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Hi everyone, after waiting 5 months for my operation I finally had it just over a week ago. I had a VATS bullaectomy and a pleurectomy and I have found that ever since then the left side of my chest and sometimes my arm is numb also. I wondered if anyone else has experienced this and for how long? My surgeon said its normal but didn't say much else. One of my wounds also bled a little last night and unsure whether this is normal also? I'm getting my stitches out tomorrow so I will mention it to the nurse, but as I'm 21 I seem to panic over little things like that! Hope someone can help :) x

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Hi Claire, when I had it done I had numbness too, and a funny sensation when I touched the skin on my back for a long time after and still do around the scars, plus without being rude my boob also felt numb for a while. But just ask ur nurse tomoz also just to put ur mind at rest. Shame u had to go through this so young, I was 32 when I had mine done. Take care xx Sonia xx


Yeah my boob and back is very numb too, it's as if when you touch the skin you're touching someone else not yourself! I hope it doesn't last too long. I've also have really bad nose bleeds still from the oxygen being in my nose which hasn't stopped! The only thing going through my mind when I knew about the operation was I know it will be scary, but it'll be worth it in the end! thanks for your reply :) xx


Hello Sonia, yes same here my boob and back also felt numb. How do you feel after you had it? How long did it take you to recover from it?

Take care!


HI Claire quite scary to have any operation so young. Try and rest easy tonight as you will be seeing the nurse tomorrow and you can ask her any questions, x


Yes it was very scary, I was very emotional on the day but even though I'm in pain I can already see improvements in my breathing, so I'm glad I did it! x


Hi Claire, it is usual after an op to feel numb. I've had a few different ops and the numbness usually improves. So pleased you can see improvements in your breathing x


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Hi Claire, I just got my stitches removed today and the whole experience Vats Pleurectomy/Bullectomy is very painful to me and same here I have numbness in my back (where the incision is) and in my right chest and my boobs. I'm 26 and I want to ask you how do you feel right now? Are you recovered from it or are you experiencing anymore symptoms?


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