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Next week, from Monday 13 April to Friday 17 April, we'll be taking part in NHS Choices Talk Health respiratory online clinic.

Our Helpline nurse manager, Vicky Barber, will be logging on to answer people's questions on anything ranging from medication use to what is IPF? Vicky will be joined by other respiratory specialists from different hospitals and organisations.

The week is a chance for people with a respiratory condition or an interest in the area to put their questions to some of the UK's top specialists.

It's really easy to take part, just click below to register, email in your question and find out more about the week. You can even ask them to send you a reminder so you don't forget!

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  • NHS Choices website could do with stop telling half truths

    This not very much on there about occupational lung diease is not tabo subject.

    Like most things its all about smoking or drinking diease process.

    Only time you will be dx with a occuptional diease is if you have been down a pit or steel works even then the blame pneumonia or o you had bad infection when realy its cancer.

    Am i missing something as i thought pneumione is usaly result of damage injury not just something that pops up out of the blue.

    Thank gawd for asprin and anti tumour drugs eh ;)

    Is shocking how use pneumonia to cover up lots of lifestle enviroment occupation factors esp when your young

    Thats with out going on about DNA Genes

  • That sounds like a great idea, I will have to 'think' now what question I would like to have answered :) :)

    Can you go in and just listen to the online clinic? and do you have to be there 'live' or can you go in later and read the questions and answers that were put on earlier?

  • Thats great question sohara yer just reminded me i asked BLF why the dont youtube the interviews befour so others can watch at the leisure.

    Be an idea :o

    Thanks for reminding me Sohara ;)

  • Hey Sohara, the online clinic will be held like a forum, much like this one. That means that any questions and answers will be posted in a written form so you'll have the chance to log in and read through at a time that suits you best. Hope that helps, Teresa.

  • That's perfect for me Teresa. Thanks 😄😄

  • I have tried to email a question but the link does not work can Teresa please comment. I am a BLF member and healthunlocked ? Thanks for any assistance.

  • Hi Katie, you can email your question to Put "Online clinic on respiratory health" in the subject.

    You can also register here: by filling out the Sign UP form, that will allow you to post directly.

    Take care


  • my wife was diagnosed 2 years ago with c o pd and given inhalers no one from the g ps has asked top see her since just keep giving her repeat prescriptions. I am worried for her as she will never complain but she has put on 3 stone and this cannot be good for her was 9, 8 stone now over 12 stone could it be the inhalers she had to stop smoking which has not helped the weight issue but when it gets hot she struggles. pleas can you help

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