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Its good Friday

But then again its good any day , except its raining here, lets hope it clears up for any families visiting the area. My daughter and granddaughter have now fully back in their bungalow, now they have all the sorting out but it will not take them long, II am still looking for Bella in the mornings she really was good to have around, but then again I can now leave things lying around without her hiding them in her bed.

When I was in hospital I thought for a joke I would leave a note on my chest asking the surgeon to be careful.

When I came around in recovery I found a different note taped there this one said "Did anyone find my glasses".

Marvin was in hospital and fading fast so the family called for the priest , who came right away and stood holding Marvin's hand. Marvin unable to speak gasped and gestured he wanted a pen and paper which the priest handed to him, he wrote something and handed it to the priest and then died, the priest thought now was not the time to read it and put it in his pocket.

Later at the funeral whilst he was reading the service he remembered the note, and said " Marvin gave me a note just before he died knowing him I expect it will be inspiring to us all". He reached into his pocket and took out the and read it, the note said "You are standing on my oxygen tubes."

One for the ladies.....

Q Why do men whistle when they are sitting on the toilet ?

A It helps them remember which end to wipe..

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Ha haaaaa! Good morning Fred, damp here but no rain, it feels a little milder than yesterday too.

Lovely to hear that your daughter's back in her bungalow, I'm sure she'll be glad to get things back to normal.

Wishing you and the family a lovely Easter. :-) xxx

Hi Lyn hope you have a lovely long weekend and you will not be spending it alone at home, not to much chocolate now. Love to you and yours xxx Fred :) ;) :)

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So funny - only you would leave a message taped to you before surgery lol πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. I also loved the fact that the staff had the same sense of humour as you πŸ˜„

So pleased your daughter is now back in her own home - nowhere quite like it. Enjoy your Easter with the family and hope it stops raining - it's raining here as well!!!

Jan xx

Have a good long weekend xxx Fred :)

Morning smiley, I've been sleeping too long , it's raining but not cold, I think I'll have another pyjama day,I may even paint today, I stopped for awhile as I couldn't breath well enough to put all the energy in I wanted to,as they can be very large my canvases. Avoiding the TV a bit, elections.....sooooooo Boring. I hope u have a good day abit more recovery, every man has to have a garage, I'd like a big shed where I can work,big windows in it.at the moment I paint in large georgion living room with a big window looking out on gardens. Have a great day speak later.x

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Hi there Colours if you have been sleeping its because your body needed it, why not have a PJ day it will not hurt, and I got to agree there is to much election on TV I have all ready decided who I want for what its worth. I am doing well feel really good and want to get out and about, we can but wish as you know. That room sounds really lovely sounds fine for painting a canvas, what you could do with is an attic with a glass roof and a lift up to it of course. Have a good weekend and yes speak later, stay warm in those PJ's

xxFred :)

Happy good Friday Fred, it'svery wet and gloomy here in Sydney. Our daylight savings ends this weekend, an extra hour in bed hooray. Funny jokes as always.

Love LeeLee. 😍😍 x

You get an extra hour and we lost an hour, see we do help you down there we let you have our hour lol as I said its good Friday and any other day as well. Keep smiling LeeLee xxx Fred :) ;)

Oh Fred, only you could make people laugh while you were unconscious - bet it made the medical team's day.

Laughter is good for us all x :)

Thanks for the laugh Fred, glad you are feeling better now.

polly xx

Thanks polly as they say onwards and up xxx Fred :)

Good day Fred

Loved the jokes! Even better was your notes in the hospital. Thats so you Fred!

Looks like rain for us today too. Sounds

like your missing Bella. Maybe you should think about getting your own dog. Do you have any pets?

Have a great Easter Fred and take it easy.



Hi Ruby I always had a dog since a boy but when my last one passed, I have put it on hold as with the cancer I am unable to to give it the attention it would require as I can not walk any real distance at the moment, but you never know one day maybe. Have a lovely Easter xxxFred :) ;)

I knew you would misbehave in hospital! You dont mention your new shower, how is it ? Milder today, bit damp and cloudy but not too bad. Went to the market and bought more plants from our super plant stall. thats the easy bit, now the planting. Remember the old saying - penny on the plant, a pound on the hole. Love Iris x

Hello Iris yes shower all in order and is just great so much easier to be able to just walk in without any door or having to climb into the bath. I got to admit Iris I have not heard that saying before, will have to remember that one. Enjoy the weekend. xxx Fred :)

Cheers for the jokes Fred,laughter is such a good tonic,hope you are feeling better day by day happy easter to you and all,God bless naresh62

Cheers naresh62 have a really good Easter to you and yours. Fred. Yes I am doing well pal.

Morning Fred, Glad your daughter and her daughter are back in their bungalow. I bet you do miss Bella, Wet here this morning, fingers crossed it will improve, Wishing you all an enjoyable Easter, Regards Bulpit

Morning bulpit I hope all is well your end, sorry to hear its wet your end its nice a bright down here in my part of Devon I hope it cheers up for you, have a happy Easter. xx Fred :)

Happy Easter Fred, it is Saturday now I am a bit late behind time like the March Hare :) :) x

Your late your late for a very important date katie but always better than never xx:)

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