Help to get rid of this mcp


I just signed the petition, "Manan Kumar Mishra, Chairman, Bar Council of India: Take action against lawyers ML Sharma and AP Singh."

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?

Here's the link:



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  • Oh he is the one representing the men who raped and murdered that young woman on the bus. He isnt the only one working as a lawyer who has that attitude and the men that committed that truly thought they had done nothing wrong.

    Actually the word man isnt what they are !!!

    What is happening to the women in India and other countries is wicked and watching the program Indias daughter was heart breaking ....I cant imagine how life is for someone who isnt safe just because she was born a girl. x

  • There are several of these so-called "men" as you say Mandy, and this petition is to bring all of them down! It's a good thing (for him) that he's not in the U.S.A or he would have "ceased to breath" long ago after such comments. Give me the chance to "pull the rope" on mcp's like that and I would happily do it! Please get your friends to sign.

    Thank you. XX

  • There are a lot of wonderful men in these countries who dont treat females that way ...that petition was started by men and i hope with all my heart a change is on its way for them

  • Thank you Mandy. XX

  • signed.

  • Thank you eyes. XX

  • I think these men are an affront to people the world over, not just in India. That they are able to spout such vitriol and bias as a defence and it is given credence truly makes you gasp. Sickening in the face of what that girl has and will suffer. Just disgusted by it all!

    And, oh yes, Nikkers, I've signed of course. xx

  • Hi Nikkers.

    I have already sighed this petition...

    How are you?? well I hope.

    Sometimes in life there are thing you just have to stand up to.. to change your subject slightly.

    Ian Duncan Smith and David Cameron`s deceit of not telling there proposed welfare benefit cuts until after they are elected is an absolute disgrace and smacks sour in the face of disabled people and voters.

    For my money, if you don`t want to tell me why I`m voting for you.............. I just wont give you my VOTE!!!!

    OUR benefits are important to us and most of us have worked and paid into the system all our working life.. How dare you call us Sycophants on society.

    End of sermon...


  • Signed. Suzy

  • Read and signed and was very angry. What a disgusting state of affairs in 2015!

  • Signed it, let's hope it makes a difference xxxx

  • " Hello!! and..... BOO!!!...>>>>>>>>> dashing>>>>dashinnnnnggg>>>>>>>"Just dashed in to sign your Petition" Nikki!... am now Dashing back out>>>>>>>>>>>dashing>>>>>...Megan"

  • Is shocking i have signed it disgrace how they treat the women girls

  • All these things are on facebook ,I will go there!!

  • Happy to sign this petition,these attitudes stink! D.

  • Appalling. Such attitudes are behind the Pakistani grooming gangs in Rotherham etc . . .

  • I too saw the programme and was appalled by the lawyer's comments - if such discrimination was made on the grounds of colour, or ethnicity the world would be up in arms - but no it is made about women and somehow that, for some, is ok - well it is not - makes me so mad - petition signed - thank you - tke care xx

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