Since my last two admissions to hospital this year I have acquired one of the above to look after me in the community. She either calls in or telephones and she can arrange hospitalization without involving the doctor.

Her main concern was that there was one or two traumatic incidents during my last stay and that may have put me of going back in again (and truth be known it had).

Well there are one or two things she can put in place such as holding me on casualty until they can find me a suitable bed poss a side room. The main thing is that treatment of IV antibiotics gets started ASAP.

Because of what occurred and the fact I am resident of a nursing home I suddenly have acquired the handle of 'Vulnerable Adult'.

Any other member got these services yet or is Southport a first?

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  • Hi I have a community matron they have been around awhile , had mine for 6months the district nurse organised her , as you say no need to wait for a doctor she can do everything herself

    Mines a blessing my daughter is so grateful we have her

    Take care


  • yes they are a blessing in disguise these nurses first time of a flare get on the phone and everything falls into place.

  • Yep I have this category. Just that I live at home. People's vulnerability can vary a lot as you probably understand well. Other readers might mistake the accommodation issue as being a criteria. Whereas it is always a complete assessment and any combination of circumstances can lead to a person being categorised as vulnerable.

  • Thanks Ribvan for the clarification.

    Ant xxx :D

  • Please call me Rib. As my Profile explains my surname is van Rey. Thanks Rib

  • Not heard of this Anthony but it sounds very good. Seems like there would be little or no delay in getting you the help you need if you fall ill again and of course that could be lifesaving.

    Vunerable Adult healthwise is just a tag, not like the ones you used to deal with in your work which I'm sure you know but I can just see you grinning!

    Sara xx

  • hi Sara yes I am grinning at having acquired that handle and as you say

    it does have a totally meaning now unlike those I have dealt with in my working life.

  • :d :d :d

  • Hi anthony, sorry i missed your posts about pneumonia & pleurisy. Pleased you have excelen t care at home services but that hospital is there if needed.get completely well soon. Love margaret x

  • Hi ant, what's in a name. Help quickly in an emergency is the need. Quick advise when needed. Take care Suzy xxx

  • aweeee!!!!!!!!!! thanks Suzy

    Ant xxx

  • "Awe Anthony.....So good to see you back with us again.. I was wondering how you was doing.....I do hope that things are starting to go a lot better for have had a tough year...and i am so glad to hear that you have this offer of home support... I too have a community nurse that comes in daily to see me as like you.... i too am classed as a vulnerable adult.. not as i feel vulnerable thats there terminology not but! never the less to be able to be treated in your own home is so much better than having to be in i refuse to leave Noah n Nell.. On there own.....You look after yourself Anthony...Oh! hope you had a lovely Easter too.. ..Megan."

  • Thanks Megan yes it is so much nicer being treated in you own home knowing things can be set up in an instant should a hospital visit become required and at least my cat will be cared for in my absence, had a quiet easter munching on my chocolate bunny.

  • Yes I have a no to ring 5 days awk 9-5 and have a visit from oxy people doubled up as comunity nurses ,as I done every thing I could to stay out of hospital this year,docs n chemist let me down few times,so they would be my support and they were brilliant.

  • that is so good to hear Colours, unfortunately mine came about due to two hospital admissions in less than 2 months

  • Oh so pleased for you Anthony,that would give you peace of mind,what a great idea.Hope you're keeping ok at present,hugs from Wen xxx

  • hi Wen sadly no just after being discharged from hospital after pneumonia number 2 I have ended up with pleurisy hopefully the physio can get me up on Thursday after 4 weeks in bed.

    Ant xxx

  • Wishing you well Ant and you have had some great advice and comments. You take care and hope you get all the help you need. xxxxx

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