1 year after diagnosis

Hi everybody it has been a year since diagnosis and i feel ok. I want to thank everybody on this site for their support after i was told i had copd i thought my life was over was so ill at the time could not walk to the front door without a pump.

Now been 10 months since last lot of antibiotics and steriods and im so happy to have found this site

Thank you

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  • "Wow!! well done to you furzedale.......we haven't spoken before now... i too was diagnosed 12 months this month too..... and what a journey it as been too.... i am so happy to hear that your doing so well.....so whatever it is your doing..... its working...And yes this is an amazing site with so many lovely friendly, and caring folk in here... have a HAPPY EASTER...Megan."

  • Happy easter to you it was such a fright to be told I had copd but i am quite lucky where I live as I have access to outreach. I thought i had lung cancer to start with. My copd is severe lung function 42% didnt think i would make it working through the winter as I work outside but I was OK. Lets see what spring and summer bring as last year pollen really set me off.

  • By the way my name is Theresa and I live in sunny London

  • Oh wow your doing great and a lot of us on here feel the same...its a fab site.

    Keep up the good work x x x x

  • Thanks I dont post very often but I like to read posts you are a very brave lady such an Inspiration to me to get on and live life

  • The best advice i could give you at the moment is to post more often and chat more often....the people on here have been a huge support for me and got me through some difficult times and although we have family and friends nobody understands like we do x x x x x

    Dont let it take more from your life let it add to it and stick around honey x x x x

  • That's really good to hear furzdale. I think we all go through hell either physically or, for me, mentally, for quite a while after diagnosis. I was like you in that I only settled down after finding this site and the lovely people on it.

    I feel sorry for those who are not aware of the BFL and I think all Docters should hand out the web address, (or the phone number for those who are not on the net.) on diagnosis. It would save a hell of a lot of turmoil for the patient.

    Thank you for coming on to let us know how your doing. It was really thoughtful of you. x

  • I agree with you after diagnosis you end up reading horror stories on the internet. I only got peace of mind after signing up to this site.

  • Hello, its lovely to hear from you and to know you are managing well, we were fortunate to have a mild winter and now we can all enjoy the more clement weather! Keep in touch and stay as well as you can 😊,hugs huff xxx

  • You hit the nail right on the head... the COPD diagnosis left me shell shocked too but this site is such a blessing. The support and advice offered is priceless.

    It's good to know that you are doing great after 12 months. Stay well :)

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