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Hello everyone i am new and glad

to join this friendly forum that i ve

been following a while . I have early stage copd. I have placed the link in title as i am taking ibuprofen for acute lumber pain and incidentally wondered if it could help lung inflamation. So i was cheered some

to see the research being done.

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Hi and welcome to the family

I havnt read the link yet but wanted to send a quick welcome and to say that as far as i was aware ibuprofen should be avoided when you have a lung condition...thats according to my gp and other medical professionals x


The researchers really should know that

It is strange trying to sift

and evaluate when the professionals disagree.

It s a constant pre occupation .


Oh its a mind field...if you wernt confused before you certainly will be after you try and find out who has the answers.

I was reading some stuff about a drugs company who are being taken to court in America because the research that was done on a certain antidepressant that's sold all over the world showed it had little or no effect.

The drugs company chose to ignore the research and made millions of pounds selling a drug that dosnt do what they claim it does

Its a business Its all about the money to them nothing more.


Oh i m not surprised.

What some call big "pharma". They have the morals of a sock.

There are also clearly

scams of those proposing alternative

miracles I fear msm

is one .


That article was dated November 12, 2013

Has there been any results printed about the study and where is it you live x


Hello Mandy

I lIve in France and for over twenty years . Originally from london.

Re results i think not but i saw a couple of positive comments from participaters. There is o ve no noted another thread

here on the research.

It s not good for astmatics

and can conflict with some

inhalers .

Thanks for the welcome.


When i was at the transplant unit they said we shouldnt use it and after a transplant to never use it either...I would be interested in the results of that so thanks for posting x


Hi Hopeup nice to meet you and welcome. x


Thanks alot cofdrop.

See you around .


Hi there coughalot. Thankyou.


A very warm welcome :-) x


Hi Hopeup and welcome to the forum.

You'll find a lot of people on here who have back problems including my self. Currently I'm taking paracetamol and 30mg or 60mg of codeine depending on the severity of the pain. I have at times taken co-codamol + codeine.

I was taken off ibuprofen because apparently they can cause can cause quite severe stomach problems.

Hope this helps.

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Hello Butter fly

I ll try and stick with the ibu

and if it does the lungs good on the way so much the better. Must say the back prob will probably pass, as for the copd that s

Here to stay and more worrying


Hi Hopeup and welcome to the family. I have COPD Heart Failure and AF. I to have been advised not to take any Non Steroidal Anti Inflamatorys. I have Arthritis and use Co Codamol at night and Paracetamol in the day. Best wishes Nan

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Hello Nan

Thanks i ll use that if i hit trouble.

All courage to you with those troubles there.


Hi Hopeup. It's not as bad as it sounds. If I keep taking the pills. I manage to lead a fairly normal life. Get about and have some great Holidays.


I do know that there are some study's on Ibrufen as people have taken it for the muscle in the lungs with a good outcome that is why the study is taking place.we have to use our own wisdom,

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Note this research project

Starting 2013 is to last 3 years. I gather from one person commenting after the article that they won t wait .

Being well informed and interpreting research is not

easy. One place that can help us spot puffed up claims is

Very useful for us .


Hi Hope up

Welcome to the forum I have moderate copd. I will be most interested in the study. What stage copd are you.? I do know when I took ibuprofen a while back, it raised my blood pressure. I'm thinking it's probably good for inflammation anywhere in the body.

Take care

Rubyxx 😊


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