • Yes Fred...I'm aging backwards now for a change lol :-) xxx

  • Can you let me have some of what ever it is you are taking as its good stuff you look really beautiful and such a lovely smile. xxx:)

  • Ahh...you're too kind Fred. Giving you a warm hug xxx

  • I totally agree with Fred πŸ˜‰ you really are as pretty as the pictures you post! 😁 xxx

  • Aww huff...bless your heart...I'm giving you a big hug too. :-) xxx

  • Love the photo lyn, you look very springlike. Love margaret x

  • Thank you Margaret.....I don't have many pics of myself because I'm the one who always has the camera. lol. xxx

  • Hi Jan. I agree with you love your picture. I have just done a long reply to Fred and it has disappeared not sure what I have done but lost it! x x x

  • Thank you Moi...now what have you done with your post...lol xxx

  • It reappeared thanks and you look like a model on your pic love it. Still don't know what I did anyway will persevere. Love the photos you take too this site is fab. X x x

  • You're very kind Moira, thank you and yes this is a lovely site. xxx

  • Lovely photo Lyn. ☺

    I'll probably be the only person to say this, but I like the other one better. You say why? You always looked like you were thinking, like you had a secret you were about to reveal. But, a woman's prerogative. Time for a change and nothings ever wrong with that. You look great in both of them!

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Bahahhahhaha...I was probably more like dozing than thinking Ruby. xxx ;-)

  • You sure had me fooled Lyn! All that time I thought you were thinking! Have a great day and send me over some sunshine please.

    😊😊 xx

  • Lol....one carrier bag of sunshine on it's way to you Ruby :-) xxx

  • Thanks Lyn

    will use it wisely. Wouldn't want to waste any of the precious rays. Lol πŸ˜€

  • Love camping, the rough stuff, off site if possible. We camped in the New Forest one time with our dogs Dizzie and Ellie. Dizzie adored rolling in horse poo and would come back stinking and happy. The tent was a 4 person tent so small and we all had to snuggle up - we kind of got used to it in the end.

    We camped through Scotland, Brittany, U.S. e.g New Mexico, Grand Canyon. I hope to go this summer but will need a decent mattress; hard ground is a thing of the past.

    Have a good day Fred :) :)

  • Why am I not surprised you loved camping you seem to me to be the out doors type lady and we haven't even meet but would like to one day as I am sure we would get on, plus you love dogs. Have to agree I also would insist on someone providing a nice mattress. But I have to agree with Lyn a nice big expensive hotel with room service type camping holiday is better. Stay safe and behave yourself lol Fred xx:)

  • Rita would be with you re the hotel option - i kind of bullied her into camping with me and she did get to enjoy its pleasures.

    Id love to meet up one day. Where in the country are you Fred?

    I was having a fantasy in the hospital about doing a road trip round the UK, seeing friends and looking up various ones on the forum to meet for a coffee. If Rita gets elected as local councillor, which she's currently campaigning for, id do it on my own, otherwise we would both go as we need a holiday.

    But maybe its just a pipe dream ;)

  • Pipe dreams are made of this, I also would love to travel but with the cancer, hospital stays, oncologist appointments etcetara etcetara etcetara as The King of Siam would say in the "King and I" there an't much chance of that happening. So we can dream on as any planning is not happening at the moment. :) xx

  • We used to have a caravan. Loved it at the time but, like Lyn, definitely prefer to be waited on nowadays in lovely surroundings 😊. Sun is just coming out here so hopefully another lovely day. Hope you have a good day Fred - and I'll look forward to the next blonde joke lol. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    Jan xx

  • You will get me into trouble Jan with the blondes (lucky me). The way its going that's 3 of us in that posh hotel hope they have enough rooms as I have a feeling there might be more joining us. Have a good day xxx :)

  • Good Morning Fred πŸ˜€ the sun is shining , the birds are singing, I love your morning funnies πŸ˜† you are like a ray of sunshine 😁 I remember a family camping trip in Spain when I was young turning into a nightmare....we'd camped in a dry river bed....the villagers ended up rescuing us when it started raining! we were all nearly washed into a huge lake and ended up staying in the empty schoolhouse, we stayed for weeks it was quite an adventure! 😁 Hope your day is great, hugs huff xxx

  • Sounds as if that was rather a bad choice camping in a dry river bed, whose idea was that ? Right love have a good day and enjoy the sun who knows when it will retire for a while. Lots of hugs to you huff xxx :)

  • Haha not mine I was only about 11 πŸ˜€ we , my two brothers and 4 cousins and I ran about the village of Durun near Madrid with the local kids for weeks! we had our first drag on a cigarette shared between all of us on top of an enormous hill 😁 ahh memories!

