Each morning I sit and read all your comments/news/advice but have always felt nervous about writing a post myself. Well, this morning, it's absolutely beautiful outside, birds are singing and husband is happy because he's actually been able to potter on his garden for the last couple of days - always makes him a happy bunny 😊😊. So, I hope you all have something good happening, no matter how small, and enjoy your day.

Jan x😊😊

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  • Thanks for that yes it is good to get out in garden all coming alive ,but we still have to be protected ,I live by the sea and there is just as much polution that can harm our lungs,sorry don't mean to dampen his spirits ,lol, just being down to earth,enjoy good weather,x.

  • Hi janann, so pleased you and hubby are enjoying the day. Love LeeLee. 😍 x

  • Hi Janann

    so glad your husband was able to potter in the garden, it is good for the spirits, if not for the back! After the long winter months its easy to overdo it, so make sure there is always a chair nearby. Love Iris x

  • Lovely to see you posting Jan. Don't know where you live but its not sunny here in Suffolk yet, maybe later! Have a lovely day Xx

  • Hi, did you know there's a very friendly and welcoming Breatheasy group in Bury St Edmunds?

  • XxThanks Peege. its a bit far for me, though i do get to one in Beccles when i can, which i enjoy, take it your in Suffolk then? Xx

  • Haha, no. I just moved to the Cotswolds. My sis lives in Suffolk and I was invited by lovey SkinnyLizzy while I stayed there x

    ...just remembered, my step daughter used to live in Beccles πŸ˜ƒ

  • That's a lovely morning post Jan and good to know hubby is having a few good days. Wishing you both many more happy pottering days. :-) xxx

  • Special "morning" to you also Lyn 😊😊. I'm hoping to potter myself for a while but haven't given up yet on the photos lol. Enjoy your day 😊😊. X

  • Jan good to see you are alright and hubby is happy pottering, I sat there yesterday and asked "To potter or or not to potter that is the question" I have so much wild garlic in my garden I do not know where to start, so haven't yet. Have a good day xxx :)

  • Thank you so much to you all for your replies - I think I might even post again now πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. Thanks also,for your concern about hubby doing too much - no problems there, I watch him like a hawk, much to his disgust lol. He also has a bit of kit which is so useful - it means when he's kneeling, he's got protection under his knees and also "handles" to help him get up. Then, when he wants to rest, he turns it upside down and sits on it like a stool. It's really old and rusty now but still helps so much.

    Jan xx

  • Hi Jan, how lovely it is to be able to sit out in the garden, I don't potter nowadays too much to be done so I leave it to someone else. I used to have one of those kneeler/stools it was great, keep watching him you know how we get carried away.

    polly xx

  • Hi Jan that's lovely have a good day x

  • Hi Jan, nice to hear from you. The sun is shining here on the South Coast and all is fine and dandy for now anyway. We have to do what we can when we can and Pete loves to be doing something although he ends up feeling shattered. As he says, "the mind is willing but the body isn't." You take care and enjoy your day. xxxx

  • Morning jan, glad you've decided to post, the more the merrier. It's beautiful here in Yorkshire too. The birdsong is beautiful and the neighbours are out in force in their gardens. It's wonderful. I hope you and your hubby have a lovely day.

    It's my birthday today and a big bottle of baileys has appeared. Yum yum!!!

  • My favourite!! Please send a nice glass full through cyberspace - I can enjoy it in the garden πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Jan xx

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