Back in the world of the living

Back in the world of the living

Hi Everyone.

Just to say a big thank you for all your kind words and support of late.

I today have made it into work, for the first time since 2nd March after my recent problems. Whilst I do not feel 100% completly yet I do feel a lot better than before.

Having a Lung disease or even 2 in my case is no fun for anybody no matter what there age. We all have our own struggles every day and I truly admire some of you people who are in a far worse stage of the disease but still manage to laugh, joke or offer some advice even though you own journey is tough and makes life so tough. I truly admire and aspire to be as brave and as wise as you all.

This forum is a place of sanctuary from daily life for so many of us and things we are scared of and worried about can be aired to the members without fear of judgement, just support and good advice based on experience is given.

What a wonderful place this forum truly is and Long may it continue.

Thank you all again

Love and Hugs


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  • Hi Justin. I'm glad to hear you've felt well enough to return to work, just don't overdo it. Your bound to be fragile after all you've been through, and it's all about building yourself up physically and mentally now. Relationship breakdowns usually cause well people to feel ill,, so to be really ill as well, is bound to doubly hard.

    You must be selfish now and treat yourself like a delicate flower, lol. You'll be feeling stronger in no time. x

  • Thank you very much Casper , things seem to be going ok the commute into London is a bit of a killer. But on the whole things have not been to bad, I just find I sleep a lot more when I get home.

    Thanks again for your support.


  • You sound much better than you did in your last post and that positivity will get you a long way

    Well done x

  • Thanks Mandy

    Whilst I do not feel 100% I feel so much better than I did. Have to get positive we Must keep going hey :) .



    Kind Regards

    Justin x

  • Nice words Justin, but as Casper said Don't push yourself or you will only suffer. The problem with lung disease it doesn't always show external symptoms and some ignorant so and so's think your pulling a fast one (if they only new !) I have had many an argument at disabled parking bays etc, but I have all the answers prepared now and they go away with their tails between their legs :( .

    You do want you are capable of and no more don't feel pressured to do things. and time spent worrying about things is wasted time you won't get back. I have a twisted sense of humour and that keeps me going every day :D I was once in the supermarket struggling for breath in the queue when a woman turned round because of my breathing noise... In a loud voice I said don't worry love I'm auditioning for Darth Vader tomorrow and trying to remember my lines :D She didn't know where to look :D :)

    Keep sucking it in and keep smiling


  • The Darth Vader Impression made me chuckle :)

    Yeah your right, life is for living now, I have thought much about this and its the attitude I am goijng to carry forward.

    Thanks Bob

    All the best


  • Another little anecdote - in an unusually quite waiting area in the hospital I was again struggling to breathe and coughing and a woman 2 seats in front kept turning around and looking at me because of the noise I was making, at the same time the news channel we were both glancing at showed the headlines 'Nigeria now clear of Ebola'. My wife sat down beside me after checking me in and I said to her; 'I'm never going to Nigeria again' The woman in front got up didn't look at me and move to a different seat well away from me :D :D :D ......

    Sod 'em' and smile :P :P

    Stay positive and I hope works going well :P


  • Hi Justine WELCOME BACK so glad you are getting better, you do look a little strained still, but thats to be expected after a time in hospital and with your emotional problems

    Its going to be a lovely sunny week, and it really feels like spring has come...that always make one feel good and look forward to life

    Take it easy. first day back at work can be very exhausting

    *Big hug* Sohara

  • Hi Sohara

    You are such a lovely lady :) , I am fighting the good fight and yes this week has been tiring as soon as I get home I eat then sleep, but as the weeks gone on it has got easier, London today is no fun with the smog and weather pollution. I am going to have a walk in the forest over the week to clear my lungs out. I do feel a lot happier in myself.

    Thanks Sohara, your a diamond

    Justin x

  • Hi Justin, glad ur feeling better, but plz don't rush the recovery, either health wise or mentally. And ur spot on with this forum, love the support, advice and jokes that keeps us all going.

    Take care xx sonia xx

  • Hi Sonia

    I genuinley have taken things slowly. But I am feeling good albeit a little more tired than normal. The forum is great, I really enjoy it.

    I hope your well Sonia, thanks again for looking out for me

    Justin x

  • Hi Justin

    Good to see you back. I was just thinking of you, Wondering how you are doing. You were pretty sick. Hope you don't over do it. What type of work do you do?

    Just take it easy and slowly.


    RUBYXX 😊 😊

  • Hi Rubyred

    Thank you, I hope you are well. I am trying my hardest to take it easy so, so far so good :). I work as a Contract Manager in Renewable Energy, nothing exciting. Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes.