    It's gorgeous outside and I'll be on my knees in the garden soon!😘 more hugs xx

  • Hug hug hug xxx :)

  • Morning Fred, well uve cheered my morning up along with the sunshine, enjoy ur day and take care xx sonia xx

  • Cheers Sonia you all have the same effect on me thanks love. Have a lovely day xxxFred :)

  • Sun's out here and it's going to be very warm but it's pretty high pollution for us today.

    Used to camp a lot in Canada and loved it. Nothing like sausages and bacon, etc. cooked outside on a sunny morning! Those were the days! Trouble is 'Nobody' wanted to do the washing up.

    Nowadays it's four star all the way or your style mobile home.

    Hope you have a good relaxing day Fred. xx

  • I like the bit about the breakfast, but yes we will have to stay in the Hong Kong Hilton when we call in there for a while before moving on to never land. :) xx

  • Good morning Fred, many years ago, i worked in a local bank . The somebody and nobody cautionary tale, was on a poster on the wall with a reminder to smile. Camping, camping, what actual pitching a tent , sleeping next to the earth , no way. I prefer the luxury of a hotel, mind you, those pavilions the bedoins have , maybe. Sorry about the spelli g. I agree, i love lyn's photo. Love margaret x

  • Looking like its going to be a big booking at the Hotel for the next outing than maybe O2 will join us indoors for this one :) xx

  • You have the right idea,we have had caravans and motorhomes,defo prefer the caravans,but we always liked small sites 5 vans only close to village pub and not far from the nearest city,this was our weekends and holidays for over 20 yrs,we loved it sold up about 4 yrs ago.getting on now.

  • Yes time you had a bit of home comforts done by someone else Hotel here we all come. xx :)

  • Definitely not into camping Fred - but would be open to the idea of the mobile home with all mod cons and nearby amenities. I do like my comforts that's for sure.

    Loving the fun and laughter you provide each day and thank you for that. Such a beautiful day here today and Pete is ready for the off soon as he has the Brompton today. Transport should be here between 10 and 10.30 and I hope it all goes well for him.

    You take care. xxxxx

  • By the time you read this Pete will have been and back safely and it was good news for both of you. Let the sun carry on for a while as it will be good for all in one way or another. xx :) xxx

  • Thanks for your kind words Fred. It is nearly 6pm and Pete is not home yet but I am sure he will be here soon. Had a lovely day with daughter and grandson. Hope tomorrow is a good day too. You take care. xxxxx

  • Pleased you had time with your daughter and Grandson, Hope Pete is safely home now xxxx Fred

  • Good morning Fred

    I am slow this morning but better than yesterday and off for my swim. Beautiful day here and you made me smile thinking about camping. Enjoyed it when our daughter was little and we were short of cash. I did think when we retired a camper van would be wonderful - drive off in the sunset to hotter climates and close to the sea. Anyway my friend has done just that and they really love it they go to Spain, France and weekends away in this country. They off to Windermere next week. Anyway, a couple of years ago we had a (girlie) weekend away in it. Thought it would be great but realised that it was not for me as have just got too used to the comforts of life as I have got older. My husband and I did rent a 70 ft barge though for a long weekend and it was a real adventure. We went on the canals to St Pancras through Little Venice and parts of it were wonderful. Going through the locks at Camden was certainly an experience. The locks I found difficult and maybe if I was fitter would try it again. Sadly think hotels would be my option now getting soft methinks......I do like your idea of camping though. Mine would be by the sea in hot weather with a large Chardonnay.

    Have a great day and enjoy the weather makes such a difference when the sun is shining.

    Moi x x x

  • Good morning Fred

    I just did a long reply about camping and barges and it has disappeared not sure where it has gone? Anyway enjoyed thoughts of camping maybe it did not like me writing so much!

    Lovely day here and am off for a swim did not make it yesterday so better today.

    Moi x x x

  • Good morning my replies keep disappearing!


