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Hi everyone

Not quite back in the land of the living , but will get there....had a setback and just sort of coming to grips with things. I feel depressed at the moment ( family !!!!!!! )

My son got the computer up and running so while it's working I wanted to get in touch with my new friends. I see Fred is out of hospital I hope all is well with him, looking forward to his morning jokes.

My CPN has managed to get my sleeping pill so all is well there (for now).

I must be feeling very sorry for myself... poor me etc. I am using my oxygen more and more feel like it'sa down hill spiral...I will say I am so very pleased I found this site, just looking through every ones comments helps. Putting things into perceptive.

Ruby I am going ,to get a new laptop had enough of this one.

Thanks everyone

Etch45 acka sheila

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Hi Sheila

Im so glad you got your sleeping sorted out im sure you will perk up a bit as a good night sleep can make such a difference.

Its a shame we cant get anything on prescription for family issues ha ha i would be at the doctors every week x x


Mandy hello

Sleeping not too bad so not going to complain about it.

Yes prescription for other issues would be super, all I can say is ' I can choose friends if not family....

I need to sort myself out and to stop being sorry for myself.

Hope all is well with you Mandy. xx

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Hiya's good to see you back, I'm glad you're computer is up and running again and it's good that you can keep in touch. Sorry you're feeling so low, I hope chatting to us lot will cheer you up a little. Fred's doing ok, he still needs to rest a little longer (doctors orders) and he's doing as he's told. That way we'll have him back soon. :-) xxx


Hi Jolyn... It's good to be back, although I have only been on the site a short time I've missed it . What between health and computer problems I have been meeting myself coming backwards......Yes chatting to my new friends is very helpful, it makes me think ' yes I will be ok' takes time.

So pleased Fred's doing well and doing as he is told.

Looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic photo's

Sheila xxx

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Hi Sheila

It's good you have your computer up and running Sheila. It gives you a chance to escape from your family problems for a while. And you are certainly not alone in having family problems. In fact as parents or a partner most of our problems are caused by family! It's hard to accept the things we cannot change and blame ourselves.

Great that at least you can get a decent sleep now. That helps and just be a little kinder to yourself Sheila. You are the one who needs support now.

Sara xx


etch45 come on now etch stop feeling sorry for yourself matey I know its hard at times but you must not let it creep into your head there are thousands of people who are a lot worse off than us when you stop and think about it in this day and age ======= I say us because I have psp which is no good either but I try and stay on the up side of it if it makes you feel happier mate you go and get a new computer it will cheer you up and make you feel better about things

the last thing I saw on here was that your son had fixed it I was about to congratulate him but now I see your em to ruby saying that you are going to get a new one SO LETS GO SHOPPING MATE see yer peter jones queensland Australia take care of yourself and no more feeling sorry for yourself ok matey

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Sorry to hear you're having a "down" time - I always try to tell myself that they are just a way of making me appreciate the "up" times 😊😊. I've only been on this forum for a short time but have found the folks here so warm and supportive. I don't experience family problems because there's just hubby and me but I like to look on this forum as a sort of family - but I'm pleased to say they only give me pleasure not worries 😊😉

Jan xx

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Morning Etch, Thank goodness your sleeping has been sorted out, Don't worry about using your oxygen more, If you feel you need it, then you must use it, It will keep your organs working well, Lucky your son managed to sort your computer out for the time being. Best wishes, Bulpit


Good Morning Etch, glad you can get on line and you are going to treat yourself to a new laptop. I'm using my kindle fire at the moment its so handy! Hope you are asleep and not wide awake like me 😊 ! hugs huff xxx


Hello, Etch

Don't feel that using oxygen more is only a downward spiral. Damp and cold days exacerbate problems and "getting on the breather" does make everything else easier. Then, the sun comes out, the warmth starts to come back, and you don't need it it so often. Voila !

With your new laptop, you might go to TED Talks - it's free - and young and old people from all walks of life, business, academia, artists, etc., give 10 -15 minute talks which are varied, interesting, informative and a long way from Eastenders or Corrie ! It'll take your mind of your problems.

Are you sure we are not distantly related? We certainly share the same problematic family !!

Take care,



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