Southampton visit

Well, we have been to the Hospital for Pete's back op pre-assessment at long last and it went pretty well. It was quite a long journey because we left earlier than necessary as Pete wanted a McDonalds breakfast but I digress!

We saw the nurse, Pete answered lots of medical questions, had an ECG and then the anaesthetist came in. She explained that they would not be happy to put Pete under general anaesthetic because of his lung and heart problems and the trachea malachia but would do the op under local instead with some sedation. Then she said they would still be doing the op they would do under general which is actually pretty invasive and would be uncomfortable and painful at times. I was a bit shocked at that but Pete was over the moon because he just wants to be rid of the chronic pain he has been in for 2 years now.

They did speak about Pete being a Day case but I doubt that very much so it will mean at least one nights stay. I know it sounds silly but after all this time and all this waiting, I am scared. I am not sure Pete really understands what it all means as he cannot have an epidural, well maybe for the battery being fitted in the buttock, but not the spinal bit. I think I will try and speak with someone when we have a date as I just do not feel re-assured. Pete has the CMR at the Brompton next Thursday so Southampton want to see the results of that too.

Sorry to rattle on a bit but it has been such a long day and I feel a bit tired and emotional. Maybe all will be clearer in the morning.

I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and hope you all stay well. Take care all and thanks for reading my long post. xxxx

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Not a stupid question at all flibberti and I think it is because of where the spinal cord stimulator has to be fitted. I will check that out though. Pete has had back problems for 2 years and has been in extreme pain including pins and needles down his leg and into his foot, terrible painful cramping sensations in calf and buttock, and numbness in foot too. He has suffered so much. The surgery is very invasive at it means opening up the back to place cables etc. next to the spinal cord. Also, a pocket has to be opened in his buttock to fit the battery. Pretty scary stuff. Thanks for asking and you take care. xxx

It does sound terribly scary when you write it down like that but is probably a completely 'normal' procedure to the's perfectly reasonable for you to be scared and worried...have a chat to those who'll be doing the op...they must be so used to spouses worrying and will put your mind at rest...

Take care of wishes to an enormous Easter egg and share it between you!

Thank you vashti and I will contact the powers that be before Pete goes in for the op.

Loving the thought of chocolate too. Have a lovely Easter and take care. xxx

Thank you for your kind words flibberti and I will have a chat with whoever nearer the time. I don't think Pete will have to wait too long now. You take care and have a lovely Easter too. xxx

Hi Sassy, I can understand Pete wanting this operation two years of pain he has had enough back pain is awful especially if he lives with it daily. Understand fully why they don't want to give him a full GA its to life threting because his lungs would not stand up to GA I am in a similar position they will not operate on me or won't even do a local as I cannot lye flat on my back as it is a stomach operation, so I have to wait until I have a lung transplant then they will operate on my stomach. All you can do is trust the surgeons they know what they are doing.

Regards Gallmoe.

Thank you Gallmoe. I do wish you good luck with any surgery you will have in the future. Take care and have a good Easter. xxx

Hi sassy what a day you had love and I can fully understand your worries and also understand Pete's view that he wants it done no matter what. Margaret was like you when I went for the first RFA and the man explained what could happen , lung collapsing, a stroke and the worse, but all I wanted was for them to sort me out and let me live a while longer. Pete will be fine and yes I agree with the others comment ask to speak with the people that are doing the job and once they fully explain hopefully you will be happier still concerned but I would be worried if you weren't , Margaret worries each time I go in. Stay safe you know you have some lovely listening friends here.

Love Fred xxx :)

ps sorry if I have spoken out of turn x

You have not spoken out of turn at all Fred and I am grateful for your lovely comments. I have many kind friends on here which is so great at times like this. I take all comments on board and thank you once again. Love to you and Margaret and have a nice Easter. xxxx

I am pleased it was ok speak later, have a lovely weekend love Fred xxx

Oh lovely that sounds harrowing, and the details of the op are incredible. I can only wish you both the very best xxxx

Thanks Tad and I am sure all will be well in the end. It all just came as a bit of a shock I suppose. Pete is so used to having epidurals which at least let him have pain free operations, but that won't really be the case this time. I know they will all do their very best for him. xxx

Hi sassy I can understand your worries. Is it possible to ring the Hospital and ask if you can speak to the people who will be carrying out this operation or have an email address to communicate with them. Or at least can they ring you to listen to your worries and questions.

As Fred says we are all here for you.

Your message wasn't long and I'm pleased you can post and feel the love and respect for you and Pete from the replies.

Love Suzy xxx

Thank you so much Suzy and I do really feel lots of love on here always. Everyone is very kind and supportive and that helps a lot. I will have a chat with Mr. Vajramani or his lovely Secretary and voice my concerns. I know Pete will be well cared for but it just sounded so awful to me. I am keeping everything crossed for him though. Lots of love to you and have a good Easter. xxx

Hi Sassy, you are right to be concerned because forewarned is forearmed and it's always better to be informed. But it's so hard on the day of a consultation to think of all the questions and cover all the details. As others have advised you, get in touch with the team and find out everything you need to know. It does sound very complicated but they're probably doing it regularly and I'm sure it would not be possible to do without adequate sedation/local anasthetic. But it's great that the consultation went well and that the journey wasn't the nightmare it was last time. You must indeed be exhausted and emotional, you have an awful lot to deal with, looking after Pete and seeing him in such pain. Much love and very best wishes to both of you and hoping for a really positive result when the operation is done.

Lovely, kind words Argana, thank you for that. We have to look forward to Pete being as pain free as possible now and all will be well for him again. He has enough to cope with so I am trying to be more positive now. I will find out everything I can and then will feel better about it all, but still worried!

Love and best wishes to you too and take care. xxxx

what a worry for you Sassy.

I saw an article in the Mail 31 March about an operation to fit a spinal cord stimulator.

this was to relieve chronic pain following an operation for a bulging disc, as the sciatic nerve was badly damaged. dont know if there is any similarity to Pete's problem.

wishing you both well. Love Iris x

Sounds very similar to me Iris and I have seen the op online which is good but very invasive. I just have to believe in Mr. Vajramani and his team. It was he who set up the SCS department at Southampton so Pete will be in good hands. Take care and wishing you well. xxx

You can rattle on as much as you like sassy, you're going through a very stressful time and you're trying to be strong for both of you and that's hard. Do what you need to do to put your mind at rest, that way you can support Pete in the best way you can and be fully aware of whats going on. :-) xxx

Thanks Lyn, very kind of you. To make things worse Pete's mum, who has dementia, took a fall outside in the street. Luckily she is fine, just a bit bruised, but it all adds to the stress. Hope you are well and have a lovely Easter. Take care xxxx

I wish you both all the best and am sure it will be a great relief for both of you when it is all over. I know how back pain can bring you down.

Be Well

Cheers Offcut and you be well too. Happy Easter xx

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