Trying to get some help. Last 2 years I have been struggling with breathlessness. Last July I went to the doctors about it who said she would arrange some tests. Whilst waiting for these tests I ended up one night at a&e on a nebuliser cause I couldn't breath. They did a chest X-ray. And the doctor said there were several arears of my lungs that's were damaged inline with copd. So I was put

On blue and brown inhalers. At a&e I only blew 300

Had a spirometer test down at doctors with an asthma nurse and again only blew 250. But she aaid IT wasnt copd and didn't know what was wrong. Now I have been referred.

I'm can't walk any distance or up hill I can't get dressed or undressed or in or out the bath without being completely out of breath. Any ideas


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  • Hi Paul nice to meet you and welcome to the site. I sympathise with your situation but unfortunately it's not uncommon for medics to disagree about a diagnosis. At least they are referring you for further tests so hopefully they can find out what is wrong.

    Are you or have you been a smoker? Are you over about 45 ish? It's more likely to be copd if you are and that is generally what they look for first.

    Your peak and flow sounds quite low and I don't think just the blue and brown inhaler are sufficient. I would go back to the doctor asap and ask for Symbicort or something similar. This opens your airways so you can breathe better.

    There will be others in later (probably tomorrow now) who will be able to help. x

  • Take it easy ,you don't want to risk emergencies again,the sooner you get some help from a good doctor the better, it can scare the life out of you as like me I didn't know what was going on, one had spoken to me about it. As long as your on the right meds for you , I'm finding out how to cope with it. Gets better.x

  • Sounds like your surgery need s a new nurse! I have same problem like you ,l have full blownCOPD and have had it for years! You should ask for a second oppinion. Hope every one agrees! Ian, good luck mate!

  • Hi thanks for the replys some useful information. I smoked for 28 years 20-30 a day stopped 18 months ago. I'm 47 this year


  • Hi Paul , not all COPD is caused through smoking ! there are many other factors, industrial pollution in the work place , air pollution , this is a MAJOR FACTOR in lung problems, I have asked many times why the same amount of time and money is not poured into the increasing problem of air quality especially with all the extra lorry traffic on our roads! as well as the massive building programmes being proposed by the Government /councils all of which is going to put tremendous strain on our roads and of course the inevitable increase in pollution . We need to look more closely at this growing problem given that children's Asthma is on the increase.

  • Also forgot to mention. When I go to bed as soon as I lay down I start weazing. And that's how the problem was first picked up my go heard me weazing. I also wake in the night coughing a lot which again leaves me short of breath

  • Hi Chason wheezing and coughing a lot might indicate asthma and I hope it is just that as it is reversible with the right meds. I have asthma as well as copd. I hope you get some answers soon. x

  • Can you lift your head and chest with several pillows, this will alleviate teh coughing. Also in teh morning do some huffing to get that mucus off your chest. Here's a video to explain:

    Hope you get help soon. You should ask for a physiotherapist to prescribe a frame which will lift your chest up, so you can sleep. I have received on at hospital when I said I didn't have a bed with a moveable headrest.

    Ask to be referred to a pulmonary nurse and certainly for a second opinoin on the cause of your deep discomfort. dont' get fobbed off. Mic

  • Before I stopped smoking I would cough all night long. They say that is a sign of Emphysema, which I do have.

  • Hi Paul

    Sorry to hear about your breathing problems. My spirometer is much lower: 120, but I have severe COPD. I was diagnosed back in 2003. I could walk but not climb hills. Then in Dec 2013 I was hospitalized twice with a bed chest infection. Since then I am very breathless and I was given home oxygen 1/2 litre. I too struggle to do everyday things. Yet I do work three days a week etc. At 65 I am a lot older than you but I quit smoking in 1992. Try to get a proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment so that if is COPD your condition hopefully shouldn't get any worse.

    Wishing you all the very best.


  • Thank you my wife is an industry pharmacist who was in the team that made symbicort she is sure it's copd but will hopefully get a proper diagnosis on friday


  • Hi Paul good luck with the tests, I expect you will have an echocardiogram, and hopefully a scan, positive thoughts on them getting to the bottom of it and find the right medication to make you feel much better, huff xxx

  • Thanks for all your advice. I'll post back Friday when I hopefully have a diagnosis.


  • Hi Paul,I started with acute breathlessness which turned to asthma.Same symptoms as yours .But now I have to go for tests as it is getting worse.I really had to fight to get the tests.Don`t be put off.Wishing well. mags

  • Hi all

    Ok had the specialists today and the results are inconclusive. They have however found a problem with lung restriction breathing in and out and there is a problem with my lower left lung so I have to have a heart scan. Lung ct and more in depth breathing tests.


  • Oh and they have said def not asthma but believe it could be mild copd but need the test to confiirm

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