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The big wait and scary prognosis

Hi, being diagnosed last November with severe COPD but awaiting appointment in Manchester to investigate my testing positive for Aspergillus, I wonder if anyone else has been given a prognosis for their condition?

It has been playing on my mind since seeing the consultant last November who said to me that there is 50% alive after 4 years; after being diagnosed with severe COPD. Now all I think of is the clock ticking away.


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Hi I know nothing about Aspergillus but if you contact the BBF on Tuesday they will be able to help and reassure you, in the mean time have you tried using the search bar just tap in question and see what answered appear,you wil see that there are a lot of people who have severe and very severe c.o.p.d and living with it well over four year, just keep healthy andd it and looking on here the people on here live with the condition and will give you the best possible advise.


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Thanks Lyn, have been in touch with the nurses here at BLF and their advice was to get in touch with Manchester, so have done that side of things and am waiting on an appointment. Have to pay for this as Scotland will not refer me until I have had another opinion in Aberdeen, which I am waiting on. Yes I do try to be healthy as possible and all the folks here are just amazing for support and help. So thanks you very much for answering my post and helping me. Annie


Oh thats exactly what i did for months on end i was planning my own funeral and you know what it was just a waste of months that should have been spent enjoying my life.

The unknown isnt a nice place and once i knew what was going on i felt better in myself and i hope you do too x x x x

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Thanks Mandy x


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