New Air Pollution Warning

Hello everyone, we just wanted to let you know that we’re expecting another period of high air pollution - like the one we saw a couple of weeks ago. The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs are forecasting large areas of moderate pollution developing across England and Wales during Thursday - and they’ve said air pollution may become high over East Anglia and SE England during Friday.

We don’t want you to just shut yourself indoors though, and knowing in advance means you can plan your days and take some simple steps to minimise the impact of the pollution! For instance, avoiding commuting near main roads or other pollution hotspots during rush hour is preferable if possible - even if you’re in a car, as pollution can still seep in even with the windows wound up. Similarly, exercising in an air-conditioned indoor space is better than exercise near polluted spots or no exercise at all.

Anyone noticing that they are more breathless, or are coughing or wheezing more than normal during periods of high pollution, should contact their GP or the BLF Helpline, on 03000 030 555, rather than assume it will just go away. Anyone experiencing an asthma or COPD attack or otherwise really struggling to breathe should immediately dial 999.

You can monitor the situation on the DEFRA website by following this link:

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Thanks for the warning team. I was wondering why I've been coughing more than usual this morning, perhaps it's here already (East Midlands).

Thanks for the info, at the moment I'm ok, but hubby is coughing a lot, and a bit sniffly, might be an early hay fever though x

Thank you, I've already started sneezing so are people in waitrose today,so I'm effected already on the coast. So maybe it's here already.

Looking at the DEFRA site the pollution hasn't hit yet but will be moderate on Thurs depending on where you are and high on Friday. Deep joy :-(

Thanks for the warning BLF x

Thank you for the heads up.

Thank you for this information can anyone on hear help with a problem, my late mother's friend who was a very fit 70 something year old until last year. I'm not sure if you remember when we had all that sand blown over she went out that day and ever since she has had breathing problems no energy and just feels unwell. She has been to her GP who has diagnosed COPD this lady does smoke but I just find it hard to believe that one day she was fit and the next fighting for breath

Most of that sand came from as far away as the Sahara.

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