Well been there done that got the T Shirt pneumonia number 2 in the year once again my infection markers hit the plus 500 jackpot now I am back at my nursing home still in bed recovering just waiting for the physio to try and get me walking again on Thursday. I sure have missed all my HU friends and their posts. Got an interesting email from the American Lung Foundation on how difficult it becomes when you are in the end stages of COPD and diagnosing pneumonia

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  • So sorry Anthony to know you've had another bout of pneumonia to deal with.

    Thinking of you with the hope of a good day for the physio's visit on Thursday xxx

  • Thank you love light for your warm welcome. :)

  • So sorry your ill again, hope your feeling better soon.

    Kim xxx

  • Thank you Kim still weak as a kitten but mad as a box of frogs. :D

    Ant xxx

  • Hi Antony634 sorry to hear about ya pneumonia am sure email cheered you up no end.

    Glad to see ya back on HU BLF site

  • so good to know you are on the road to recovery Caesar (I mean Ant :) ) xxxxxx

  • Thanks for the welcome back eyes you gave me a chuckle with the Caesar handle. :Pxx

  • Make sure you don't go for the hat trick ant, with warmer weather just around the corner :) you should be safe, saying that when I first fell ill with double pneumonia it was July and in the middle of a heatwave.

    Hope the physio is a looker, that is sure to help you recover yeh' :)

    Good to see you back ant.


  • Hi Tony np for wanting to go for a hat trick this time the physio is a bit of a stunner but a little on thin side for me I prefer them with a bit more meat on, still cannot have everything in life it would be too boring. :P

  • Sorry to hear you are poorly again,hope you have a speedy recovery God bless naresh62

  • Thanks Naresh

  • Glad you're back home Ant. Lots of healing hugs on their way to you. love cx

  • Thanks cofdrop for that hug I need all I can get at the mo this last pneumonia has really taken it out of me :D

  • So sorry your suffering again Ant. I can't imagine how fed up of it you must be. Hopefully, you're on the mend this time. It's always nice to hear from you and I really hope you start feeling stronger soon. xx

  • thank you Caspar :D

  • Thinking about you Anthony hope you are feeling better soon x

  • Thanks for your good wishes :P

  • oh Anthony, I am thinking about you. I am back home with the Recovery at Home nurses after my second round with the pneumonia and empyema. You are such a fighter. i hope that the physio manages to use her charms to get you on to your feet. Now all we need is some nice weather, less people spreading their germs to us and less hassle from thegovernment. ( well the last one is a bit of a no hoper).

    lots of love

  • we both seemed to have gone through this together and to cap it all my bronchiectasis has flared up again. Like you I don't rate the present government highly. And to think this pneumonia was sparked off by a useless flu vac we all had. CE-LA-VE'

  • So sorry u have'nt bn well Ant. Hope u r better soon. Well i got a phone call from ESA on Monday & apparently i had NO points in my assessment therefore all monies stopped. I would love 2 c how ASOS ppl would b if they had COPD !!!!! Xx

  • I am shocked Sue how these non medical people can ride roughshod over us I nearly lost points when they switched me over to ESA just because I could not hold a 1/2 hour telephone convo I ran out of breath and all they said was anyone could put that on I was fuming. Hope you get everything back again.

    Take care.

    Ant xxxx

  • Hope all goes well for you on Thursday Ant and so sorry to hear of your recent bout of ill health. Wishing you well and sending hugs. xxx

  • thanks Sassy

  • Wishing you a quick recovery!

    Be Well

  • Thanks offcut :)

  • Hi Anthony,

    So sorry you have been so unwell and sorry I'm so late in replying. It's good to know you are the way to recovery. Take care of yourself and get well soon.

    Sara xx

  • Hi Sara a bit of a set back again with pleurisy grrrrr thanks for the good wishes and hope you are well Ant xxx :D

  • Oh Anthony, you have been unlucky. That's awful on top of everything else and just when you were getting well. Well I hope you get over the pleurisy quickly and get back to normal as soon as possible. Keep in touch as we'll be thinking of you. Take care.

    Sara xxx

  • I blame Dall 05 he told me not to go for the hat trick but I guess I had to I have this blessed pseudomonas and IV antibiotics are the only answer as a rule. Still the doc is trying me on a strong oral number with a view to hospitalization as the last resort so here goes.

    Ant xxx :P

  • Truly hope you don't have to go back to hospital Ant. Guess doc knows best but maybe it won't come to that. Take care and keep in touch.

    Sara xxx

  • Thanks Sara here's hoping I can fight it at home.

    Ant xxx :D :X :P

  • We'll be thinking of you :C

  • Hi ant, thinking of you. Could you have IV at home through a candula. I had one for 10 days and had to go A & E 8am & 8pm for them to give it to me. A & E is only 5/8 minutes drive from home for me. Stay positive.

    Love Suzy xxx

  • Hi Suzy you are so sweet thinking of me in fact all my HU family are, last year I did have IV antibiotics at home just had to go in for the day for a mid-line put in my arm they then took bloods and from that was able to find a suitable strength antibiotic, I was discharged with all the chemistry to make a drip and was handed over to the community IV team sadly it did not work 1 week and I had another flare up a total of 40 in 12 months plus 2 pneumonia's I do know the respiratory doctor has another plan to get on of this pseudomona under control but that is not uxxxntil mid May.

    Best wishes

    Ant xxx :D :P :)

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