Pollen season

With strong winds across the UK today quite a few of us have been feeling the effects of pollen particularly badly. As we approach the pollen season many will start feeling their allergies worsen. To help prevent this and lessen symptoms it's worth going along to your pharmacist to get some tips or as always you can call our Helpline on 03000 030 555 and talk to one of our lovely nurses. If you have asthma or COPD and are affected by allergies please make sure you carry your reliever inhalers with you as allergies can worsen attacks.

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  • Maybe that is why my nose is closed tight shut,


  • This is not a sales pitch but a testimony. Since 2013 I have been using the Invisible Nose Mask Pit and I can confirm that from January 2014 to-date I have not had any Pollen Allergy Symptoms. I use the Nose Mask Pit on a daily basis, it's very comfortable and it was easy for me to get use to wearing it everyday. My reason for wearing it was because I spent 3 hrs each day travelling in the underground and also had a business in the underground. But as a solution to the air I breathe, I found our that the Nose Mask Pit is perfect for my Allergy and I have never stopped using it. Their is no drug associated with the product, so natural in design.

    If you want a solution for this allergy season, it is worth given this a try, but you have to use is regularly and can be used during pregnancy. iokidoki.com

  • This is just what I need to help with cat and dog hair allergy but I am on O2 24hrs a day How would I be able to use my nasal cannula ?

  • Please, can I ask you to try this Nose Mask Pit, it blocks the Pollen Allergens. It has helped me in 2014 and this year I have not had any pollen related illness. You wear it every day it quite comfortable, but you might need to get use to it the first few day. This product is natural, their is no DRUG in it, simply insert it into the nostril.

    With regard to functions of the products there are two types as follows:

    Type 1. Nose Mask Pit, this is for filtering the Pollen, Allergens, PM2.5 Sand dust pollution etc.

    Type 2. Nose Mask Pit SUPER, this is for filtering the Pollen, Allergens, PM2.5 Sand dust pollution as well as for reducing Runny Nose(Mucous) because it has a tiny absorbing foam with the filter.

    Each type comes in two sizes namely (Small or Regular), the product has no drug associated with its production and therefore are not classed as a medical device, it is available at most pharmacies as general merchandise.

    This product can be used during pregnancy because there are no drug or side effect to its usage.

    Hope this will help. You should be able to order it from the following links:



    Wish you the best.

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