  • Hi there Mo I got you loud and clear, no idea why any reply's would disappear, going for a swim is that indoors or outdoors, its still a bit to chilly here at the sea side for a dip other than the feet at the moment, mind you Bella Trix the dog loves it any time of the year then takes a great delight in shaking it all over us. All three of your entries are on my screen love, keep um coming. Love Fred xxx :)

  • Thanks Fred don't know what happened there. Love your posts. I go to the gym where they have an indoor and outdoor pool. I usually go outdoors but since Christmas have only been indoors and have struggled to get there at all some days. Last year I played tennis every week and swam but my lung collapsed in November so am trying to keep exercising. X x x

  • Pleased to read you are a fighter Mo yes try and keep up the exercise at times but not over do it, I try to keep with the golf when I can manage 9 holes or so with a buggy. Stop feeling a fool your messages are coming through xxx:) Fred

  • Oops think I will disappear now as feel stupid have a good day all.....x

  • Morning Fred. I am Nobody - nice to meet you. I hope you have a good day neighbour (and I hope the sun shines soon). x

  • What do you mean pal You are nobody? Have a lovely day and get out there with all those visitors x :) ;)

  • No visitors Fred, no family I see much. I am just a sad sack :) xx

  • Oh dear come on pal are you having one of those days, the sun is shining and you are alive, go cough go xx :)

  • One of these days every day Fred... x

  • Good day Fred

    Really liked the joke! So true when you think about it. I'm with Lyn, on the camping. Raining and cold here in new jersey. Same as yesterday. Send me some sunshine someone.!

    Have a great day

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • Sorry about the rain Ruby but we are still having the sun shine sorry did not mean to tease (oh yes I did) right no camping for you than, I will put you down for a Four ***** Hotel xxx :) ;)

  • Good morning Fred, Camping is not for me, last time I went I was 16. I do like to go to self catering cottages. You are not time constrained as you are in a hotel and you don't have to put up with the mud and the damp. Have a good day.


  • Your so right our little bunny Mandy so far we have only one in favour of camping but I think if we talk nice to her she will come along to the hotel.

    LoL Enjoy the sun. xxx :)

  • Good day to you Fred, nice to see a smiling face :) :) and know you are better. Hope you enjoyed all the sunshine of the Easter weekend. My lady friends and I had a Easter party, chocolate cakes and a few old fashioned games with prizes. Today is lovely weather again too here hope it is with youxx

  • Thanks Katie so pleased you and your friends had or what seems a fun Easter weekend, its good to have friends around, I doubt if any cake is left. xxx :) ;)

  • Sorry could not keep any cakes they would have gone stale :) :) xxx Enjoy your day Fred that's another week gone, it is sunny here again .

  • I am sure that the weeks are getting shorter as I get older, it seems like yesterday was only here a couple of days ago and there is was again and I bet tomorrow it will seem like it was only yesterday that is was today. If you followed that Katie your madder than me :) ;) xxx

  • Hi Fred are you trying to totally cause a senior moment :) :) It is the grand national tomorrow, so guess I am not totally mad yet or lost it, however agree with you the days all seem to roll into one as you get older, put it down to no work structured weeks anymore. I go to my group once a week so that helps me to keep the days straight. Another week past and the weekend starting tomorrow again, a quarter of the year gone already doesn't time fly when your enjoying life xx

  • Afternoon vicar !! Coffee n cake.? The fog horns have been going off all day and still are every few mins. With smog floating by outside or it could be the ash coming over,my cars covered in somthing but not going out to find out. Sooo hazy. I love camping it's like I'm camping at home sometimes ,I use it as a excuse if anyone comes round, "I'm camping:" that's why my kitchen looks likes this.lol. Bye for now.x

  • What a great excuse Colours, I expect they would have guessed anyway with the tent rigged up. Whats with all this smog stuff, its sun shine here, where abouts are you, as I thought you were by water ? Evening more tea vicar. Keep smiling and keep out that smog xxx :)

  • Hi Fred, we loved taking the kids camping :) it was such a good time to disconnect from everything and just enjoy each other. Playing cards and hitting the ball around, such fun! I remember one time we took our golden lab who took exception to being tied to a tree while we set up camp. .. his lead was long so he decided to run under the car and around the tree, taking with him my ankles..lol! I got the message :)

    Lyn beautiful photo xx

  • Memories are made of that, something you proved will remain with you for ever, that's great, I bet you have some lovely photos to go with those memories, and I am sure the Lab would not be happy he/she would have wanted to help in its own way. Have a good day xxx :)

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