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Any Answers To My Problem?

Does anyone have any bright ideas about how to get rid of the lime-scale that builds up on the plastic tube which goes into the water container on my concentrator...at the moment I rub it off with my fingers, but that must be germy even if my hands are clean...the bottom of the little tube has a tiny grill...it's that which is really clogged up.

We do have seriously hard water with living on limestone karst...

Good for caves, but not so good for household appliances. I bought a little gadget thingy to put in the kettle...it's really just a screwed up bit of wire...supposed to attract the lime-scale but it doesn't...

Something else which it affects is my nebuliser...nothing is added to that apart from the medication...salbutamol and ipratropium bromide...I've noticed lime scale building up around the tubing where it enters the machine...

The kettle is fairly easily solved by boiling vinegar in it every now and then but I can hardly boil the oxygen tube or the nebuliser...

All suggestions gratefully received...unless they're a bit smutty...lol

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Hi think the build up on your nebuliser is the salbutamol as I get that ,don't know about your oxygen tubing but I use wipes for my nebuliser

Take care Vashti


Might be a silly idea but how about lemon juice? That is supposed to be acidic and might work. x

Lemon juice sounds good. Also vinegar or baking soda. I also have that problem with my fish tank.


Vinegar i was thinking - old fashioned cleaning agent :)

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Hi. Have you tried Milton sterilising tablet, that may help, I soak my toning in Milton from time to time.

Citric acid or vinegar. Or even a cleaner for espresso coffee machines, like caffeto.

try soaking it in vinegar

Soak it in white vinegar with a little Bicarbonate of Soda, and some warm water....Equal quantities of each should work.

I was going to suggest that too :)

Very quickly I have come across ECOVER lime scale remover, natural and works wonders.

Let us know if it worked!

Hi I have a water filter jug and use the water from that to fill kettle. Been using this kettle for nearly 2 years and no lime scale in it at all.

Been a member on this site for over 2 years read the posts every day but don't often post x

Hi sgbr nice to meet you. Now you have posted don't be a stranger! x

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What about distilled water. As it is for a medical need, can you get it free, or at least reduced. That should give you no build up.

Not sure but maybe you could use citric acid....just don't inhale it

Yuck Ecover lime scale remover....brilliant.

I use Softalind -pure alcool for my nebuliser kit for the same reason. I put some on my hand and rub it on the kit. This is a virucidal liquid used in hospital (the green bottle they hang on the wall to cleanse the hands. Mic

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