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copd ?

I have been diagnosed with copd 6 months plus ago when I am coughing up mucus I also have nasea diccharge at the same time ,none of the copd sites mension this. My doctor has given me a nasal spray which has done nothing. also my constant coughing has left me half deaf. I am awaiting an appointment at a hearing clinic, I think to see about a hearing aid. for over 6 months I have been back and forth to doctors but I am no better now I am in dispair, can anyone help with advise. Pete

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Hi Pete.

That is not something i have suffered from and have never heard any of the other member on here talk about those symptoms either.

Are you on an antibiotic called azithromycin as one of the side effects of that is a loss of hearing


the only things i am on are astma inhalers.



so was the COPD diagnosis done after having a spirometry test at your gp ...

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yes and scared




Hi Pete, if you live in the UK you could try ringing the BLF helpline for advice.


hi I am 71 and I have had a cough on and off for the last 6 years, it comes on when I have been flying or swimming in the local pool and I get very tired also incontinent the only thing that works with me is steroids both sprays and tablets and a nasal spray dr now thinks it could been acid reflux as I do have heart burn, my xrays are clear apart from old scare tissue at the base of my left lung, I also do steam with just plain hot water hope you feel better soon.


This is what you call wet COPD. I have suffered with nasal mucus for years and since starting with COPD in 2007 I produce a lot of lung mucus. As a teenager I found sinutab a way of clearing nasal passages and now use carbustine prescribed by the doctor to thin the mucus which helps to get rid of it quicker. Good luck


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