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Would love to hear what people on forum find is best way to clear lungs . Can you buy mucus thinners over counter ? I have used acapella & while I find it good it always aggravates my lungs to the point of bleeding which happens me easily anyway . I have severe Bronchiectasis & am on regular antibiotics both oralm& I. V

Thanking you all on the site for your wonderful support

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  • Drink plenty of water to thin mucus and practice your breathing exercises every day. The only way.

    Regards Rib

  • Hi, I find Mucodyne helpful, you can get it on prescription.

  • Yeah i agree with rib and also your gp can give you mucodyne (carbocisteine) if your not already on them x

  • I also take mucodyne but I also inhale saline through the nebuliser which I have found very helpful, even have less infections now.

  • Thanks so much . I will practice the autogenic breathing technique .

  • hi jk 1957 well mate I have psp and I find that dark grape juice breaks up the mucas it is reasonably priced as well it works for me but its worth a try you can get it in supermarkets or stores it has quite a pleasant taste as well plus its not a medication see yer peter jones queensland Australia psp sufferer PS IF YOU ARE A DIABETIC CHECK THE SUGAR CONTENT FIRST =DONT FORGET -----

  • Like others have said, increase your water intake to keep the mucus thin. I don't know how active you are but I used to help out with horse riding for disabled and that was one of the best ways to clear mucus...the gentle jog of a horse. Me, can't stand the animals. I never know which end is the worse but unknown to me, I have a mechanical solution. I replaced my mobility scooter last year with a new one. This one has solid tyres, so ne punctures. When I first used it, I thought I had made a big mistake. The ride is very harsh and you feel every bump but now it works for me. Twenty minutes on the scooter every day even on what seems to be a smooth pavement, soon breaks up the mucus. The added bonus is I don't use the air conditioned buses and so I don't pick up every bodies germs. Really helped me.

  • ask your doc about carbisterine it works for me

  • Hi to all who answered my query re mucus thinning . I found all your advice reassuring and helpful. I think drinking plenty of fluids and doing breathing exercises seem to be the best thing to do . Wishing you all all the best and thanks again for prompt replies.

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