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Morning Carladog, If I remember correctly you lost your darling Dad several months ago with IPF, I am sure you and your Mum think of him every single day. The grieving process can take such a long time and is such a painful time, You have got thru the dark days of winter,now you can look forward to sunnier days, I send you my very best wishes,hoping I have remembered correctly, Bulpit

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  • That's a very kind message Bulpit.

    Sending my warmest wishes to Carladog.

  • Morning Lyn,Thanks for message, Hope I have remembered correctly, Very windy yesterday,lost a couple of fence panels. I wonder Lyn, do you like me keep realising how much our darling husbands did for us.

    Just little things that we are now responsible for, Sadly never gave things much thought when he was with me, Loads of " If Only" Very best wishes, Bulpit

  • Yes Bulpit, our Husbands did such a lot for us and I remember telling him how much I appreciated it too. I've had boiler problems over the last month, I found it hard dealing with it on my own. My Son stepped in after a few weeks and organised a new boiler to be fitted. It's all sorted now, thankfully. I miss Brian in so many ways as I'm sure you miss your Husband too. Do you have children who can help you Bulpit?

    I think of him every time I put the bin out too. lol. He always did that. Not that it's hard, it was just something Brian always did. I always do the garden, the lawns etc; so I'm used to doing that. Have a nice day Bulpit.

  • Yes Lyn , I have four children, They are all extremely supportive, So I am very lucky, They all live near, I try not to rely on them too much,they all work and have families of their own. It's just little things that he did that I didn't notice, like sweeping leaves up in the garden,, I never realised how many there are and how long it takes. I am sure there are husbands who have lost their wives that feel exactly the same, Regards, Bulpit

  • I'm glad you have their support Bulpit, it's nice to know they're there when you need them. I too try to do as much as I can for myself. I normally do all the decorating around the house so that's ok. I can remember not long after Brian had passed. I decided to decorate the hall to take my mind off things. Suddenly the intruder alarm went off. I didn't have a clue what to do even though Brian had already shown me how to use the fob keys to switch it off. They didn't work. I didn't even know where the mains plug was. lol. I eventually had to ring Brians friend (who at the time was down the pub) I had to fetch him to my house and he found the mains up in the loft. lol I'm just glad it didn't go off in the middle of the night, I would have been in a real pickle. lol

  • It's so sad when somone you love passes on,memories are forever.x

  • " if only" such tiny words but they mean so much.

  • Don't they just Redted, Regards Bulpit

  • Sending kind thoughts and wishes to everyone who has lost someone whether recently or many years ago. We hold those people in our hearts forever and memories are a wonderful thing to treasure. Take care all. xxxxx

  • Here here Sassy, very true, Best wishes, Bulpit

  • Thank you so much for your kind words. Its so very hard! Much harder than I ever thought it would be! We have all been very up and down and at the moment mostly down. it really has hit my mum the last few weeks. she has gone from coping to not eating or going out nothing! I did get her to a GP and for once my very strong mother broke down and told the doctor how she felt! It makes it a lot harder because she has my brother at home who has leaning disabilities and he of course asks a lot of questions because he doesn't understand! We are both going to St Richards hospice next week to see the bereavement team so I really hope they can help us make sense of how we feel. God bless all out there who have or are affected by this awful disease.

    Thinking of you all Louise xx

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