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Probably like me a bath is out of the question and a shower is easier , but has anyone had any experience of a "Walk in Bath". It looks so easy in the advertising but would like some advice .

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I didnt even know there was a walk in bath. i will have to youtube that one x

Hi have you thought of a bath lift ? I have one ,but must admit every time I have one I think it's my last I am stage 4 copd and other health issues and there is no way I could have a shower

Have you asked your local council for help with adaptions for things you need

I believe you are allowed £1000 free or more depending on what you need too help you

Take care



I know someone with one of those and she said they are good but it takes time for it to fill up. You have to sit there waiting for it and again when it empties as you can't open the door when it's got water in. x

I have seen the advertising for the walk in bath but have no experience of one. We are having a walk in shower fitted in June as neither Pete nor I bathe anymore. Hope you get some good advice anyway. xxx


I have a bath lift, has little drop down bits on the side so you slid across leaning on the back then lower yourself down. It wonderful, on good days I stand but can slide onto the seat to get in.

You do need to keep and eye on the battery, got stuck halfway up once

I heard the walk in ones take ages to fill and empty leaving you cold.

They look so inviting but you`d have to stand in it empty and then fill it ( a bit dodgy leaning over to the taps ) hopefully not burning your feet with water that`s too hot. Then stand shivering (if you`re one of the lucky ones that can stand up) while it empties!

I haven`t been able to bathe for the last few years just managing with a shower over the bath. But now before I get to the stage where I can`t step into the bath I`m having it taken out and a shower fitted.

When my polymyalgia was at it`s worst the hospital arranged for a bath lift for me. This was operated with a hand held remote control. Anyone who prefers a bath would find this a cheaper alternative to having the bathroom renovated. Why didn`t I remember this before I booked a bathroom fitter !!!!!!! Sheila x

No experience but I can imagine I would forget which is the right button and walk out whilst it is still full!!

I have a walk in shower but I do love a bath more so in winter I have seen the walk in baths but the thought of getting in then having to fill it up and you can't lie down in them.

My mum had one of those in her sheltered flat , it was very noisy when in use and not easy to use on your own. The new sit in showers look a better option for those of us who are less able. I would seek advice from a specialist before going ahead. It is like those bath lifts they don't work for everyone and some bathrooms are unsuitable for them as much as the sales literature may say different. It is difficult to say what is best for any individual. Good luck with finding advice before you decide and hope what ever you choose works well for you. xx

Thank you for that.Makes sense.

If I get a reverse mortgage on my house, I am getting a walk in shower with a built-in seat, grab bars and a long hand-held shower head.

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