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co2 retainer

After been rushed to hos twice in 6weeksh with respitary failure it was discovered that my c.o.p.d was in part caused by to much carbon dioxide in my blood. I left the hospital with a nippy machine, this super little ventilator removes the carbon dioxide when I breathe out and the good air when I inhale. I am supposed to sleep with a full mask on 6 hours a night and use it if I go for a doze during the day. When I come off the nippy I feel great breathing good head clear, my problem is I find it nearly impossible to sleep. I have been on the machine for 3 months and would ask the community if I get the same benefit awake as I would asleep, I know the breathing slows down when asleep.

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CO2 accumulates in the blood when breathing is too shallow.

The NIPPY machine detects when you're inhaling and increases the air pressure while you're doing so. It does not remove CO2 from the air you breathe, but the increased movement of air in and out of your lungs removes excess CO2 from your blood.

Common sense suggests that using it while you're awake would make your lack of respiratory effort even more of a habit . . .

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Im a c02 retainer too and also have a nippy...unfortunately using it during the day wouldn't work in the same way as using it on a night because our breathing is different when we sleep which causes a build up of c02.

I havnt had many problems sleeping after i changed the mask, i changed to a nasal mask instead of full face as i found it difficult so if you dont already have one maybe thats something to the way its a minimum of 6 hours a night the longer you stay on it when your sleeping the better..x

Hope this helps x

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Thanks for your advise, I cant sleep under it , I lasted 4 hours last night and it was leaking at the eye im now sitting here with a blood shot eye and feeling sorry for myself lol

Oh that happens to me and i have just got back from a hospital visit with a new mask to try out that's called a nasal pillows mask...

You haven't said what your using but there are a lot of different masks you can try to get the right one for you.

This new one i have felt great when i tried it on it just covers your sister did burst out laughing and said i look like miss piggy but have a look online to view it......

Opus nasal pillows mask

Hi mandy are you going to be able to use nasal pillows at night aswell ?

Yeah i only use my nippy on a night so thats what they are for x

Thanks mandy sorry aye thought like me you had to use your nippy during day if you wanted nape they are letting me have nasal pillows for day naps but have to use full mask at night hope you are well x

Have used a nippy for 5 years with a full face mask, cannot sleep without it now you will get used to it and feel much better.

Five years , sounds good to me. mandy 1365 suggested a nasal mask .

Aye am very same barney 55 had the nippy about 3 months and cant sleep my home vent nurse done the earlobe sleep study 2 weeks ago went to consultant on tuesday he showed and explained the graph it showed when aye was awake and the few hours sleep aye was getting parte showed my co2 was through roof again so nippy has to be Turned up and my headaches had came back its horrible having to use it if you want wee snooze during day aye asked him about nasal pillow he told me defo not for nighttime he is letting me have it with minni vent for downstairs during day dont know if you have a wee sats finger probé aye felt a bit better having one and al so my consultant is going to put me on meds for anxiety to try help aye have to use full másk 8 hours minimum what are we all like lol hope you get some sleep soon x

Changed my mask to one that went under my chin ,its a better fit and my wife says I was snoring loudly when she came to bed lol.

I bought a pillow that is designed for the nippy or that type of non invasive ventilation and find it very good, it helps me get comfortable. I hope I sleep with it on all the time but things are looking up. cheers all that helped me with their advice

Bought it on Amazon , its the dearer one but its worth it ,

Hi barney55 glad things are going better for you if you dont mind me asking where did you buy the pillow ?

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