Here he comes again

Hello folks ,good morning and greetings from Portugal. Yes it's your old mate Chris here still soaking up the sun on the Algarve. Things have moved on a bit since I last wrote on here.

Our first visit with the Motorhome to this campsite in Olhao near Faro was from Nov 2013 to April 2014, while we were back in UK we put up our house for sale, toured around visiting friends and relatives. It was only 4 and a bit months and we were on our way back, during the ferry ride I was told that the sale of our house had been completed, so when we got to the site again we were very fortunate to meet up with someone who had brought his twin axle caravan down from France to stay in, but was going to sell it instead of dragging it all the way back. We purchased it from him straight away but we're fortunate that while he stayed in it for his winter hols ,he paid the site fees.

He has now gone back to France and we have had the caravan sited in its permanent position , where it will have its awning attached, and a semi permanent solid floor laid in the awning which can then have wooden click floor or cushion floor laid over, lots of people down here virtually live I the awning with the sides up during the day and down at night, only venturing into the caravan to sleep, wash ,toilet etc. they have cooking facilities out in the awning, and lounge furniture ,telly etc .

We have eight more weeks before we set off back to UK, and plan to return without the motorhome in Sept. We bought a Portuguese registered car down here , the tax and ins are cheaper and there's not much point paying for an English car to be on the raod when it's going to spend 9 months every year down here.

Health wise I guess I would have to say that my Emphysema and bronchi ecstasies are not getting any better, I get more and more breathless as time goes by, I now have to use a walking frame / buggy type thing which has four wheels and a little seat on it , the walking stick just leaves me completely breathless now.

But I'm sure I would be in worse condition if I had stayed and wintered up there. Anyway I'll stop rambling on now. Best wishes to all my old friends ,if you still read the blog.

Bye for now xx

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Sound wonderful! I hope you have many more happy years in the sunshine 😊😊

Sounds lovely, I think its a very brave, and adventurous thing to do. Enjoy! Xx

Good to have news of you Chris, I've often wondered how you were doing πŸ˜€ I'm glad you are enjoying the climate in Portugal, we are still thinking of a holiday some time πŸ˜ƒ sorry you are finding yourself more breathless, this emphysema is just so difficult to have to live with. Hugs huff xxx

Nice to hear from you Chris. I hope things improve for you.

Good to hear from you again Chris. You seem to be having some wonderful adventures. Nice to read your blog as always. Take care and be as well as you can. xxxx

Hi Chris. I remember when you went before. You are very brave to do what you are doing. I can see why you do it though. If your health is better for it then do it. Our winters are so damp and miserable I would love to be warm. I feel the cold a lot. X

I feel the cold more and more as I get you Mavary? x

Hi Coughalot. Five years ago I had a major operation. Before that I felt the cold so much that I said to Mike. If it was like that the following winter I wouldn't be going out. Since then I can tolerate it but don't like being cold. At night I put one of these things you put your arms in. It looks a bit like a dressing gown. If you know what I mean. I then have a hot water bottle and I sit to watch TV. Ha ha! Funny me. I even have a hot water bottle in the summer. I've been known to take it abroad on holiday. They all laugh at me. I can't think why! I believe I must feel it more now as I can't remember feeling as cold as I do now. I can't wait for the summer. The only thing is it's too short. It's a gorgeous day here today though. X

HI Chris nice to see you. Sounds like things are working out for you in Portugal which is great. When are you going to invite us all to visit? :) x

The campsite we are on is Parque de Campismo, in Olhao, Faro. Portugal. During the winter they have lovely self contained chalets on site , starting at around 19€ per night, with cooking , cable tv and all usual facilities. From Around mid Dec onwards the flights into Faro at around 40€ return. So if anyone can fly its a very cheap way of having a break in the winter sun.

I can fly coz I am superwoman!! :d x

Ooooo, thanks for that info Chris. We'll all be down next winter!

Did you keep the barge?

Really great to hear from you Chris.

It was you who inspired me to head south which I did from Dec '14 to a few days ago.

Was right on Cote D'Azur near my son. Much healthier so I will work out a way to do it again.

Have a good trip back. It's sunny today 😎 in the UK !

It sure is lovely here today. Took dog down the beach and brought back a wet, sandy, tired one but also thoroughly happy! It certainly makes a difference when the sun shines. :) x

Ooo, lucky you. I so miss my dog x

Oh she is not my dog but my sisters. She is disabled so I do the nice bits like dog walking :) x

Great to hear from you again Chris. Sorry that you are more breathless than before but bet you have fun with your walking frame/buggy! Your timing is spot on for coming back to the Uk as the weather has been lovely today and forecast to keep going for more days yet.

Great to see your post and glad your enjoying the warmer weather during the winter months .I'm moving to Adalucia in Spain in July I couldn't bear another damp winter here in England

Goodness we were only talking about you yesterday and then you pop up, glad to hear you are enjoying your time in Portugal. Take care.

Good for you, love the story and glad your living the good life.

Good to hear from you Chris. Have you managed to sort out some decent fishing down there?

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