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Hi everyone i was put on fostair and at first i hardly needed to us my ventolin inhaler , but after a few weeks my breathing really got a lot worse, so told to use my ventolin 4 puffs 4 times a day and to use more if needed.I am begining to think that the Fostair inhaler is the reason i have become so much more breathless.Ihave also been coughing terribly and am worn out by it.Has anyone had a similar experience with inhalers? x

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  • I was already breathing bad when I came off symbicort to have fo stair it reaches further into the lungs.the best one I've had Fostair actuall can double up as a preventer,read the leaflet it is quite amazing. Sometimes I have to do it a more than said as we also have the early hours to deal with, not so blk and White.morning n eve. We have all hoursthe to stay ok. It does not hurt, but trying to get one before it's due is a nightmare spares even if you want to but one for emergency......NO. it could be because you are worn out ,when you calm down abit,you may find it ok ,as it is not so aggressive as other inhalors,very gentle but works well. Have a go.x

  • Thanks so much for your reply, it is just that by the process of elimination, as fostair is the only recent change in my medication it made me think that maybe it did not agree with me for some reason.I will take your comments on board and have a rethink x

  • Hi biker grove, I would go back to your GP and tell them of your concerns with the FOSTAIR. I was given it instead of Clenil and did not get on with it at all. We all react differently to medications , but I have a problem with long acting bronchodilators which I think FOSTAIR contains along with a steroid. But don't stop taking it without advice. I would ring today as you are needing more Ventolin than usual.

    Take care

  • Thanks Knitter i do value the advise i get on this site, i will do as you suggest and see my GP tomorrow x

  • I was put onto Fostair in February after a spell in hospital. I was told that it reaches deeper into the lungs. I was also told by my respiratory nurse that I can if need be use it as a preventer alongside my Ventolin. My breathing has been a lot better since using the Fostair it was stressed to me that I must rinse mouth out after taking it as it can cause a sore mouth.

  • Thanks for your reply

  • Clematis that backs up what the leaflet says,double up as a preventer,which is what. I needed to feel almost back to normal,but it is NOT aggressive so you will notice if your relaxed enough.x

  • I'm currently in the middle of a 2 month trial with Fostair to replace Seretide which is very expensive. Initially I was given Symbicort but could not get on with it as it is a powder and requires a decent breath in, to suck in the drug which I can't manage, so Fostair is now my trial drug. I've been on it for about a month and have no issues with it so far. It is atomised and can be used with or without a spacer and it's easy to feel the drug being delivered properly. I've had no adverse reactions and will be happy to stick with it at the end of the trial.

  • Many thanks for your reply i do appreciate it

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