Continuing Battle!!

Well got through the winter without to much fuss, although I did hybernating in my pyjamas. Now it's spring ,I can breath very well I've been painting again,first in a couple of years, filling my mind with being creative rather than being a pain in the arse. Now there is the Pollen to deal with,it's not gonna get me like before, I have a mask to leave the house,get in the car which will have green pollen on from the tree opposite me,now we got the ASH arriving on our door step from another country!!! I moved back to the sea to be able to breath better,Pollution is taking over,on a Sunday .Don't go near the beach,3/4 of the population is creating their own pollution,beach stinks of soap powder n softner.......stinks n chokes me. My breathing is perfect at the moment I can walk fine n do lots,so I am to discover how long I can go without being polluted! HAPPY DAYS! P.s. I do not need oxy ,so I feel really good.xx Bonnie.

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  • Hi Bonnie, so relate to hibernating in P,J,s.Actually going to attempt a little trip out today on my scooter, though i must say i'm a bit nervous! Xx

  • Hi Bonnie, I'm glad things are good for you and would love to see your paintings. I hope your good health continues and your breathing stays perfect. :-) xxx

  • At last I find out our colours is a Bonnie lady xx as you say happy days :)

  • Hi again to you Bonnie. I really hope your day continues well - take lots of care. xx

  • Hi Bonnie, nice to hear you are breathing better and I do hope that continues for you. The pollution is not good is it and I just hope it all leaves you alone. You take care. xxx

  • Hello Bonnie, I hope you had a nice day and evening, I think the pollution is to be worse tomorrow. Glad you're feeling inspired! what are you painting? take care , keep mask on tomorrow :) huff xxx

  • Hi Bonnie,

    So pleased you are feeling well! Hope the pollution stays at bay....I can't relate to that the closest we ever come to air pollution is if there is a bush fire which is once in a blue moon....and our beaches and ocean are magnificent, so we are very spoilt really. It was a bit nippy here last night and this morning our very first taste of the cooler weather. Soon it will be an extra hour or two in the P.J.'s of a morning. How is the painting going? Suz x

  • Thank you for all replys ,so far so good ,although Thursday today we are expecting the ash from anther country? Why?dont they keep it!!!

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