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Fun Post 😎

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Hi everyone

Happy thoughts to Fred and O2 who are both doing well. And also to Breeze, Coughs kitty . Hope Easter is a great day for everyone.

Thought we would go with pet peeves this weekend. We all have them. Those little everyday things that absolutely drive you crazy!


Love Rubyxxx

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" Awe!... How nice of you Ruby.....And a HAPPY EASTER! To you too ..hope life is being kind to you...Megan."

rubyred777 in reply to megannell

No pet peeves Megan?

😊😊 xx

megannell in reply to rubyred777

"Hehehehehe!!!....No Ruby..well i say No.. lets just say none that i could print here..hehehehe!...Anyway's life's not that bad really is it.. better to get on with it than moan about it....hahahaha! thems my views....Megan.":)


Hi Ruby Easter doesn't mean anything to me as I can't do anything for family holidays. It just makes me feel more depressed and lonely. I hope you enjoy yours though. x

Yes Fibbert the phone can be a BIG pet peeve! I Will Call My Doctor for an app. And be put on hold for 15 mins. Only to get disconnected ! Or like you say --

Your call is important to us! Yeah right!



I am not anti-man Ruby

rubyred777 in reply to Hidden

Just kidding with you Cough! I know that.

😊😊 xx

Youngsters having tantrums in the supermarket, their wailing drives me nuts. lol

Even though I've had it myself when my kids were small and I know how difficult it is. It still drives me round the bend. Also I'm with flibberti on the automated phone answering service. I think that one drives everyone barmy. lol

Have a lovely Easter yourself're a very kind lady. :-) xxx

rubyred777 in reply to Jolyn

Hi Lyn

Good pet peeve. People cannot control their kids. Most times they just look the other way like they don't know them! Or their running all over , doing whatever they want . Same thing at the vet.My kitty had to get stitches out. As we waited, a man's dog just kept barking nonstop for at least 30 mins. It was terrible! Everyone else's pets were getting all worked up.

Have a great Easter Lyn

😊😊 xx

Happy Easter to you too hope you have a good one x

Mine has to be the voice on the self serve in supermarket, it keeps telling to to place item in the bag, swipe the code, etc etc I end up answering saying "I am going as fast as I can" honest its a real bulling voice.

Have a great Easter who ever reads this. xx :)

rubyred777 in reply to holly17

You got that Fred! You can't do anything right to that stupid machine! Then it won't take my bank card and I have to wait for the attendent. Might as well have gotten in line. Ends up taking longer! Enjoy your Easter


Hidden in reply to holly17

I used one of the self serve tills last Saturday, only realised when I got home I had picked up my receipt but not the Β£40 Cash back I had asked for . I phoned the store and was told it hadn't been handed in . I was gutted , my receipt showed Β£40 had been deducted. bet someone had a nice treat with my money. Glad you are feeling better Fred.

rubyred777 in reply to Hidden

Hi Joyce

Thats messed up. Guess you can't prove you didn't get it. You can only hope someone got it that really needed it.Maybe you fed a hungry family that day. How bout this one-----You go to the convenience store to grab a coffee. You go to a nice empty spot to fix it. All of a sudden you got 3 people on top of you. Why? The other side is empty !. People, who can understand them.

Have a great Easter Joyce.

πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ xx

Hidden in reply to rubyred777

I am over it now,, won't happen again. Struggling to get on here, tablet extremely slow. I will have to check my broadband speed, Ikeep pressing recommend button when not bbeen able to post replies. Hope you are enjoying the weekend x Joyce

medow in reply to holly17

I'm with you on that one Fred, and when it asks 'have you swiped your card' irrational as it is, I take great delight in NOT swiping my card ! Glad your on the mend Fred, great post ruby, peaceful Easter to all xxxxx

Going along with Flibberti's phone theme ( but not the automated voice ) it's the people who say "Bare with me " when you enquire about something . I feel like saying "Are we going to strip off then?" It really winds me up !!!! 😁

rubyred777 in reply to Helen08

Thats funny !

Everybody strip now.

If they only think what they say.

Have a great Easter 😊


holly17 in reply to rubyred777

I am off to that shop which one was it again xx :)

rubyred777 in reply to holly17

Hey Fred don't you be stripping it off now! You

never know who might be watching at that shop. Lol !

Your so funny Fred. What would we do without you?

πŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ xx

My pet peeves are also related to supermarkets - 'sorry to have kept you waiting,' when there was only 1 person in front of me, but the one that gets me mad the most is 'do you need any help with your packing?' It makes me wonder how old and decrepit I must look! Great for the the morale!

rubyred777 in reply to helenlw7

The supermarket a good one. How about the ck. Outs for people with only 15 items? I'll be behind someone with 30 items. I say something to the cashier and she says I can't say anything to them? Whats the point? She says talk to the manager and he says " not my problem ". !

Have a great Easter Helen πŸ˜€


My pet hate is at home, not mentioning any names, but someone leaving the empty toilet roll on the shelf in the bathroom.

I wonder how many would mount up if I did not move them.

polly xx

rubyred777 in reply to pollyjj

Same thing at my house. Or if somethings on the floor. Everyone will walk around it.

God forbid they bend down and pick it up! Have great Easter Polly.

Rubyxx 😊

pollyjj in reply to rubyred777

Thanks Ruby you too.

polly xx

medow in reply to pollyjj

I did just that polly, and lost the plot when it reached to 11 empty toilet rolls and I had the throw them out, had a similar thing with shampoo bottles when daughters were younger, got to 22 empty bottles before I caved in, blessed Easter xxxxx

I hate being told, "I can only apologise," when I want to to hear how he/she intends to rectify a bad situation - which nine out of ten times I've already paid for!

But, I miss the point of this post.

Have a happy Easter break, everyone.


rubyred777 in reply to DecD

Right Dec

Never mind apologizing. What are you going to do about it.

Have a great Easter!

Rubyxx 😊

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