    All the best

    Justin x

  • Love and hugs right back at you Justin. Delighted you are back at work but as others have advised, do take it easy for a while. And when you're fully recovered get back to your running and fitness program. You have youth on your side and that's a huge bonus. Look after yourself Justin and keep well.

  • Hi Argana

    Yeah, taking it slowly. I am going to go on a brisk walk in the forest tomorrow about 3 miles and then if that goes ok, I plan to go on a slow mountain bike ride Sunday, Just slowly. I really feel like my Lungs need a good airing and I find a brisk walk does the trick.

    I hope your well Argana and I really appreciate the message.

    Justin x

  • Hi Fibberti

    I do feel a lot better getting back into normality. I have had the argument with my lungs and so far I am winning :) I will try and make it stay like that for as long as possible. I dont think I am going to bother with a love life now. I just bought myself a new car, that will keep me busy :)

    Thank you for looking out for me I truly appreciate it.

    I am hope you are well and enjoying the good weather.

    Justin x

  • So pleased your feeling better. You have beautiful summer up the wonderful folks on this forum. Best wishes Nan

  • Hi Nanaeal

    Thank you very Much. I am really looking forward to summer very much. I have another appointment at the hospital in May to tell me if I can fly again so fingers crossed and I will book a nice holiday if not, the garden and good old blighty it will be.

    I hope you are well and enjoying the sun :)

    Take care

    all the best


  • You have climbed the mountain Jaypsurs and I can only admire your courage. Well done you! You do have a mighty force behind you and that is all your friends here who are always ready to listen, help you dust yourself down and move forward.

    Take care of yourself lad. Cheers.

    Sara x

  • Hi Sara

    Yeah you are right, my own friends are good but they really do not understand the whole lung problem issue and whilst I am at a lesser stage than some of the folks on the forum, it does affect me nether the less. T

  • Sorry hit the wrong button.

    The information provided by the members hear is invaluable and I am sure provides people with much comfort often in times of distress and unhappyiness.

    Thanks for your support, I hope you are well and enjoying the sun.

    Take care

    Justin x

  • Morning Justine, What good news that you are able to work again, after feeling so ill,it's so good to get your life back, Take it easy,don't undo what you have achieved in the last few weeks, Very best wishes, Bulpit

  • Thank you very much Bulpit

    I am certainly taking it slowly, and so far so good :)

    I really appreciate your support.

    I hope you are well, take care


  • Fantastic news Justin - be good to get back into the routine, so to speak, but as others have said, just pace yourself in the beginning and don't overexert yourself, no matter how tempting. Stay positive and everything will fall into place. Bit soon yet, but you will meet someone who will make your heart sing again. All best wishes xx

  • Hi Dedalus

    Thank you very much fr the support, I am surely taking it slowly and so far so good :). To be honest I made an agreement with myself not to try and find love again, I just imagine me going on a date with a lady a couple of times and then on date 3 or 4 once you like them, saying oh by the way I have a chronic illness. It would hurt so much if they ran a mile, which I would not blame them for, I have decided to stay alone. (Well with my cat)

    I hope you are well, take care


  • I'm sure when you're not looking for love it will come knocking - and your chronic illness will definitely not be a barrier to the right person - just stay positive and keep an open mind Justin.

    I am well thank you, and although I have been through a lot of ops and ups and downs in the last few years I still have a lot to look forward to - and so have you, I promise.

    Take care


  • Well done you getting to work x

  • Thanks Shamus

    Hope you well :)

    Thanks for the support

    All the best

    Justin x

  • Sending hugs right back to you Justin. You have certainly had one hell of a journey so far and hope things are on the up for you. Stay strong and hope to hear from you again sometime soon. Sending very good wishes. xxxx

  • Thanks Sassy.

    I suppose God only gives you these things if he thinks you can handle it :)

    I hope you are well and enjoying the weather

    All the best

    Justin xx

  • You could be right Justin. We are doing ok here thanks and enjoying the fine weather but not today due to poor air quality. You take care and all the best to you too. xx

  • Hi Justin,time to be good to YOURSELF for a while now.Good luck! D. 😀

  • Thanks Farmer

    I am, Just bought myself a new motor to cheer myself up a bit :) its doing the trick .

    Hope your well Farmer

    all the best

    Justin x

  • Has haa me too,bet my car ,s better,n yours lol 😜 D.

  • Sounds like you are finding some renewable energy for yourself Justin. 😄😄

    Keep up the good work. I truly believe that exercise is one of THE most important things one can do to help stop the decline in your lung condition

    Love Sohara xx

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